Facts That You Need To Know About Zen Trader Scam In Simple Review!

Hi! Welcome to our investigation into the Zen Trader scam software. There has been a recent and alarming new influx of scams being reported to our blog. There is no easy way to say it, the binary options scam industry is increasing ten-fold monthly. Zen Trader is just one in a long line of similar software scams such as the Satellite Trader Scam that aim to trick you into thinking you can become a millionaire over night. This disgusting scam is exposed and destroyed in our review.
Our team dug up ALL the dirt and we have spared no expense in explaining everything in the Zen Trader review below! Keep reading to understand exactly how this scam works, as well as our recommendations for trading safely!
If you have already been scammed by Zen Trader, we want to hear from you! We help people every day reclaim their money by walking them through the steps needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason and we’ll respond immediately. In the meantime, make sure to stay away from
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Zen Trader Review

Zen Trader is an auto trading binary options software that claims to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Mr Zen, the CEO, tells us that he used to work at fast food restaurant, flipping hamburgers. However, after becoming a highly successful trader on Wall Street, he then hired a few software developers who created a trading software that mimicked his own trading strategies. This software worked so well, he became a multi-millionaire.
There are many missing pieces in the logic behind this explanation. First of all, we need to point out that it is impossible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Period. It’s just false and nothing but a flat out lie. We have been trading in this industry for a few  years now and have literally NEVER met a single person that has become a millionaire trading binary options. The real millionaires trade on the actual stock market. Please note: binary options is NOT the real stock market!
We have encountered scores of software systems IDENTICAL to the Zen Trader. None of them work. They all ask for a $250 deposit and within 3-4 days, that money will be gone in a series of terrible trades. This is a scheme that occurs over and over, driving up profits for shady brokers. These same unregulated brokers are the people who actually produce these fake auto traders. They WANT you to lose your money so they can increase their own profits.

Zen Trader Scam Artist “Mr Zen”?

We often come across auto trader scams that feature over the top old stuffy white dudes who claim to be millionaires. In the case of this software scam we have someone going by the name of “Mr Zen”. Make no mistake, this man DOES NOT exist. He’s simply a voice actor with some fake pictures thrown in for good measure. Remember the photo of Mr Zen above? Yeah, that guy is simply a shutterstock model for “successful man”. None of this is real. Mr Zen does not exist any more than his collection of cars or super model girlfriends do. All of this is a mirage!
The dubious and fake “Mr Zen” tells us that “you can own your own PRIVATE JET by this time next year, if you only do what is required!” And what is required? Invest $250 into his auto trader and sit back and watch the profits roll in. The only problem is that we know from experience that the profits will NEVER roll in. Zen Trader simply does not work. Mr Zen is fake and his auto trader is as well.

Zen Trader Scam Exposed

The most important thing to look for when evaluating a binary options auto trader is proof. We scoured the Zen Trader scam website and could not locate any proof that it actually works. Worse yet, we spoke personally to several people who emailed us and said they lost all their money within the first 3 days! Given the lack of credible proof to verify we were interested in the claims that “Mr Zen” had real traders speaking out in the video!
Once again, we ran smack dab into a lie. Below you will see a man claiming to be using Zen Trader and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. The only problem is that this SAME man is an actor on Fiverr. Not only that, he’s been caught lying for multiple other scams including, Each of the other “traders” seen in the Zen Trader scam video are all actors on Fiver.
Regulated and Successful Trading Systems?
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Is Zen Trader a Scam?: Our Conclusion
The following facts PROVE that Zen Trader is a Scam!
1. Mr Zen is a fake person. His photo is easily found on shutterstock modeling pages where it was taken from.
2. Zen Trader has numerous scam actors that lie about making money.
3. They claim that you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. This is literally impossible.
If you have been targeted by this scam, act fast, and do NOT deposit! Please email us with any of your concerns or questions! Happy Trading!
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