Zeus 2 Review – Is Zeus 2 System A Binary Options Scam?

The following is a full report concerning the auto trading binary options software, Zeus 2. This binary options software was released for the first time just last week. Our team of investigators has just concluded their investigation into this new investment opportunity. If you were sent the Zeus 2 software through an email or social media contact, please make sure you read this full report before investing. Make sure to read our Automata Formula review!

Zeus 2 System is a SCAM! 85% of reputable blogs are also reporting the same thing. There no credible evidence at this time that gives any support for the Zeus 2 software. Please be advised to stay away from it and do not give any of your personal information to sales representatives associated with this malicious fraud.

If you are reading this after already losing your money with the Zeus 2 scam, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money. We have helped others do the same and we will do our best to help you as well.

Official Website: http://zeus2.co/

zeus 2 review

Zeus 2 Scam Review: Who is Matthew Harrison and Zeus Investments?

Matthew Harrison is the self-proclaimed owner and CEO of Zeus Investments. He goes even further to brag that he has been featured in several prominent financial and news websites and magazines, such as Forbes. We did a check up on his claims and determined with 100% accuracy that he is a liar and a fraud. There is no such investment corporation by the name of Zeus Investments. It doesn’t exist. Neither does Matthew Harrison exist.

Forbes magazine has certainly never heard of him. This is just the same old scam folks. We’ve seen it time and time again, packaged in many different forms. If he was as successful and as acclaimed as he pretends to be, we’d have no problem finding him. The problem is that he doesn’t exist. His claim to be a millionaire trader with a secret trading strategy is bogus and nothing but invented nonsense.

The Zeus 2 Scam Exposed

Mathew Harrison (fake name) goes into great details about his “Zio Cop” which he calls the insurance that his traders will never lose a trade. The Zio Cop is some sort of technology that monitors all of the trades on his software and prevents any losing trades from occurring. This is a huge red flag as every trader knows it is IMPOSSIBLE not to lose any trades.

There is literally NO technology or computer program that prevents a trade from losing. Once a trade has been entered on a broker platform, the only way to prevent that trade from ending in a loss is to close it. Some brokers allow traders to close trades, but not every time and not on all assets. It’s different every day and every time period. This aspect of trading is completely up to each individual broker and is not guaranteed. Turbine Xo scam is on our blacklist as well!

Mr Midas aka Matthew Harrison aka FAKE NAME tells us that he wants to give YOU, 1 million US dollars for doing absolutely nothing. He then proceeds to show us fake videos of two people he claims to have helped make over a million dollars. The videos are easily faked by simply creating a fake spread sheet and then taking a video showing yourself highlight different areas of it. This is SO easy to fake and completely bogus. There is nothing regulated about this and simply is a con man trying to convince you that the moon is made out of cheese.

zeus-2 scam

The most pivotal missing part of this scam offer is the fact that nowhere is any valid or verified proof given. We are told over and over that Matthew Harrison is super famous and super rich, but there is no proof of this claim. We are also told that he is making people into millionaires within a few months, but no real proof of this is offered. Fake screenshots don’t count. You can see just by looking at real binary options offers what actual proof looks like. If you are ever unsure of a binary options system, attempt to speak to someone who has actually made money with it, if they can’t be found to talk to, it’s safe to assume they don’t exist.

How To Avoid the Zeus 2 Scam?

Nine times out of ten you are reading this review after receiving an offer to “make millions of dollars” into your email. Firstly, most of these emails are sent to you straight from a previous binary options offer that you either tried or filled out your email on. That’s how they got you! They target people that have shown interest in the past in making money online.

The best way to avoid future scam offers is by marking any of these emails as spam. Don’t open any of them. They have technology that allows them to track whether you open their email or not. As soon as you open it, your email is then moved onto a separate list. If you open the email you will most certainly receive even more of these types of offers in the future. Don’t open them! This is the best advice we can give you. Mark them as spam and don’t open them.

If you have already ended up on their hit list, the best solution is to just ignore them. They won’t take you off their list until they realize it’s been long enough time and you haven’t fallen for any of their scams. This might be years. In the meantime, just stop reading their devious junk. It’s all a scam. We’ve been hooked like this in the past and because of this we dedicate a lot of time into finding out how this industry works. Avoidance starts with education!

Zeus 2 Review & Conclusion

Because of the following red flags, we are moving Zeus 2 scam into our Scam List!

1. False information including:

-fake CEO
-fake investment firm

-fake account information

2. No proof of earnings. 

-no real traders giving real statements

-history of burning traders accounts

To see an example of a REGULATED and LEGITIMATE trading system that actually works, full of proof, check out Social Trading with Tradeo. For any questions, please message us!
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