XTP App Review

The XTP App was just released today and while it tries to distance itself from every other scam before it, it can’t quite out run the lies! After looking into it I can safely say that this software is yet another scam in the long list.

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XTP App is a software system that delivers signals to you which you then choose to take or reject. It promises a slow gain in your account with an ITM rate of around 80%. The creator is a man named Matt Woodford and he claims to have 17 people working for him. He takes a seemingly honest approach in the video which surprised me. Matt Woodford claims that he and his team will eventually sell this software for a billion dollars once they have about 500 more successful beta testers. Like all good scams he tries to convince us that we need to act super fast and sign up right away or we might miss out on the free offer! This is a load of bullshit. I dare you to wait a month or two and you will see he’s bluffing.

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The XTP App video reveals a known scam that many other auto trading software scams use. Matt Woodford explains that most of the other scams insist that you work with one broker because the software was designed by that broker to make you lose! The brokers stand to make a great deal of money off of your losing trades. This is true in many cases. However, it doesn’t get the XTP App off the hook. Just like every other scam out there, the XTP App chooses a broker for you and you must open a new account with them in order to access the software.

Matt Woodford can attempt to distance himself from other scams as much as he wants, but we examined his claims and found that the XTP App fell right into the same lie that most of the other scams do. Fake video testimonials. It didn’t take us long to locate all of his actors on different websites for hire. This girl will make a video testimonial for you for $5 on Fiverr.

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And here she is selling herself:

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Nice try XTP App, but we are calling your offer a SCAM. Find some real beta testers to make your video testimonials and until then stop wasting our time. Matt Woodford tells us that we will regret not signing up one day when we hear in the news that they have sold the company for a billion dollars. Sure, I’ll be waiting.

The XTP App will make their money off of affiliation sales with the brokers. Don’t let their fake trading videos convince you. They are a bunch of liars and scammers. Keep your distance!

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