Zinc7.cc Review: HYIP SCAM Exposed!

Our Zinc7.cc review includes a detailed analysis of how this investment company works, including the information you need in order to decide whether to invest or not.

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We began monitoring Zinc7 about 2 months ago after some of our readers told us they had withdrawn money several times without any issue. This intrigued us because most programs like this don’t even pay at all. We offer general advice to anyone looking to invest in one of these investment programs.

Don’t do it!

There is nothing but bad energy and bad luck involved when it comes to a HYIP (high yield investment program). We have better ways of making money and we don’t relish losing ours to the hands of malicious scammers!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://zinc7.cc/

Zinc7.cc Review

Zinc7.cc Review

Zinc7 is a relatively newer online investment program that offers smaller returns than other websites. The thing that makes Zinc7.cc unique, is that it is the only site we’ve come across that claims to be investing in the buying and selling of zinc. Zinc is a naturally occurring metal in the earth and is used for many things.

The latest news about zinc is favorable, as most investing sites do list it as increasing in value at a steady pace. There was even a large increase in stock prices last year. This means that in basic understanding, zinc does seem to be a secure and reasonable choice to invest in.

The question now becomes, should you trust Zinc7 to invest your money in zinc for you? We took a long look at the reputation and past trading history of Zinc7.cc to make the proper determination. What we found was nothing short of a fraudulent attempt to steal your money. Don’t believe us?

Keep reading!

Zinc7 Exposed

There are several key facts that zinc7 makes known to us on their website. It is important to analyze each one to see if they are telling the truth or just making stuff up in an attempt to seem legitimate.

But first…

There is something very paramount that you need to understand about online investing. Here it is.

Nine times out of ten – all investing websites such as zinc7 are nothing but fancy Ponzi schemes. They are not investing in anything at all! They take the deposits and pay the first people who join with the money they receive from people who join later on. Let us stress this point again….

They are NOT investing in anything!

Everything on the site that claims to describe their successful investment history (more on this below) and their “team of investors” is completely fake. That being said, let’s examine what they tell us about the real story.

– Zinc7 is an incredibly skilled group of traders (some with ten years of experience) who have a long history of making money off of the buying and selling of zinc.


Nowhere on the entire website (or anywhere else online) are we given any proof that this is an accurate statement. Legitimate investment sites always offer something called a “portfolio” which provides several reports through each trading year. These reports show a history of investments and gains and losses with the overall conclusion showing what the net profit or net loss was.

Zinc7 does NOT have a portfolio. They don’t have one on their website, and furthermore, there is no record of them trading anywhere on any other authority trading site. It’s almost as if they do not exist at all.

– The traders involved have experience of making a huge profit with online trading.


Okay. Fine. So who are they? Your guess is as good as ours!


Notice that there is a serious lack of transparent information on the site. Once again, a legitimate and real investment business always gives the names of the CEO and the team of account managers who take care of the funds. Not only does zinc7 lack a trading portfolio (as mentioned above) but they also don’t have any way of verifying the identities of the people who will manage the accounts.

Would you trust your money to an anonymous website that refuses to prove any of their claims? They won’t even let you do a check on the success of their traders because they don’t give any names. This is bogus!

The HYIP Scam Explained

We have never trusted our money to an HYIP for one simple reason. They NEVER work long term. There will always be a loss.

But the truth is, sometimes it IS possible to make money. The problem is that the risk is too high and the loss is too great. There are several methods by which an HYIP conducts their scam operation. Below we have outlined the two forms.

1. Pay small withdrawals and increase customer base before closing up.

This is the first and most common way. When Zinc7.cc first launched their website, they paid everyone who requested a small withdrawal. These people typically invested between $25-$100 and tried the 7-day trial plan to see if the website was paying out. After seven days they were happy to see that their money was in their account ready to be transferred to their payment processor.

This strategy works for one big reason. Most people want to try the HYIP before investing a large amount. The deposit a small amount and then wait and see if they get their withdrawal. Once they receive their money they are nine times more likely to put a larger amount into the program.

This is when the scam starts. Once this amount matures and is delivered to their account, they attempt to take a withdrawal. The customer support emails them and encourages them to simply compound their earnings and put the money back into a new investment plan so they can make even more money.

After a few weeks of this back and forth – and redepositing earnings, they finally demand to take their money. This time, the customer support stops answering their emails and the once friendly support ignores them completely. After waiting for a few weeks in hopes that their money may come, they finally give up and move on to the next HYIP to get scammed once more.

We have seen this same story over and over again; it is happening daily to thousands of people.

2. Don’t pay anyone at all. NO withdrawals.

That’s correct. Some sites don’t even pay anyone ever. They collect as many deposits as they can and then just disappear. We have been monitoring eleven HYIP sites this month alone that have “cannot be found” URLs. They have simply taken their site offline!

This scam is possible because they never give any real information about who they are AND no international fraud agency cares. As crazy as it sounds, nobody is policing these websites. Almost all of them have business licenses from the UK or Hong Kong – but they mean nothing.

Even if you or I were able to report them for fraud, they will still most likely walk free. Why? Because all of their sites always include a disclaimer that they may or may not pay you due to market conditions. If they were called to respond to claims that they were not paying, they could just say that their traders had lost all the money in a few bad trades and they closed the business.

None of them provide insurance!!

Investing Options

Zinc7.cc Scam

So what investment plans do Zinc7.cc offer? They have two unique programs, one short and one a bit longer. The first plan has a duration of one week and an ROI (return on investment) of 110%. The second plan has a length of 30 days an ROI of 154%. The minimum amount to invest with each plan is $25.

For example, if you invested $100 into the weekly plan, after seven days, you should be able to withdraw $110, with a profit of just $10. For many of you that have tried different HYIPs, you should notice something a bit different about this one. The ROI’s of 110% and 154% are incredibly low for a high yield investment plan. This is a good sign, but unfortunately, this program has already fallen completely into a scam, as all HYIPs naturally do.

User Reviews

So what are the real users saying? They have an active Facebook group where you can see people complaining that they have not received their withdrawal. Several people have said… “Do not invest, they are scamming.”

Hopefully, these warnings stick!

Since last week we have collected a total of 56 emails from our readers that are still waiting on withdrawals. We have advised them on how to get this money back and this process needs to be started sooner rather than later.

In the first few months of the life of this HYIP scam, they did pay people, that is a fact. But it seems their money pool has maxed out and they are ready to jump ship.

Investing Safely Online

To invest safely online, you should never waste your money on an HYIP. Chose transparent, long-lasting companies that have a positive reputation online. We have a short list of programs we recommend because they are honest and regulated! Check them out!

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Is Zinc7.cc a Scam?

Yes! Zinc7 is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. We do NOT support any HYIP site, even if they do pay in the beginning. They all turn into scams, it’s only a matter of time.

There are much superior ways of using your money to earn online! IF you need advice, please leave a comment or emails us! We’ll be glad to help you!

Be safe out there and happy earnings!

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