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Binary Assassin SCAM!!

“I’m going to do something that’s probably never been done before and give away a sensational secret that has made me $2,409,212.58 in that last 12 months for FREE!” Unfortunately this is another load of garbage. Photoshopped screen shots aren’t

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Open Source Spy Busted!

Open Source Spy software is one of the silliest scams we’ve seen all week!  I could barely make it through the video without collapsing in laughter on the ground.  The voice over in the video is just over the top

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Verified Profits Scam!

Seems like Jessica Mueller is at it again.  We’ve previously seen her working with another scam called the Aussie Method.  She is an actress who works at Fiverr for $5 a video.  As Michael Freeman has pointed out in one

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Elite Gold Profits Exposed!

Today’s fraud is brought to you by Elite Gold Profits. This is such a breathtaking con it almost made me feel like there really is a magic way to make money! I landed on this delightful scam just in time,

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