Wall Street Focus Group Scam – Honest Review!!

Sometimes these scammers raise their game that it is not easy for their poor victims to discern. This is the case with Wall Street Focus Group and their Cobra5 Trading Software. Such fancy names can easily hoodwink unsuspecting binary options traders and investors, but not us. We performed a meticulous research on Wall Street Focus Group, and we reveal, in this review, the lies and fabrications behind the latest scam software to hit the binary options industry.

About Wall Street Focus Group  

Spearheaded by David Lombardi, the Wall Street Focus Group was a project commissioned by NASDAQ so as to get more people trading the stocks of their companies. NASDAQ top programmers want to apply final tweaks to their ‘groundbreaking’ Cobra5 trading software, and you now have an opportunity to be part of exactly 75 people who will join their 2016 fall beta testing program. The software is already performing at impressive levels, currently netting its users daily profits of $386 to $791. Developed right in Wall Street, Cobra5 is the result of synergy between top analysts and top programmers. The software generates low risk, but high probability signals and specifically informs traders what to trade as well as when to trade, but lets them decide how much to trade. The Wall Street Focus Group helps you exploit the best trading opportunities in the binary options market, but it also teaches you how to incorporate a solid money management strategy into your trading activity. If this sounds convincing, it is because these scammers have done a pretty good job. By disguising as a focus group, they sway your perception, but there is only one ending; you will be asked to deposit money into your trading account, which you lose eventually.



David Lombardi  

The head of the Wall Street Focus Group, David Lombardi, makes some big and bogus claims as he introduces us to the Cobra5 trading software. He claims to have been the project leader of award-winning Netflix original ‘House of Cards’, Snickers as well as popular game ‘Pokémon GO’. Well, these are some really huge claims and we took it upon ourselves to investigate further. We could not find absolutely anything associated with David Lombardi in any of the projects he claims to have headed, and the reason is plain simple- David Lombardi does not exist. He is just a paid actor and an imagined personality.

He co-presents the introductory video with one Jimmy Russo, who claims to be a financial guru with great knowledge and experience in Wall Street. As far as scammers go, Jimmy Russo is a pretty good performer. He starts his presentation by condemning and urging traders and investors to avoid the scams that have plagued the binary options industry. But soon afterwards, he reverts to his scamming best when he says that they are the ‘real deal’, the ‘real gurus’ that should be trusted by traders. We also did a research on Jimmy, and unsurprisingly, Wall Street and his name do not appear anywhere in the same sentence. But we were able to trace and positively identify his face, which was associated with previous binary options scam software that crossed the wires early this year. Not a guru after all, just a cheap, common scammer.


You do not get to see statements or testimonials of the Wall Street Focus Group till you request access to join them. This of course means providing your name, email address and phone number. We did all that because we wanted to dig further. David goes to meet a few members of the Wall Street Focus Group who, in every sense, are just paid actors. All of them claim to earn monthly average profits of $15000 to $75000, while also saying that they had entirely no experience in trading. After that, we have written testimonials that are flashed out in the second video, and they are just pure fabrications. The scammers simply pull out photos from the internet and then post fake testimonials on their site.

How the Software Works  

This is where this methodically planned scam fails. Jimmy only mentions that after the first Cobra5 prototype was released, they improved the algorithms to enable the software trade with higher accuracy. This is the only mention of algorithms. There is no explanation of how the software actually generates its signals or the parameters that are coded. So basically, the Wall Street Focus Group scammers expect you to invest in something you do not know or understand. Maybe, there may even be no software at all- just a scam.


The Wall Street Focus Group and the Cobra5 trading software make an effort to appear authentic, but this review has uncovered their lies, fake claims and the outright scam that they are. Their main aim is to seduce you into depositing money into your trading account, then claim that they are giving you the free software, which will generate losing trades, and eventually your trading capital will be blown. If your hard-earned money means anything to you, keep away from this Wall Street focus Group scam totally.

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