Open Source Spy Busted!

Open Source Spy software is one of the silliest scams we’ve seen all week!  I could barely make it through the video without collapsing in laughter on the ground.  The voice over in the video is just over the top ridiculous but I know harping on that won’t make you believe it’s a scam, so let’s look at the facts.  Seriously though, check out the silly voice in my video below.

“Jake Miller” is the guy behind Open Source Spy and I’m assuming off the bat that he’s using a fake name because he claims that he stole this software system from a hedge fund on Wall street.

Yes!  In the first minutes of the video is has “admitted” to being a thief.  He’s actually a nice thief though because instead of pirating Game of Thrones, he’s stealing software from billionaires.  Note: I’d rather have the Game of Thrones because at least that drama won’t make me lose my money, only all my feels.

Open Source Spy’s website is a joke. They have no contact information, no disclaimer, and no personal details about the company whatsoever.  We’re just supposed to take it on good faith that Jake the software thief is out to help us make money and you guessed it, we only have a limited time to make our decision!

So let’s say you do take advantage of this stolen software, if you run into trouble and lose your money in a scam, are you going to tell the police?  Have fun with that!  By signing up with Open Source Spy you are throwing your money away, but maybe Jake will be able to use your donation to make his next scam a little more believable.

Please please don’t be taken in by this SCAM!  If you or anyone you know has, please email us so we can hear you story!

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