Xabo.io Review: Bitcoin HYIP Scam Exposed

Welcome to our official xabo.io review. If you are thinking of joining this HYIP, please read our researched opinion first. Be forewarned… you will lose your money with this scam, as many before you have done! Below you will find a complete explanation of how xabo.io works and how whether or not you can make money with it!

Long story short….

Xabo.io is a NASTY scam!

We know many of you are trying hard to make money online. There are safe ways to do this. But xabo.io is NOT one of them. Another recent HYIP to avoid is the alibabainv.com scam.

Official Website: https://xabo.io/

 xabo.io review

Xabo.io Review: HYIP Revealed!

Although it appears to be something much more intelligent, the truth is plain to see!

Xabo.io is nothing but a simplistic and easy to refute HYIP scam.

The explanation behind xabo.io that they rent unused shipping space to you. This allows you to “invest with them” in the merchandise that they ship using this space. The amount of space you rent depends on how much you are willing to invest. Xabo.io offers a modest return on your investment that is paid to you each day until it has reached maturity.

The very nature of this business plan is best described as a high yield investment program or HYIP. When you do a quick google search on the term “HYIP” you will see that it has clearly been marked as a scam. In fact, the official definition of a HYIP is that it IS a scam.

But why is the HYIP a scam?

The answer to this is rather complicated. There are few reasons that actually make this a scam. In short:

1. When a high amount of ROI (return on investment) is offered for a short investment period, this is not practical and can’t last long term.

2. If a guarantee is made that “you CAN NOT lose” or “you are guaranteed to make money” you can be SURE they are lying to you. There are never guarantees with investing!

3. The owners of most HYIPs are not known and very little regulations are actually in place to protect you as the investor.

For the above reasons, we will never recommend that you join any HYIP. You are NOT protected as an investor. If they lose your money or close your account and steal your financial information, you will have no legal recourse.

Let’s take a closer look at Xabo.io and how it works.

What Investment Plans Does Xabo.io offer?

There is only one basic plan. You can invest as much as you want, and you will earn 150% back on any amount (minimum $10). This money will be paid back to you daily until it has matured.


The idea is that Xabo.io is using your money to rent unused shipping space. The contents that are shipped in this space make a profit upon their sale, and this money is returned to you as agreed upon in the 150% ROI.

But wait!

Does this make sense? Technically speaking, xabo.io has failed to actually explain how they can be sure that they can give you 150% back. They have not detailed what this space originally cost or what sorts of contents are shipping in them.

There is very little information actually provided to you about any of the details surrounding your shipping container. You are merely expected to trust the process based on the user reviews and owner details.

So let’s take a look at those user reviews and the credentials of the owners!

Who Operates and Owns Xabo.io?

Sir Harvey Bowen (pictured below) is the alleged CEO of xabo.io shipping. We are 100% sure this is a lie. There is no legitimate information about a Sir Harvey Brown anywhere to be found. His photo is a generic stock photo used online, and his name does not match with any records for CEO’s or investors.


When a HYIP approaches you and asks you to trust them, the first rung on that ladder of trust is the CEO. And in the case of xabo.io, the CEO is a fraud and a fake.

But wait!

What are the real users who actually invest with xabo.io scam saying?

The website includes a few supposed users. We attempted to verify the identity of some of these people without any luck. It is clear from the start that xabo.io is not interested in providing any real results. This would be easy to do. They could simply open a real investment company and report annually returns publically, but they DO NOT do this.

There is a Facebook group, which is heavily moderated. We observed several negative comments that were deleted after only a few minutes of being posted. The scam is easy to see here. The admins of the group simply delete any truthful comments regarding loss of money. This group is not transparent or honest!

The real proof, as they say, is in the pudding!

We collected over 35 user complaints sent to our website alone. Xabo.io is causing every red flag we possess to be raised!

They operate as nicely as possible until it comes time for you to withdraw your profits. At that time, they WILL close your account and block your access if you complain. This is a dishonest and nasty way of doing business but we have seen it occur time after time after time with these HYIP scams!

If you have already lost money with xabo.io please contact us to report your experience!

Investing In Bitcoin?

The only payment processor that Xabo.io accepts is bitcoin currency.

We actually like this! Bitcoin is the real deal!

As of the publication of this post, the value of bitcoin is set at almost $900 per bitcoin! This is amazing!

The value of bitcoin only keeps increasing. We predict that in the future it will go up as high as 2k per coin. That is why using bitcoin is the best way to invest your money in today’s market.

Choosing to only allow bitcoin is the xabo.io way of looking relevant and successful. Many new HYIP’s and investment plans are also leaning this way.


Just because an investment company requires bitcoin – that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Bitcoin e-wallets offer zero protection when it comes to getting your money back from a scam. Just remember that!

For a safe way to make bitcoin, please see our review on My Paying Crypto Ads! This is the way we personally use our bitocin and we recommend it to you as well!

Examining the Facts! Is xabo.io a Scam?

Let’s take a brief look over what we discovered while investigating this shady HYIP scam.

1. Sir Harvey Bowen is a fake CEO and does not actually exist. The real owners of this scam are hiding their true identity. Do to the poor grammar on the website we surmise that English is not his native language.

2. 100% of users report a negative experience. We can’t locate or speak to a real person that has actually made money with this scam. It seems that these “so-called “success stories are all paid actors lying about their results.

3. Xabo.io is a high yield investment program that is notorious for scamming. There are NO regulations for these types of “investment” firms and they often (always) use fake information to lure in investors. They lie and lie some more until they have lost the trust of the public.

At this point in time, it is our verdict that Xabo.io is a SCAM! 

If you, or anyone you know, is looking to invest or trade online, please send us a message first and have us look into your website before you sign up and invest! We have protected hundreds of people from being scammed and we can help you as well!

If you want to make money with a regulated trading forex company – please read our review of Social Trading with Tradeo!

In the meantime – Happy Earning! Thank you for reading our xabo.io review
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  • David Pinsker

    On their website XABO show s registration at Companies’ House and a physical address. I am wondering if the scam operators have cyber-squatted on a legitimate company?

  • Salient

    Xabo.io is a systematically organized scam. I invested with them, they returned 119% instead of the 150% they promised, and they didn’t return my deposit (principal). That simply means what I got as profit on my investment is only 19% after 50 days.

  • Longz Suarez

    now xabo.io not paying dont join

  • Mohd Ridzal Bozs

    Till now my profit not tranfer to wallet…

  • Erin Kelly Booth

    Xabo.io totally SCREWED me out of my hard-earned cash. And did it while smiling on that damned “customer chat” think they had. Terrible thieves!