Zero Loss Formula Scam Review by Peter Morgan

Zero Loss Formula Scam Review aka Zero Loss Holdings by Peter Morgan. We are releasing the findings of our latest investigation into the newest binary options auto trader scam. You will find the results below included in our Zero Loss Formula Review. We have a special message for all traders reading this review. If you have been scammed by Zero Loss Formula or any other online investment, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your money. We will also take your personal story and use it for future articles and reviews. The newest scam alert is the Opus Formula scam!

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Zero Loss Formula Review

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DESCRIPTION: If you have been scammed by Zero Loss Formula or any other online investment, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your money…

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Is Peter Morgan the CEO and creator of Zero Loss Formula?

Zero Loss Formula Review

Peter Morgan is the fake and fraudulent name behind this deceptive scam. He doesn’t exist and never has. The creepy old man actor with the deep hypnotizing voice is NOT Peter Morgan, because Peter Morgan does not exist. From the moment he steps off his rented plane and into his fake office, the actor portraying this creep starts to lie to you. One lie after the next descends out of his mouth until he has wrapped you in his web of deceit. The plane at the beginning of the promotional video is owned by one of the evil brokers that is funding this garbage scam. Unregulated binary options brokers that need money, are always willing to work with scams in order to drive up their sales. This particular binary options scam is no different. It has been funded and produced scam artists who are looking to swallow up your investment as fast as you can deposit it. Avoid the scam that is spreading like wildfire, READ HERE.

There is absolutely no valid information about Peter Morgan. He claims that he started his company back in 2012, but his website was only put online a few days ago. He weaves a fanciful tale about how he had 50 beta testers back in 2012 that made millions of dollars. This is simply not possible given that his website and his auto trader were not even online until a few days ago. What’s even more outrageous is that “Peter Morgan” claims that “his” software has raked in 96 million dollars in the last two years without losing a single trade. The Zero Loss Holdings auto trader was not even around 2 years ago! They have no formal business license and no record of paying any taxes on this 96 million they claim to have made. No proof is given to show that any of this is more than just a fictional tale. We are supposed to trust the lies of a paid actor under a fake name. Avoiding scams these days is getting harder and harder but beware of the viral, Millionaire Reborn scam.

Is this software free for a limited time only?

Like all other binary options scams, our Zero Loss Formula review turned up quite a few misleading statements. The first one of these is that the software will only be available to 50 additional beta testers before being closed. At this point, it will supposedly only be given to people who can invest 10 million dollars into their online binary options trading. Let’s start by unpacking this idea. Nobody invests 10 million dollars in binary options trading. If a wealthy person really wishes to trade with 10 million dollars, they will hire an accountant and invest in the stock market. Keep in mind, the stock market and binary options are not the same thing. No serious trader would risk a million dollars much less 10 million dollars into binary options. It’s too risky! Maximus Profits scam is trying to steal from you as well!

We have it on good authority that this nasty scam has already stolen money from over 50 people, which means they are still taking “beta testers” to steal from. Nobody would invest millions of dollars with an unregulated broker and a fake business, such as this one. This is nothing but a bald faced lie meant to trick you into believing this piece of junk software is actually worth something. It is not. After it steals your money, they will sell your email address to their scammer friends who will then try and trick you into investing in their fake trading software as well. Avoid the Zero Loss Formula like the plague. While you’re at it, stay clear of this READ HERE as well. View the video below to see the fake scam artist explain this, in his “creepy old rich man voice”.

Did beta testers really make millions of dollars with the Zero Loss Formula Scam?

In true scam style, the Zero Loss Formula fraud proceeds to parade out 3 actors to lie about being beta testers. One of these is a very familiar scammer we’ve seen work hand in hand with about 9 other binary options scam over the course of the past 2 years. You can find all of these actors on fiverr, where they are selling their acting skills to the highest bidder. You can even hire them to lie for you as well! Check out his acting profile HERE. 

Zero Loss Formula Scam

Armed with the factual information that these beta testers are nothing but lying actors, we can safely assert that there are no real beta testers. There never were because this software wasn’t even online until a few days ago, making it quite impossible to trade with. It’s unfortunate that so many new traders are being taken advantage of, but this is just the nature of the financial scam industry. When something sounds too good to be true, it is. Please arm yourself with the information needed to make wise financial investments. Stay away from the scam we exposed SEE HERE.

What is the scam connection? Exposing the binary options conspiracy!

Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just drawn a direct connection between the Zero Loss Formula scam and another scam we reviewed a few weeks ago, READ HERE! The Hedge Formula scam is working in conjunction with this new auto trader in several ways. Firstly, they use the same actor in order to sell their product. If you click on THIS LINK, you will see for yourself that the actor portraying Peter Morgan also acted in the Hedge Formula scam to portray another millionaire trader. Both of these identities are fake of course. The next connection we discovered was that both of these frauds work hand in hand with several unregulated and scam brokers.

We believe there is a large binary options conspiracy between several unregulated binary options brokers. In order to preserve our own safety we can’t call these brokers out by name. However, if you suspect a broker you are currently invested with as being part of this scam, please send us a message and we’ll check it out for you. For example, the scam we exposed READ HERE is part of this conspiracy.

What is the safest investment online?

In order to keep your money perfectly safe you would have to bury it in the backyard. Most of us don’t want to watch the grass grow over our money so we are all looking for safe investments. There are a few great ways to make real money online, but they are hard to find and even harder to research. We make it our job to provide you with the best online investment opportunities.

Our single best investment program is Social Trading with Tradeo, which is like a social media outlet for making money and learning how to trade. You can check that review out HERE. We offer one on one support as well! Another great legitimate program is My Paying Ads which is currently making us several thousand dollars a week just by clicking a few ads each day! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email! We love to hear from you! Happy Trading!

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