Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review

Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review. Welcome to our scam review of Wells Investments Ltd software! Please continue reading this scam review to see whether Wells Investments Ltd is a scam or legit! By the time you are done reading through this review, we are sure you’ll see plenty of evidence that Wells Investments Ltd is a scam!

Is Wells Investments Ltd a Scam or Legit?

Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review

Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review

Today we are introducing you to yet another binary options scam in the long long line of scams that take real companies, change the name, and then try to trick you into believing they are associated with them! The Wells Investments Ltd scam is a perfect example of this! The scammers behind this app took a real company, Wells Investments Inc, and attached their name onto it. The end result is a fake company with a real company name behind it.

This is actually illegal, but they changed the name just a touch in order to avoid being sued. Wells Investments Inc is a real and successful company, although they have nothing to do with trading binary options. Wells Investments Ltd is the fake company who is trying to scam you out of your hard money through lies and manipulation!

Wells Investment Inc, pictured below, is in not the same as the scam we are reviewing today. Please don’t be tricked by the famous name! They just aren’t the same.

Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review

Wells Investment Ltd Scam Review

A man named, Nicholas Wells, claims to be the man who started the fake company, Wells Investment Ltd. This is clearly a lie because when we researched this man, his name doesn’t show up anywhere in relation to investing or binary options. The promotional video tells us that Nicholas Wells started this company in secret, which is another huge lie. It’s impossible to start a company in secret since all company information is public knowledge. It is impossible to get a business license in secret. Nicholas Wells does not exist and his fake company doesn’t either! Don’t fall for these lies!

Is Wells Investments Ltd a Scam?

If you scroll down on the Wells Investment Ltd website you’ll see several pictures of cars and houses that their members have won. But a quick google search proved that every single one of these photos is a stock image readily available on the internet. Every single part of the Wells Investment Ltd scam is a lie meant to deceive you. They claim will have a guaranteed earning of over $800 an hour. This is just an insane claim. If you are familiar with binary options you’ll recall that nothing is ever guaranteed, and earnings this high are too inflated to be real.

Our conclusion of the Wells Investment Ltd was sealed the second we saw that they were using a fake company name. This is a very popular trend in scamming these days. You’ll see it a lot. Always do your own research before signing up with one of these offers! In the meantime, stay safe, check back with our website frequently because we are constantly updating it with new information and new reviews! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below! It is very possible to make good money online, you just have to look in the right places! We are personally working with two awesome companies that we believe everyone can be successful with! Check out our reviews of Social Trading with Tradeo and Fort Ad Pays!

Conclusion: Wells Investments Ltd is a SCAM!!!

Official website : http://wellsinvestments.co/


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