Hi and Welcome to Binary Scam Watch Monitor! If you are interested in making money online we have designed our blog with YOU in mind. Over the last several years we have blasted hundreds of scams and helped scores of people reclaim their money from scam artists. We have also advised and helped hundreds more safely earn money online. Our methods are tested and are results are verifiable.

We self-proclaimed online money experts. Why? Because we’ve lived it. We have tried just about every method known to man for making money online. If it’s out there, we know about it! The worst thing about making money online is that it inevitably comes along side of losing money online. Most of you have probably already encountered a scam in the past. Our team at Binary Scam Watch Monitor is stopping scams in their tracks!

The largest section on our website is the SCAM section. New financial scams are starting up daily. There is no end in sight which makes it so very important to work together as a team to get the word out about these devious money traps. Check out our Scam list before investing with any financial service. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to advise you! One of the most popular ways to make money online is by trading Forex and Binary Options.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currency for a profit. As a forex trader, you will purchase a “lot” (size of that lot is determined by you) of currency and then sell that same lot when the price has increased enough that you can make a profit. Many things effect the price of currency, such as major news events, elections, and even natural disasters. Currency prices are constantly going up and down, and in this movement comes an opportunity to make a profit!!

Before you open an investment account with forex or binary options you should be aware that any form of online trading carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose your entire investment if you start using your emotions to guide your trades. Many people have found their accounts empty at the end of a few bad trades taken out of an emotional trading outburst.When you trade in forex you will need a solid broker who is regulated and legitimate. Please make sure to see our list of the best Forex Broker Reviews.

You should also look for a trading platform that is easy to use, functions as it should and helps you on your journey as a trader. A new form of forex trading is known as “social trading”. Social trading is one of our personal favorites!

What is Social Trading?

Have you ever wished you could place trades in a more social atmosphere, one where you can share tips and meet other traders? You can! Social Trading is trading forex on a social media platform like Facebook or Reddit! You can make friends, follow people, join in on forum discussions, and more!

There are a few exemplary social trading forex brokers operating today, our favorite is Tradeo. Tradeo is an example of everything a social trading platform should be! Tradeo is the perfect place to learn how to trade forex. It allows you to make money by copying the trades of professional traders who know how to trade. We highly recommend Tradeo for traders who don’t know how to trade properly on their own. Just click the signup button below or check the review for more information.

Remember, when you trade online, you will win and you will lose. You can’t win without also losing. They come hand in hand. The goal is to win most of the time. In order to do so, we recommend learning to trade by first copying the trades of professional traders. You can find this option best at Tradeo! One of the absolute fastest ways to make money online is by trading Binary Options!

What Are Binary Options?

Trading binary options is placing a bet on which way you believe the price of an asset will go, either UP or DOWN. Each time you place a bet (trade) you risk a certain amount of money. If you win the trade, you will win a very high ROI (return on investment). Most binary options brokers offer between 65%-82% on each trade! This is a highly lucrative way to earn money… unless you LOSE.

When you LOSE a binary options trade, you lose the entire amount of money that you invested into that particular trade. Many trading experts believe that trading binary options are the riskiest form of online trading, because of the incredibly high-risk level. For instance, even if you lose a trade by 1 point, you still lose your entire investment! It is advisable to only risk 5% of your trading account on any given trade. This can be difficult or impossible depending on the size of your trading account and the minimum per trade that each broker requires.

You will quickly learn that there are numerous binary options trading strategies for predicting the market. Learning how to place your signals (trades) is not easy, which is why most people choose to invest in a binary options auto trading software that can handle everything for them by taking trades automatically into their account, but these can be even worse because most of them are designed to lose! 99% of the scams we bust are of auto trading software. Suffice to say the binary options industry is flooded with auto trading scams. Please check out our list of Recommended Signals and auto traders to see what we prefer.

There are thousands of binary options brokers, and most of them are unregulated. Choosing a safe and legitimate broker is not easy, and we recommend thoroughly researching your broker before investing. You can view the list of our Broker Reviews Or the Top Recommend Binary Options Brokers and proceed accordingly! If you have already chosen to work with a bad broker, please send us a message so we can advise you. We have devised an Important Trading Strategies post that you MUST read before trading! Many people discover that a safer form of online Money Making is Revenue Sharing Programs!

What are Rev Shares?

Rev share (or revenue sharing) are online business that sell ad packs to you while actually EARNING you money. When you buy an ad pack, it will earn a certain percentage of money each day until it has reached its full value. These amounts vary greatly from rev share to rev share, but most give between 110%-150% back on each ad pack you buy.

Rev share are often confused with HYIP (high yield investment programs) or Ponzi (pyramid schemes) scams. We strongly advise you against joining any HYIP or Ponzi scheme as they ALWAYS collapse before delivering profits. We have never encountered a single person that has ever actually made money off of these systems. Rev shares differ from these because they sell a product (ad packs) which allows you to advertise your online business while simultaneously earning money.

Revenue Share Program

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If you are still confused about rev shares, please check out our posts that explain them in greater detail. We have been working with My Paying Ads for over a year now and have made thousands of dollars. Legitimate rev shares have active Facebook communities that with full transparency. Make sure to check our rev share list to find out more about the best revenue sharing programs operating at the moment.

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