Binary Assassin SCAM!!

“I’m going to do something that’s probably never been done before and give away a sensational secret that has made me $2,409,212.58 in that last 12 months for FREE!”

Unfortunately this is another load of garbage. Photoshopped screen shots aren’t that impressive anymore and hopefully one day they will fall on the wayside along with the fake actors these companies use.

The funniest part of this photo shop scam is that he actually exposes himself as a liar in his own video! At the start of his video he shows us his account (picture above) and the name on the account is James Ruskin. But towards the end of the video he introduces himself as Martin Nieslen So who is James Ruskin? James Ruskin is actually the name being used with another binary scam software name Binary Killer! Silly silly boy James, er, I mean Martin… ummm…

Binary Assassin claims that the world economy is falling apart and we need to act fast so we don’t become poverty stricken. This may be partially true, but I promise you that Binary Assassin will only further add to your financial woes when they run off with your money.

That aside, Binary Assassin is yet another software program that promises to trade for you and make you super rich. Software program auto traders DO NOT WORK. I can’t stress this enough. If you have had a real positive experience with one, please email me and let me know, because I have yet to come across one that works.

Guys, if trading binary options was this easy, we’d all be millionaires. Trust me, it’s not this easy. James Ruskin/Martin Nieslen is a liar and a fraud.

“I hate lies and hype, I’m sure you’ve seen it all, been there and done that…” Yes, we sure have and Binary Assassin is going on that list. We call your lies and fraudulent promises. Binary Assassin you have just been assassinated!

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