Verified Profits Scam!

Seems like Jessica Mueller is at it again.  We’ve previously seen her working with another scam called the Aussie Method.  She is an actress who works at Fiverr for $5 a video.  As Michael Freeman has pointed out in one of his videos, she will do and say whatever lie she can to earn a buck.  I’m not standing in the way of an actress making a few extra dollars, but working for a scam is disgusting no matter how desperate for work you are.  Stay classy Jessica.

Which brings me to my point.  Verified Profits is a scam.  They have hired fake actors from Fiverr to sell their product, which most every other scam has to do.  When you don’t have real customers with success stories, you have to hire actors!

Verified Profits claims that if you don’t act now, you might not be able to return to this same offer.  Yet after closing my browser and reopening their page multiple times, the offer is still available.  Big shocker there.

The creator of Verified Profit software calls himself Daniel Walker. He claims in the video that he will show us how his auto trader works in a live video, and even goes  so far as to show a page from The Washington Post to confirm the date.  He walks us through a live shot of him funding his account and then turns on the auto trader so we can see how it works.  Yet instantly his account has made dozens of trades and his profits are over 4 thousand dollars.  I guess he has a machine that speeds up time because that is literally impossible.

Verified Profits makes the outrageous claim that their software program has been verified by a 3rd party trading body. I called the company several times to find out the name of this body, but my calls continuously go to voice mail no matter which time of the day I called.  As of this time I’m unaware that any 3rd party trading body even exists but if there was, where does it get its authority??

It claims that I don’t need a credit card but sure enough the second I enter my email address they want my credit card.  Another big shocker.

Please don’t be fooled by Verified Profits scam.  They are a scam that uses actors from Fiverr, and one actress in particular that has already worked with another binary scam! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

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