Zarfund Review – Legit Investigation Regarding The Zarfund Bitcoin Scam!

Welcome to our investigative report on Zarfund! This hot new donation revenue share is receiving several quieries a day! We promised our readers a full report on this new money making scheme, so here it is!

Whether you are new to online earning or an old novice, this review is a must read before signing up with Zarfund. We are in the process of gathering information about Zarfund, so if you have worked with them, please contact us and let us know how your experience has been!

We believe that every company deserves a fair shake, and we have made it our quest not to review Zarfund until we had gleaned enough information to make a balanced assessment. The following review is what we have learned about Zarfund.

Let’s get started!

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Zarfund Review: What is Zarfund?

Zarfund is a money earning program that involves donating money each month in order to receive donations from other people. Think of a big family circle where everyone donates something in order to receive something else. Except in the case of Zarfund, everyone is donating bitcoin currency and getting back a little bit more than they put in.

For example, if I invite you to join Zarfund, you will join up under me, and donate 0.03BTC to me EVERY month. That’s the equivalent of $17. In order to earn your own money, you must then find two people each to join up under you and donate 0.03BTC to you each month. That’s just the first level.

Once you get people to sign up under your referral link, they will each donate 0.03BTC ($17) to you as well. You will only get their donations IF you continue to donate to your upline. There’s really nothing to force these donations from taking place, so if one of your referrals suddenly wants out of the program, they will simply leave and you will lose their donations and need to find someone else to take their place.

Zarfund Review

It gets more complex the deeper you get. But the gist is, the more people that join under you, the more you earn. The process of building a chain of referrals is called a “downline”. Everyone above you in the chain is called an “upline”.  Stay away from Multiplexer Scam!

Zarfund Review: Does Zarfund Work?

Zarfund only works IF you can get GOOD referrals. And we aren’t just talking about one or two referrals. In order to make good money, you really need to get 10 or more. The more the better.

However, it’s not just the amount of referrals you get, it’s the quality as well. You need to create a solid downline of people highly motivated to create their own downline. If anyone in the downline runs out of money or doesn’t have enough of their own downline, you will also not make as much money. Zarfund truly showcases the necessity of team work and team building.


Remember, unless you can find at least two people to join under you, you really won’t make any money at all. There are no guarantees that you can find anyone to sign up under you. Furthermore, it’s hard to convince others to join under you when you need to explain to them that they also need to find referrals to join in order to earn. Alert: Stay away from Orion Code Scam!

Programs like Zarfund will work well for some people. They work especially well for big time marketers that have the selling power to build up a large downline. Even though we have the ability to reach a large audience, we are choosing not to “sell” Zarfund because we don’t think it’s worth the risk. We don’t feel comfortable supporting a program that literally won’t earn unless our readers can get their own referrals.

Zarfund Review: User Experience Revealed

1. Zarfund only works in Bitcoin. This makes things easier for those of you that don’t like the hassle of multiple payment processors.

2. Zarfund only works if you have a large successful downline. If you don’t have the ability to market your referral link and build a huge solid team behind you, you will not make money.

We have spoken with several people that have tried Zarfund. Here’s what they told us!

Out of our user group, we had three people that have access to a large network of highly motivated people to build a successful downline. These people have made money with Zarfund, but they stressed to us the necessity for their downline. The others in our user group were not so successful. They have all quit, having not actually made any money at all. One person managed to get out after losing a few hundred bucks, which was due to his referrals not donating to him, even after he had already donated to his upline. This might not be typical but should serve as warning!

Is Zarfund a Scam?

Zarfund is not a scam, but at the same time, we will NOT be joining. We prefer to work with programs that allow us to profit even if we don’t have any referrals. It’s important to realize that the people that will benefit the most from a donation-based program like Zarfund, are people who can manage to create that large and highly motivated downline of referrals. If you think that is your cup of tea, you should try Zarfund!

If not, please consider joining the system that is helping us withdrawal several thousand dollars a month: My Paying Ads. Please message us with any questions or concerns you might have! Be sure to check out our Recommended Signals page to see more programs that have worked for us!

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  • Charles

    I want to start with something, either Tradeo or SnapCash… which one should I start for as a newbie?

    • Charles – Either is a good choice. It’s up to you whether you would prefer to try forex or binary options first… If you have the option of doing both, that’s what I would recommend. Let me know what you decide!


    Zarfund is a big scam!! Thank you for warning us.