Review: Fraudulent HYIP Scam Exposed

You are reading our review, which will expose and destroy this malicious HYIP scam. Nothing about this company is real, and you should avoid even entering the website for fear of being scammed. They are targeting people worldwide but have concentrated heavily on countries such as Estonia, South Africa, and Nigeria. 

If you have already fallen victim to this scam, please contact us for advice on how to get your money back. We need to hear from you about any other scam you have been involved with as well. It is important that we gather as much information as possible to help others stay safe! If you have a story to tell, we want to listen! Please send us a message!

Please avoid another dangerous scam, the Lexington Code scam!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a high yield investment program or HYIP that claims to invest YOUR money into their cryptocurrency mining machines. Their website tells us that they have massive machinery that works night and day to mine for bitcoin. After opening their doors many years ago, they started a small investment company that mined for bitcoin and then invested it. They don’t offer any information about the nature of these investments or what type of trading they engage in.

Another piece of valid information they refuse to give us is who their owner is. We do not trust websites with anonymous owners! On their website, they make the claim that they are a nationally recognized bitcoin mining business that has reached national attention and acclaim. This is false. Nobody we’ve spoken with has ever heard of In fact, if you do a simple google search on them, you will discover that nobody is talking about them, accept for their affiliates who want the commission payments!

They have never been featured in the news or given any awards for achievement in bitcoin mining. They have not made it onto any list of successful investment companies. It’s almost as if they didn’t exist until just a few months ago. seems like a brand new company without any real background because they are! Their business was only just registered in the UK a few months ago! explains that they invest your Bitcoin to make more bitcoin by mining with it. But how do they use your bitcoin to help their business and what returns are reasonable or rational? How much are they keeping for themselves? All of this is information they do NOT share.

Are HYIPs To Be Trusted?

We do NOT trust HYIPs like for many reasons. Most HYIP scams offer massive returns for a very small initial investment. These high returns are not only impractical, but they are also not backed up with any valid proof. But the real problem is that ALL HYIP scams offer false promises. The majority of the scams that we expose claim to guarantee their ROI (return on investment).

No ROI can be guaranteed. There is always a huge risk of losing your investment, and they are NOT insured. This means that once you deposit funds into their website, you will not get that money back if they lose it! And according to our user results (below), they will lose it.

Another huge problem is security. Most HYIPs collect a great deal of personal and financial information without having any of the safety features needed to protect that information. In fact, the site is actually FOR SALE! You can take a look on to see for yourself. The website can be purchased by anyone for as little as $14.99. This means that your financial information is not secure.


What Investment Plans Do They Offer? has developed three different programs for you to invest your bitcoin with. Each plan has a daily percentage of return that is available to withdraw after each 24 hour period. Take a look at the picture below to view the three plans. If you were to invest the 1BTC into the “10% Daily Forever” plan, you would make 0.1018 BTC each day. That’s the equivalent of $92 a day. The terms for all three plans claim that you will be earning this percentage each day forever. This means that according to them, you will make $92 a day for the rest of the life of the business.

Keep in mind that most HYIP scams have a term of investment that has a beginning and an end. In the case of, they list their two different investment plans as being “forever.” If you take a long look at the terms and conditions listed at the bottom of their page, you will see that “forever” actually has an end. They explain that when the company closes, your investments will automatically end. They don’t give any date for this ending, but instead continue using the very misleading word, “forever.”


This is an outrageous claim, especially for a company that is so intent on hiding its name and location of investments. In all our years of working and investing online, we have never come across an HYIP that pays out on large withdrawals. The vast majority of the time, they will honor small monetary withdrawals under the $10 value mark, but nothing over that.

Lesson: The investment plans have outrageously inflated earning percentages and no known ending date. You never know when their company will close and you will have no way of getting your earnings when they shut their doors. Do NOT trust any company that projects such high earnings without explaining and demonstrating to you how they make such large sums of returns.

The Visa Debit Card Scam

If you scroll down the page, you will see one of the most damning pieces of their scam. They claim to be offering a visa card that acts as a debit card and will let you access your earnings automatically. This card is only available for clients who deposit a minimum of 10BTC. Ten bitcoin is equivalent to $9000. There are several red flags here. does not have the legal authority to issue visa debit cards. They are not registered with any visa bank, and this card is completely fake. There is only one reason they would offer a fake visa card….


If you sign up with this card, you will be asked to give your ID documents and personal details. This is part 2 of their scam! Once they have these verification documents they can steal your identity and take what little money you have left. Don’t underestimate the levels they will stoop! They will stop at nothing until they get every last penny out of you.

Lesson: is advertising a fraudulent visa debit card meant to steal your financial identity. 

Where is Located?

As with all HYIP scams, they are proudly registered in the UK. The UK is handing out business licenses like Santa hands out presents at Christmastime. Remember, to register your business in the UK, all you need is a name and a description.

Anyone can open an investment company in the UK. Simply state that you expect a high level of risk in your investments and therefore a high level of potential loss. This way, when your business tanks, you had protected yourself against being sued. There are very little checks and balances in place to protect the investor!

We discovered that is using a fake address to register under. They list 92 Euston St. London, UK as their physical address. They even claim you can come by and visit their offices. According to their elaborate depiction of themselves, they sound like they’d have a nice office, at the very least something that looks professional.


Take a look at the screenshot above of 92 Euston St. This is clearly a personal residence, most likely a flat. This is NOT an office and not zoned for an office. does not operate here because they don’t have an actual office in the UK. They are only using a random address on their website to appear to be legitimate. Most of their investors are not from the UK. They target countries such as Estonia, South Africa, and Nigeria. They know that 99.9% of their clients will never attempt to locate them, which is why they don’t worry about using a fake address.

Lesson: The address listed for their business is a personal flat (apartment) building. This is NOT a real address for!

User Reviews: Are They Paying?

As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, is NOT paying. We have received over one hundred user complaints and requests for help in getting their money back. This scam has gone viral, and hundreds of people have fallen victim to it. We have put out the word to several of our email support team asking them for any signs of successful withdrawals from our user reviews. They reported back that not one person had been given a withdrawal of an amount over $.0110BTC or $10.

The website itself offers up not one ounce of proof that they are paying or that they have any happy customers. They only repeat over and over again how successful and honest they are. But this is not real. is NOT paying and will close your account should you attempt to contact them.

Let’s recap what we have uncovered in this review!

1. DOES NOT explain how they invest your Bitcoin to make more bitcoin. This is not logical.

2. The owner is anonymous and the business is registered with a fake address.

3. Offering a fake visa debit card.

3. User reviews report an overall loss of initial investment.

4. ROI is too high with no end date. This is not practical or safe.

5. The website is for sale, which means your financial information could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Investing in Bitcoin?

If you are looking for a way to make money in bitcoin, look no further than My Paying Crypto Ads. This business is transparent and safe. The owner is trusted and you can speak directly to him on Facebook. Please check out our review and message us with any questions.

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If you have any system you’d like us to investigate, please send us a message and ask for advice!

Is a Scam?

After listing all of the reasons why is a scam, we have nothing left to say but … STAY AWAY from it! Please don’t be one of their victims! thank you for reading our Review

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  • Jame Brinkman

    I have lost about $450 in bitcoin with worldminers 3 weeks ago. I wish i have researched it before I put my money.

    Anyways, can’t do anything about it. I’ve joined Tradeo as per your recommendation and I’ve gained $217 in the past week.

    Should I withdraw it or keep it and increase the size of my trades?

    • If you need the money then withdraw it. If you really don’t need it, then use it for trading and increase the lots size to 0.02

      By the way, did you signup from the link in this review? or you heard about Tradeo from somewhere else?

    • Schon

      Wow I researched it and found people got paid this is confusing who’s right ?

      • Hi! Several blogs are claiming that they are paying out but we have received around 30 emails in the last week alone claiming otherwise! This HYIP is a complete scam.

        • Timibra Ernest Iluyemi-Ajube

          They paid me about TWICE but after that all other withdrawals go into pending. Scammers they sre

          • That’s what we keep saying. They only pay once or twice then you will never see a penny after that.

        • Schon

          What about

  • Hi! Please send us an email so we can asses your situation! [email protected]