Review – Is it a Mining Platform Or A Hyip Scam?

Before you get started with yet another Bitcoin mining scam, you absolutely must read our Review. This site claims to be a legitimate Bitcoin mining site that allows you to purchase Ghs in exchange for a profit share. But is it as straightforward as it sounds?

If you are already working with this program, we need to hear from you! Email us today to share your experience with us. We are currently accepting feedback from this site and we’ll update our review accordingly. For now, we have reached some pretty damning conclusions that you can read below.

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers and ROI (return on investment) ranging between 2.25% and 5%. Some of you reading this might wonder why we have chosen to refer to Vixice scam as a “HYIP”. The site claims to be a Bitcoin mining site that allows you to purchase Ghs in exchange for a percentage of earning.

However, things aren’t always as they seem! We do NOT believe they are a legitimate mining service. scam is actually nothing more than a typical HYIP scam disguised as a legitimate business in order to trip you into investing. How do we know?

Let’s examine the details.

The Facts

Before joining any HYIP or mining program, you should always be aware of who owns and operates it, as well as the physical location. We opened an investigation into the private details of this scam and what we found was rather alarming.

1. Who owns and operates Vix Ice scam?

The owner (admin) of this site is not known. Whomever he is, he has chosen to conceal his identity. This presents a huge problem because we can’t research his credentials if we don’t know who he is.

That brings us to the crux of the problem. There is only one good reason for a successful website owner to hide his name. He doesn’t want anyone to know who he is, which obviously means he has something to hide. Don’t trust anyone who won’t tell you their name!

2. Is VixIce scam a true BTC mining plan?

No. We do not have any information to lead us to believe that the scam is anything other than a HYIP scam. Why? There is no proof of any real mining going on. A legitimate mining site will be able to show you their physical location where they mine from. VixIce scam has not done this.

There is NO proof of any mining facilities. Furthermore, with the price of Bitcoin constantly fluctuating, a real mining site would alternate their percentages depending on how much the price of BTC is at any current day.

3. Is regulated?

No. Because is not regulated, we can not expect any help if they lose all our money and run. We have good reason to believe that they will fall, just like hundreds of other fake mining sites have done in the past. There just aren’t enough good reasons to trust a nameless site with your money. You will end up another victim.

4. Where is the Vixice located?

The location of Vixice is also hidden but it’s safe to assume they are operating out of Asia by the lettering on their site. This is not a sign of a scam, but the point is that a real mining site would be able to give a verifiable address for their mining facility.

Once again, this site is nothing but a scam that is propped up to look like a mining site. Don’t trust it!

Ponzi Scheme or Mining?

We have already established that is not a real mining program. So what is it? is a Ponzi scheme that uses new money from investors to pay older investors. This is essentially a mode of recycling money. They also keep a large portion for themselves which increases daily. When they are satisfied with their profit, they will take their money and close the site.

Once the site is shut down, you’ll never see your money again and all your emails will go unanswered. If you used Bitcoin to fund your account, it’s a loss. You’ll never see it again. But don’t despair, there are always other ways to reclaim your money!

Let’s Make Money!

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Is a Scam?

All of the evidence points to the fact that is a scam that needs to be shut down sooner rather than later. Each day they remain open, they continue to lie and cheat and steal their way to wealth. They best way YOU can get active and help us stop them is by sharing this post on social media and spreading the word.

The truth isn’t always what people want to hear, but sometimes it needs to be said. If you need investment advice or help researching a site, please send us a message and we’d love to talk with you!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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