Elite Gold Profits Exposed!

Today’s fraud is brought to you by Elite Gold Profits. This is such a breathtaking con it almost made me feel like there really is a magic way to make money! I landed on this delightful scam just in time, because according to Nigel, the man who will make us all rich, I only have 2 minutes and 23 seconds to decide if I want to be buried alive in money or not!Do I? I don’t know. I need to think about this. Two minutes is hardly enough time for me to decide on a $2 ice cream flavor, much less a decision involving a few hundred bucks.

We have found our angel my friends! He normally makes money for the richest of the rich, but now he has decided to extend an invitation to you. Poor you, dreaming of fancy cars and sexy mansions. The generosity of Nigel Pearson makes me teary eyed. He is taking a break from turning millionaires into billionaires to pay attention to muggles like us. Nigel, where do I sign up?!

Maybe Elite Gold Profits can even make me famous like the celebrities that flash on the side of his website! Beyonce! George Clooney! Oprah! There is also some other guy… points to whoever can tell me who that other guy is? Does it even matter that none of these celebrities have endorsed Elite Gold Profits?

But wait, they have real people who have tried this software out and it worked for them! No really, it worked! It worked so well that they now have to work at Fiverr for $5 a video to make video testimonials. Say it isn’t so. What a sad turn of events. Perhaps Elite Gold Profits will be so kind as to extend to them a second chance to become rich once more and reclaim their former glory! We can only hope.

Elite Gold Profits has everything a slimy hoax needs. Photoshopped screenshots, paid actors, a rags to riches story, and a time sensitive decision. It is almost funny. Almost.

But then you realize that desperate people are actually placing their money and future into this disgusting scam, and losing.

Binary Option Trading is an amazing opportunity but not like this. This my friends is how you will lose all your money so that Elite Gold Profits can make a profit for Nigel Pearson.

His name is Nigel Pearson, and he has such a lovely voice, I almost wanted to take him on a date. But alas, I’m afraid he’d only give me 2 minutes and 23 seconds to chose between vanilla and chocolate, and I can’t do that Nigel, I just can’t! Elite Gold Profits, why do you break my heart so?

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