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Who are we?

We are a couple of Binary Options geeks who have been trading and researching the binary option industry for the past five and a half years. We are one part Egyptian and one part American. This is our passion and we love what we do! We are working together to ensure that you have the best possible success when it comes to your own personal trading experience.

When we first started trading we lost a lot of money which resulted in heartbreak and anger. We also fell into a few scams because we didn’t understand how this business operates.

What we can do for you?

We offer one on one training and advice. If you are a newbie or have been training for awhile and not having any luck, we can help! We will teach you how to trade wisely, how to manage your money, and point you towards the best brokers and signal providers. We also expose as many scams as we can to help protect you from losing your money.

Why is trading Binary Options so dangerous?

Trading Binary Options is incredibly high risk. This is due to the nature of the game. When you place a trade you stand to lose 90-100% of your investment OR you can make a 60-85% return! There are several things that people end up doing poorly which result in them losing all their money.

1. Trading without any guidance or understanding of how the market works.

2. Investing with a scam software or a bad signal provider that will make you lose your money.

3. Taking signals incorrectly and not understanding how to fence or save a trade.

4. Allowing your emotions to control your trades.

5. Poor money management.

We can help walk you through all of these issues in more detail and help provide you with the tools necessary to avoid falling into these mistakes.

Our goals!

We want you to be successful in Binary Options! And if we can stop just one person from being scammed we have done our job. We fell into several binary options scams when we first started and we don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Our goal for you is to learn how to become a wise trader and make enough money to support yourself.

Please contact us and we’d love to talk with you!

Binary Scam Watch Trusted Reviews

  • Asif khan

    You are guyz the best <3 i love your reviews! i joined Grand Option broker.Thanks to you i have now a broker that pays 100% payout YUPIEEEE

  • Esso Elmasry

    Finally there is an honest website that giving us a “REAL” reviews. ^.^

  • Daniel G.

    To be honest and real will payout in long term! Let’s kick some scammers asses! You have my support!

    • Jan

      Hi Daniel,

      Please clear this what you said: To be honest and real will payout in long term!….is regarding what?

  • Mbuletsi Diako

    Also be careful of Michael Freeman AT and his Facebook signalgroup

    • Jan

      Hi Mbuletsi,

      Please tell me your experience with Michael Freeman AT and his Facebook signalgroup.

  • Jan

    Hey Binary Options geeks,

    Please, tell me something positive/negative about:

    Professor George’s Professional Binary Robot 2.0

    I have been confused…by so much controversial info…

    • Hi

      Professional Binary Robot 2.0 by Professor George Is a Scam. They use fiverr actors .

      You can see our honest approved Binary Options Auto Trader

  • Hi

    As we said before. We only promote the binary options auto traders that are actually honest and do not give fake promises. That’s why we don’t have a bunch of them on our list like the other websites. Because 99% of AT out there are scams. But since we all wants to make money regardless of what is the method. Then I recommend you to see our Tradeo review here. We are getting a lot of nice feedback on tradeo. You can read about it HERE

    • Jan

      Thanks Admin!
      Please let me know your opinion on Michael Freeman AT and his Facebook signal group.

      • We don’t support either. We know several people who have tried out the AT and lost all their money. We ourselves were a part of his FB group for about 3 months and never profited. It’s too hard to catch the signals and not all signals are available on all brokers, so the ITM rate given by the best traders isn’t possible to actually replicate. The fact is, 100% of people we personally know from the group have lost their money. We do not recommend them.

        • Jan

          Thanks a lot guys! Very informative !



          On Fri, 01 Jan 2016 07:07:05 -0000

  • Luyo

    hey geeks.

    Tell me I have accounts with some of your recommended brokers and all were opened through the registrations of these scams you have exposed. Now is it possible for me to have those accounts deleted or remove and register again. I just don’t want those scam software to be able to sync my account to their software. Since i opened these accounts through their software.

    • Luyo – You need to contact each broker by phone and make it abundantly clear to them that you want them to completely remove the filth scam software from your account. After you make this call, wait a few hours and call back and ask them if it has been removed. If they advise you, send and email to their customer support as well. Make sure you have done this and had them confirm to you that the softwares are off of your account before funding any more money into your account! I’m sorry you have to go through this.

    • Paul Newbery

      I have successfully stopped cash camps shite software controlling my account with optionbit. It literally took 1 email. Now I’ve got to get my money out!

      • Well, that was a success. What a headache. Best luck to getting your money!

  • Aimz Garciia

    Hey admin scam monitor, are your comments, discussion, recommendations always private on your disqus profile? By the way im new here!

    • Aimz Graciia

      Hi,Yes I have to make it private as an administrator. May I ask why do you want to know ?

      • Aimz Garciia

        Really want to trust your reviews lol just digging as deep as i can

        • Simply look at the thing’s we promote and compare it with what the other sites promotes. You will find that everything promoted by the other websites is black listed in here. Also your comments will not get approved there.

          • Paul Newbery

            This is so true!! I genuinely feel as though I have found a place here that doesn’t talk BS. As for the deleting comments….don’t get me started!!

          • Hey Paul. This industry is one big scam. Everyone must know that. I personally lost a lot of money because of it. I am trying to collect the most support ever for our blog and to have a nice successful long term family here, with no scams. However I know I might get negative comments when people lose some money due to their lack of knowledge or crazy bad market situations. Everyone must know that this industry is based on losing and winning. you don’t always win. Some things are just beyond our control. However, I am supporting the services I feel have the best chance of winning, but even they will not always win. It’s just the nature of this business.

  • Lungile Mpati

    Hi! Just signed up to Neo2 and my broker Banc de Binary

  • Lungile Mpati

    Hi! Just signed up to Neo2 and my broker Banc de Binary

  • Lungile Mpati

    Hi! Just signed up to Neo2 and my broker Banc de Binary

  • Lungile Mpati

    Hi! Just signed up to Neo2 and my broker Banc de Binary

  • Lungile Mpati

    I’ve registered with Tradeo and i want to know whether the list of best traders to follow is still available?

  • Lisa Drane

    Can you please let me know what you think of copy of Warren Buffett? I am a first time, inexperienced trader and I was looking to sign up with copy of Warren Buffett. Please advise!!

    • CopyBuffet is a complete scam. Please stay away.

      If you are currently struggling to make money online and u couldn’t.. we have the best solution for you.

      There is something unique called Social Trading , that is currently being offered by a broker called Tradeo. This broker is regulated and have a strong governmental license. So your money is totally safe.

      With Tradeo you don’t need any experience or even have to sit in front of the computer to make money. All you have to do is simply open an account and fund it and then copy the traders that we are going to give you. Those traders will be simply making trades in your own account and managing it for you. All will be done on autopilot and totally free. Please notice that those traders are real human and not robots. You can chat and talk to them in real time just like Facebook. You can expect to make around 300$ or more a week with Tradeo. Please click the link below to get more information.

  • Yes! Contact us for the proper settings!

  • Greg

    Binary Brian trust scam or not scam?

  • Mel

    I just wanted to say that binaryscamwatchmonitor and Bassam are the real deal when it comes to giving real reviews. All the other sites are just scammers who are promoting all sorts of scams (including copybuffett and Crunch Tech) and they will not allow you to post anything negative about their promoted scams. Even when a recommended software here went haywire, Bassam recommended me to contact the broker to stop the software and withdraw my money; which saved most of my deposit. I’m glad I found this site. Unfortunately, I found this site after losing quite a lot of money trusting other reviews’ sites:(

    • Paul Newbery

      I agree Mel. Thanks to bassam I have avoided a lot of scams and am now doing very well with mypayingads. It’s a shame the industry is so corrupt

  • Behind every blade of glass!

    What is the least amount of money you can start with?

  • Nathan D.

    Took your advice and invested with Tradeo. I also started MPA the same week. I’m all in or nothing kind of guy. That was a month ago and I have tripled my balance in Tradeo and doing awesome with My Paying Ads as well! Seriously this is actually the first time I’ve ever made money online instead of losing! Thank you so much for helping me.

  • halim Boussebha

    Im new at this and i would like to learn how to trade can you help

    • Hello Halim. Please go to our social trading with Tradeo and read the review there. You will be able to learn how to trade and make money at the same time by copying the top traders in the industry on Tradeo’s platform.

  • halim Boussebha

    Is signal binary a scam?