Who Are We?

Binary Scam Watch Monitor started out as a couple of traders who were bitter after losing their money trading.  In the past year, our website has grown to include two more people who also help us research and write about new scams in the industry.

Our team is a total of four people with a common goal in mind. Bust scams and highlight legitimate trading opportunities.

When we can help you save money and make money, we are doing our job!

What Can We Do For You?

We offer one on one training and advice. If you are a newbie or have been training for awhile and not having any luck, we can help!

We will teach you how to trade wisely, how to manage your money, and point you towards the best brokers and signal providers.

We also expose as many scams as we can to help protect you from losing your money.

Why is Binary Options Trading So Dangerous?

Trading Binary Options is extremely high risk. This is due to the nature of the game.

When you place a trade you stand to lose 90-100% of your investment OR you can make a 60-85% return! There are several things that people end up doing poorly which result in them losing all their money.

1. Trading without any guidance or understanding of how the market works.

2. Investing with a scam software or a bad signal provider that will make you lose your money.

3. Taking signals incorrectly and not understanding how to fence or save a trade.

4. Allowing your emotions to control your trades.

5. Poor money management.

We can help walk you through all of these issues in more detail and help provide you with the tools necessary to avoid falling into these mistakes.

Our Binary Options and Forex Trading Goals!

We want you to be successful in Binary Options! And if we can stop just one person from being scammed we have done our job.

We fell into several binary options scams when we first started and we don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Our goal for you is to learn how to become a wise trader and make enough money to support yourself.

Please contact us and we’d love to talk with you!

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