Zoss-inv.com IS A Scam! Honest Review!!

Hi! You are reading our comprehensive report on Zoss-inv.com. This nasty HYIP has already scammed numerous people and needs to be shut down ASAP. If you have already been scammed by this company, please email us for advice on how to reclaim your money.

Investing money online has many benefits but many risks as well! Before investing with anything online, you need to check with a reputable source! Feel free to ask us for advice at any time!

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Zoss-inv.com Scam

Zozz-inv.com Review: Is Zozz-inv.com a HYIP?

Zozz-inv.com is a HYIP (high yield investment program) that offers investors high returns on relatively low investments. They operate with a business license located in the UK, but their owners are anonymous. They deliberately attempt to obfuscate the identity of their owner, which is a red flag in terms of trustworthiness.

HYIP’s are notorious for being scams. They  appeal directly to a certain demographic of investors that do not have a lot of money and need to make a huge return in a short amount of time. HYIP’s such as Zozz-inv.com and MingingVault.com make certain to look as legitimate as possible in order to garner the trust of as many people as possible. They realize that most of their investors are desperate for money and use this against them!

By offering large ROI (return on investment) they trick potential customers into depositing money in the hopes of solving their financial problems as quickly as possible. Most people we speak to that invest in HYIP’s are in need of money as fast as possible. This is why HYIP’s are so successful at tricking people. They make lofty promises and then fail to deliver!

What Investment Plans Does Zozz-inv.com Offer?

As a potential investor, you have four unique investment plans to chose from. You can choose between an hourly ROI (return on investment), 5 hours, 5 days, or 10 day plans. As you can see from the photo below, each plan offers a different ROI.


In theory, if you become a member, you would pick one of more of these plans and deposit money into it. After your investment time has expired, your earnings would enter your account and you could withdraw them. This is the promise that zozz-inv.com offers you. The reality is that once you deposit your money, you will never see it again.

Is Zozz-inv.com a Regulated and Registered Business?

We could not locate any evidence of their registration with any regulated financial institution. Nor could we find any history showing that zozz-inv.com had applied for a business license. They have what appears to be a letter of regulation showing they are a registered business, but when you click on the letter to make it larger, it just takes you to the zozz-inv.com home page. This is clearly a misdirection and a trick.

Is Zozz-inv.com Paying?

We were first alerted to this HYIP when one of our members emailed us with their personal experience of getting scammed. They deposited money into the hourly ROI plan, and their deposit never even registered on the site! However, their own bitcoin account showed that they had made the purchase. The customer service has not responded to their emails or claim and seems unwilling to help them in.

We reached out to zozz-inv.com in an attempt to ask them a few questions to help our readers but were treated rudely and unprofessionally. This sham of a business does not have any professional work ethic and it is abundantly clear that they do not intend to actually respond with transparency. We sent out another email to several of our readers who work with HYIP’s to see if they have had any experience with this fake business. They responded immediately that zozz-inv.com is a fraudulent enterprise that has had several lawsuits taken out against them. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time before they are shut down permanently!

How does Zozz-inv.com Make Money?

The “company” have failed to provide any information about how they invest your money. This is highly dubious considering they are claiming to give you a high ROI. If they can’t even explain how they are investing your money, why should they be trusted!

Does the Zozz-inv.com MasterCard Work?

Zozz-inv.com offers their users the chance to apply for a Master Card that they claim will allow them to make purchases and claim their earnings with. We called Master Card to confirm this and were told that they have no relationship with Zozz-inv.com and do NOT issue credit cards to their users. This can only mean ONE thing!


The fact that zozz-inv.com is advertising a card, is evidence of their conspiracy to commit identity theft. If you have put off applying for their card, count yourself lucky! Once you fill out their application form, they have all the information they need to steal your identity. Victims of identity theft know all too well what havoc this can wreak on your finances as well as your credit report and future! If you have any doubts that zozz-inv.com is a legitimate business, this should be proof enough to show you that they are nothing but financial scammers who are trying to steal more than just your money!

What is the Best Way To Earn Online?

There is no reason to lose your money with hoax HYIP’s! There are regulated and legitimate earning opportunities to be found and we have them. Please see our review of Social Trading with Tradeo for the single best forex trading system. If you are looking for a trusted rev share to earn with, please see our review of My Paying Ads.

Is Zozz-inv.com a Scam?

The following facts prove to us and to you that they are a scam!

1. No record of a legitimate business license or any regulation by a financial institution.

2. The owner has chosen to hide his identity.

3. A fake credit card offer used to steal your identity!

4. Our readers have lost money and had their deposits disappear with no help from customer support.

5. No information is given as to how they plan on investing your money.

Zozz-inv.com is a SCAM! 

Please send us any questions or concerns you might have! If you have been scammed we need to hear from you so we can help warn others and bring these scammers DOWN!

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