Zooo.cc Review – Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence

If you are thinking of investing your money with an HYIP, make sure to read our conclusive Zooo.cc Review first! This high yield investment program has been in operation for almost two years. This alone is a pretty amazing feat! Most HYIP scams are shut down within the first six months after scamming their investors.

So is Zooo.cc a scam

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://zooo.cc/

Zooo.cc Review

Zooo.cc Review

Zooo.cc is a high yield investment program that offers an ROI of 2.5% daily for 75 days. They have multiple other programs that offer various returns.

The owner of this program is NOT KNOWN. The website registration is anonymous which means that whoever started it does not want anyone to have his real name.

The company appears to be legally registered in Australia, but we are not experts in Austrailian regulations so this may or may not be a big deal. Don’t be too excited about legal registrations. Most of them are done for tax purposes and as an attempt to appear legitimate.

Most scams we expose are indeed registered. This registration does NOT stop them from scamming and stealing your money.

What Does Zooo.cc Invest In?

The most confusing part of this scam starts on the “About Us” section. They claim to “care about the environment” and animals. They also claim to invest YOUR money into their own “private programs” that are geared towards researching new ways to protect animals and the environment.

This is incredibly vague and introduces more questions than it answers. Let’s break it down and simplify it.

They claim to have multiple animal research programs operating that generate profits they can share with you. What projects? Where are they located? How do they make money by doing research? Research typically costs a lot of money and is done via fundraising and grants.

How are they making a profit off of research? None of this makes any sense.

However, further along, on the website, you will find a section showing “forex trading.” This leads us to believe that they are also trading in forex with your investment.

So which is it? Are they using your money to research on animals or trade forex? If the answer to that questions is “both,” then they are doing a poor job of showing you the clear proof you deserve as an investor.

Why Does It Matter?

Every day we receive emails from people who have lost their money in an HYIP scam. Every single day. These people all have one thing in common. They all trusted a flashy looking website and deposited money. All of these websites were chalk FULL of lies and false statements.

The people that email us don’t ask us “Is this company real?” they ask us “Are they paying?” Please understand something. Change the way you are viewing online investments.

You are asking the wrong questions! IF the site is lying to you about the nature of their business, they will NEVER pay you! This alone means they are a lie! Even if they pay the first withdrawal, they are only doing so to manipulate you into signing up!

Zooo.cc is lying to you. They are NOT a research company. They have no business with animals or the environment.

So what are they?

Zooo.cc is a classic Ponzi scheme. They collect deposits and then pay some of the withdrawals, in order to increase trust. After they have paid a person one or two times, they will steal his next deposit and never pay him. They make us a plethora of lies to explain why they can’t pay.

The basic lie is that their system was hacked or had a technical issue and they lost account information. They then demand that the investor deposit MORE money to “activate” their account again. If you experience this, please know that you will NEVER get your money back. They are flat out lying to you.

Fake Reports!

Another sure sign that Zooo.cc is not paying is their use of Fiverr actors to lie for them and claim their system is paying. They proudly display these fake reviews on both their facebook site and their website.

Zooo.cc Scam

ALL of these videos are fake. All of the people seen in them have profiles on Fiverr. You can check it out for yourself. We have caught these same people lying about multiple other financial scams. They read a script into the camera and get paid. This is a simple scam.

Legitimate Online Earning

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IS Zooo.cc a Scam?

The answer to this is a bit complicated. We have been collecting our reader feedback for a few months. It seems that some people have been paid and other people have not. This leads us to believe that Zooo.cc is paying their top affiliates (people who are bringing in other investors through their referral link) and denying withdrawal requests to low paying members that are not increasing their account size.

So what does this mean for you?

We DO NOT recommend joining at this time. It is clear that Zooo.cc is a scam. They have lied multiple times on their site. They have used fake actors as well and have also refused to release the identity of their owner and CEO.

There are better ways to earn online, that don’t involve participating in a scam.

Be safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Great Review buddy. Keep up the good work

  • Richard Stiban

    All the capital invested in the company, as well as profits, proposed under the terms of the investment plans, belongs to investors. Owner of the Zooo Proprietary Limited, who owns the strategy “Humanity success evolution” ®, is Oliver Richardson.
    Should I continue?

    • M.R.Mohan Ratha

      yes please , i am cat on the wall. should i invest or not. ? Please advice

      [email protected]

    • Leandro Moreira

      yes, continue please… and you meet him personally? He really exist? See your ID Card and it is not fake?

  • Sunil Kumar

    https://zooo.cc/ is not working, I guess it’s scam.

  • Zulfiqar Ali

    i take 1st time participate. is not working , two days gone but i think is real scam

  • Marija Dimova

    Happy earning friends… I don’t know … Their website is really confusing and everything points to a scam… I am sticking with my CMTrading plan!