X-Binary Review: Exposing Viral X-Binary.com Scam

Our X-Binary Review will destroy all hopes you have of making any money with this fraudulent investment site. Don’t be fooled, X-Binary.com is a scam site that collects funds for the purpose of stealing from investors. We have exposed this scheme below and hopefully answered all the questions you have.

If you are already investing with X-Binary.com, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money. We also need to hear from you in the rare instance that this site has indeed paid you. Our sources have confirmed that they have stopped paying and don’t intend on paying anyone else.

In the best interest of our readers, we have also outlined our own personal plan for how we earned online. This industry is fraught with scams, which means nine times out of ten, you will most likely lose your money online. We are NOT losing any money (in fact, we are making money!) and we will show you how to achieve that as well!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://x-binary.com/

X-Binary Review

X-Binary Review

Before we expose the lies and determine whether X-Binary is paying or not, we need to explain what this company claims to do. To be completely honest, nothing that this site has on their information page is true. They have lied about every single detail of their business, except for one detail. Let’s walk step by step through these claims to see the truth!

What is X-Binary.com?

The site tells us that x-binary is an investment site that makes its money by trading in binary options. They “specialize” in cryptocurrency trading. If you give them a small deposit, they will take your money and trade it for you, allowing it to make massive profits. Once they have capitalized on your investment, they return it to you, plus a certain percentage of the winnings.

Fact or Fiction? Fiction.

X-Binary.com is not an investment site. They do not trade in binary options. The only purpose of their site is to collect deposits and amass their own income with it.

How do we know they aren’t trading in cryptocurrency?


A legitimate investment site will show proof of their trading, both successful trades and losing trades. This is what is referred to as an “investment portfolio”. Any site that claims to be an investment site but does not show your proof of their investment portfolio, is a fake site. Another viral scam that has no proof is Nuvo Finance.

Who owns and manages X-Binary funds?

This information is kept secret, which is another glaring sign of fraud. Sure, it’s not illegal to hide your identity on your own website, but if you want people to take you seriously, you will need to show your face and name.

When you deposit money into an investment plan online, you are giving your cash to a stranger who has deliberately chosen to hide his name from you. How can you possibly trust a person such as this?

Believe it or not, most people are more likely to give their money to strangers with nice websites then they are to give that same money to a family friend. Why is this?

People have been conditioned to believe that whatever they read or see online is true. This is a terrible assumption and you would be wise to stop believing this. The internet is so packed full of falsehoods and deceptions that it is like a scam artist’s dream come true.

Is X-Binary.com regulated or verified?

Absolutely not. They carry no insurance, which means your money is not guaranteed. Even if this were a real trading site, it is common knowledge that trading binary options in cryptocurrency is extremely dangerous and dangerous. Even the best of traders can lose their money in a flash. All it takes is a couple of poorly executed trades, and the money is gone.

X-Binary looks like a legitimate website. They even include their UK registration as proof that they have are operating a “real” business. So let’s talk about that certificate!

Every single financial scam that we have busted in the last several months have one thing in common. ALL of them carry a business registration from the UK. AND, all of these certificates are real!

That’s right. All of the scams we have exposed, that have stolen thousands of dollars from investors, have carried business registrations from the UK.

Lesson: Having a business registered in the UK does NOT mean that the investment site will make money. This is done for tax purposes only and shown on the website to trick you into believing they are successful and monitored. This is false.

Is X-Binary.com Paying?

X-Binary Scam

Investing with X-Binary allows you to chose between three different plans. They have a significantly lower ROI (return on investment) then most HYIP scams do, but don’t confuse a low ROI with an honest business.

The minimum amount to start is $10. In some cases, people have told us that they were able to withdraw their profits after investing only $10, but this was weeks ago. There are a few reasons why X-Binary.com pays small withdrawals.

Many HYIP (high yield investment programs) pay their investors for their first withdrawal. They do this in order to increase the trust between their website and the guy with money. When the investor trusts that the site is paying, he is very likely to make another deposit. In most cases, this second deposit is then stolen.

How are they paying if they don’t trade?

We already established that X-Binary.com is not trading. But we also know that in some situations they have paid withdrawals. So how do they pay?

The business model that X-Binary.com uses is Ponzi. A Ponzi scheme pays old investors from the money that is given by the newest investors. Some sites use a Ponzi scheme to pay for several years. However, this model depends entirely on the new investments of new members. Once that new money stops flowing in, they will run out of money to pay withdrawals with and the business will close.

That being said, it is our informed opinion that X-Binary.com is NOT paying. We have several readers that are waiting for withdrawals, and in most cases, their accounts have been locked. This is a common strategy for scam sites. If you don’t want to pay you, they will close your account and change your login details so you can’t access it anymore.

Problem solved. Investor loses his money, and the website gets rich.

How To Earn Online?

Not for the best part of our review. We love talking about earning money online because not only is possible; it’s not as hard as it seems. However, we do recommend and stress that you abide by the following rules.

1. Never invest more money than you can safely afford to lose. Investing online is never guaranteed.

2. Only join trusted sites that have reviews you can trust and active Facebook groups.

3. Do NOT give your personal financial information if the site is not secure.

4. Never trust a site that does not have the name of the owner and a place where you can verify his identity. (Some sites do use fake names.)

5. Carrying a business registration from the UK means NOTHING. This will not protect you from being scammed.

Below you will find our favorite sites for earning! Check back often because we will be adding to this list after we have finished investigating! If you have a site you want us to check out, please send it with the URL to our email!

My Paying Ads – A highly successful rev share that has been in operation for two years. They have a facebook group with over 80k active users. If you want to earn with the best, join and get started today!

My Paying Crypto Ads – This rev share is connected to the program above. They are both owned by the same person, who you can talk to personally on facebook. This site specializes in allowing you to earn in bitcoin!

You can’t go wrong with either of these programs, they are the best!

Is X-Binary a Scam?

After examining all the evidence and listening to our reader complaints, we have no chose but to affirm that X-Binary.com is a Scam that should be avoided at all costs!

Earning online is possible and can be fun if you follow our rules above! So stay safe and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Adeniyi-megbuwawon Adeyemi

    You have only three sites to invest in are there not more than this 3

    • Hello Adeniyi, You are right… We only promote 3 opportunities that we are a 100% confident will earn everyone money.

      We don’t want to promote bunch of HYIPS that are scams. We don’t promote scams here like the other ” HYIP Monitors “

  • Check out our Home Page where we have all our favorite earning programs listed!

  • David Mkonyi

    Thank you for your explanations on the issue of x-binary become a scam. I am an investor in x-binary but now is more than two weeks they stop to pay us so please help me how can I do to get my money that I struggled to get and invest in x-binary but they stop paying us? I am so thankfully to you for what you are doing to help us get the clear understanding on the scam companies.
    David Mkonyi

  • Elisha Mhomisoli

    Ohhh I have lost!,I have invested in xbinary now they have stopped paying.

  • Azam Hafeez

    I invested in two packages and lost 1250$ pls guide me how to recovered FM that already scammed money tkx azam