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My Paying Ads is a new way to make money online that is perfect for people that don’t want to be scammed and don’t have a lot of money to start with. For some of you trading isn’t a good option because there is a risk involved. But with MPA you get a guaranteed profit EVERY DAY! Click HERE to sign up!

What is it?

My Paying Ads is an online group that works together to make money. This is done by buying shares for add space and then clicking on 10 adds per day. The revenue generated through the purchasing of shares and add clicking is then shared by the members depending on how many shares they own in the company.

There are two separate balances. One called “repurchase balance” and one called “cash balance”. Every day you earn money your earnings are split into these two balances. 70% of your earnings will go directly into your repurchase balance and the remaining 30% will go into your cash balance.

What is the repurchase balance?

The repurchase balance can only be used to purchase more shares. The more shares you buy, the more you will earn. This is cyclic in that the more money you earn the more shares you will be able to purchase and the more you will have in your cash balance. You can’t withdraw any of the money from your repurchase balance. This money can only be used to purchase more shares.

Some people ask, “Why can’t I withdraw the money from my repurchase balance?”

The admin of the company decided that the best way to keep the revenue inside of the group is to ensure that people continue buying more shares. If everyone decided to withdraw all their money, the program would come to a screeching halt. So the repurchase balance ensures that people will continue buying more shares and enabling the community as a whole to stay fat and happy.

What is the cash balance?

The cash balance is the money that you can withdraw daily in order to spend as you like.

What is the best strategy for making money with MPA?

There are a few different things you can do to make the most of your MPA experience.

We recommend that you start your account with $50-$200 or more and buy as many shares as you can. For the first month or so we recommend that you spend every penny you make on buying more shares. This is called 100% repurchase. During this time you will not withdraw any money. Why? Because the more you repurchase in the beginning the more you will make in the future!

Each share you buy earns you more and more money. So if you continue buying more shares you will earn more money. Very simple. After your share has matured you will then need to repurchase it.

Some people recommend adding fresh money when you can in order to buy more shares and speed up your earning. We have not done that with our account because we started with a higher amount to begin with. However, some people like to start with a lower amount to see if MPA is actually working and when they see that it is they start to add some fresh funds. Others chose to add fresh funds as often as they can in order to get to the point where they have made all their money back and are now earning several hundred dollars a day as fast as they can.

You will eventually get to the point where you are earning several hundred dollars a day. The time it takes you to get there depends on how faithful you are at clicking your daily adds, how often you are repurchasing new shares, and whether you are adding fresh funds or not.

Steps to earning with MPA… follow these easy steps.
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Here are the list of steps you will need to follow in order to make money:

1. First you will need to create an account for yourself by clicking here…. You can use Paypal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, or Perfect Money.

2. Then you will add money to your account and buy shares. You can start with as little as $5 but we recommend starting with a higher amount such as $100-$200. The more you start with the faster you will earn.

3. After you have purchased as many shares as you would like, you then go to Overview and surf your 10 adds. This will take you about 3 minutes. This must be done once a day and is essential to earning your money. If you fail to click your 10 adds a day you WILL NOT earn any money.

Each add you click will show you a timer that will count down 10 seconds. You must stay on the add for a minimum of 10 seconds and then you may close the add and click the next until you have clicked all 10. This is very simple and will not take very much time at all.

4. Now your first day is completed. Fast forward to your next day. Make sure to check back into your account sooner than 24 hours and you will find that your shares have began to earn money. Click on Overview and you will see your repurchase balance and cash balance. If you have earned enough money to buy more shares, repurchase shares!!

As we mentioned above, the best and fastest way to earn money is to do 100% repurchase with all both your repurchase and cash balance in the first month. The more money you start with the faster you will begin to have a fat enough account to withdraw from. If you start with a minimum of $200 as I did you can safely withdraw funds starting on your second month.

Obviously you are free to withdraw your cash balance whenever you want, but the smartest way is to wait until you maxing out your shares before doing so.

5. Every single day sign into your account as frequently as possible and buy shares with whatever you have available. This will speed up your earnings! Make sure to click your adds once a day.

That’s it! If you have any questions please please message us and we will walk you through the process. Click HERE to sign up!

********We are offering a 5% return on your starting balance if you use our referral link to sign up with. That means that if you sign up under our referral link and fund your account we will transfer back to you 5% of this amount through the website “transfer funds” option.********

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