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 NEO2 Software Scam Review. For those of you that follow our blog, we have been dropping some small hints here and there that we had something big coming out. Today is the day, tonight is the night, and we are super excited to finally release this new software for our subscribers! In the past year we have supported a grand total of only ONE auto trader for binary options. We are incredibly picky and snobbish when it comes to auto traders and we aren't ashamed to admit it. NEO2 is just THAT GOOD! Constructing an auto trader that actually delivers is no easy feat. We were blown away NEO2 and couldn't be happier with the outcome it is delivering. In the following review we are going to break down all the hype surrounding this software and give it to you straight, as we always do. If you still have questions after reading this review, go ahead and shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer you!

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NEO2 Explanation and Stats!

NEO2 is the brain child of three very different people from three different walks of life. Amit Gupta is is the man who heads up the NEO2 project. He's the software developer and CEO. We are VERY proud and happy to announce that Amit Gupta is very much a real person. Some people are wrongly confusing him as being part of the Gupta family that has been involved in politics in South Africa, but Amit is not part of that family and shouldn't be confused with them. He is not an actor or some bogus made up person. Amit is the face behind this project and the man to thank for gathering all the tech, analysis, and algorithms and combining it into a user friendly interface that will absolutely blow you away! This is one of the nicest trading platforms we've ever seen, and we've seen quite a few!

Dr. Jack Piers is the brains of the entire operation. This young genius had the novel idea to attempt to gather information from weather satellites and use that information to predict movements in the market. We assume that most you have no idea what this means, because most new traders, and even some seasoned ones, are not aware at the dramatic effect that weather patterns have on the stock market. Most people involved in politics will freely admit that weather patterns have huge impacts on election cycles, so it's no surprise that the weather can and does actually impact the stock market in a definable and measurable way! While this seems confusing to some, you can actually google this and read a lot of articles regarding this trading effect. Dr Jack Piers took his idea of weather prediction and approached someone who everyone knows in the trading industry, Michael Freeman.

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Michael Freeman is notorious in the binary options industry for being a leader, innovator, and flat out market genius. His ingenuity and ability to locate and utilize trading talent is a thing of beauty. He has found some of the best traders in binary options and helped them get started at helping others place signals. He is simply a trusted and well known name and face in this industry. Michael Freeman was approached by Dr. Jack Piers, and the two started brainstorming and trying out different methods. It was through this process that the two men came up with the brain of NEO2. After doing so, they took their idea to Amit Gupta, who was able to head up a team of software developers in taking their brain child and making it a reality.

Neo2 Scam?

NEO2 is set to break the records in this industry. Currently, NEO2 is gathering testers for their software. This is Phase 1. Phase 2 will be when they release NEO2 software to Kickstarter in order to gain international attention and bring this software into the hands of millions of people! Kickstarter is a favorite internet and social media tool to drive attention and funding to upcoming projects. For a very limited time, NEO2 will be free, however, starting sometime in October of 2016, they will be releasing this to Kickstarter at a cost! They are projecting this software will sell thousands of copies, which makes our chance at getting it for free truly life changing.

So far, NEO2 has been bringing in gains between $2500-$4000 depending on how much you choose to invest with. This is reasonable, however, we believe anything over $500 a week is truly outstanding, so even if it performs lower than expected, it's still an amazing gain. Here at binaryscamwatchmonitor, we were part of a very early group of testers, and had the amazing opportunity to see the NEO2 software in action. So far it has been performing at around a 84% ITM. This differs from day to day, but in our testing we didn't see a drop below 80% ITM. This is a simply outstanding result!

How do I use NEO2?

NEO2 Software is completely hands free. It is a truly easy auto trader. The video on the link below shows you how to set up your account in order to take trades and sync the software. It's very self explanatory. It simply does the work for you, while you watch it win! While the software is free for now, you will need to deposit $250 into the trusted broker in order to activate the software and make profits.

5 Simple Facts About NEO2 Software!

  • No Fake Actors!
  • No Manipulation Tactics!
  • Free Until the Kickstarter Launch
  • Available to ALL Locations!
  • Full Auto Trader, Hands Free!

We here at binaryscamwatchmonitor are official affiliates with NEO2 and as such we do gain a small fee for writing this review. We say this as a full disclaimer. Some people view this as being a conflict of interest, but we'd like to make it abundantly clear that we blacklist and refuse affiliation fees on over 99% of all services we come across. It is so rare that we affiliate with a software that the money we do make goes to support this blog and pay for our time and energy. It also helps us absorb the risk we take when we write these reviews as well!

Tricky and Deceptive Scams You should Avoid:  Alive In 5 Scam​ and Free Money Guaranteed Scam as well as the most dangerous scam in the binary options industry Gemini2 Software.

Thank You for reading our NEO2 Software Scam Review. please leave a comment below all comments either negative or positive are approved in our honest blog! Please make sure to contact us to get our offer after you sign up THROUGH OUR WEBSITE​. Thank you!

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April 27, 2016

NEO2 Software Scam Review

Update: Neo2 is no longer working, please avoid it for better alternative click here NEO2 Software Scam Review. For those of you that follow our blog, we have […]