Virtnext is a SCAM Must READ

Virtnext is a SCAM

We wanted to post a quick update to our Virtnext scam review. We’ve been getting quite a lot of messages concerning this Virtnext software as it has generated a largely positive response from multiple review sites online. So far, we are the only review site that is bringing to light the many lies of Virtnext. In a few weeks we are sure there will be many more.

Virtnext will be one of the more successful scams as they have been backed by a largely popular scam review site. The commission sales for this scam range between $250 and $500 per person. There is a massive amount of money to be made off of Virtnext for those that choose to market it. We were contacted by a few of the sites that are giving it positive reviews. They asked us to take our review down OR change our review and affiliate our website with Virtnext. We declined. When we asked them to defend Virtnext against our review they could not do so.

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that Virtnext is a scam. You can check out our review here. To remind our readers, both the CEO and the news articles on the Virtnext website are 100% fake. The fundamental case behind Virtnext is a scam and therefore we see no good reason to believe any of the positive reviews that fail to even address these issues. We challenge any of our readers to post on these other review sites and ask them to answer the charges we have brought up in our review.

We have noticed a trend occurring in the review sites that are positively reviewing Virtnext. Most of them are working together to black list or support software systems. We were asked to join up with them but have decided not to. For those of you that don’t understand how this market works, as affiliate marketers, review sites have the option of making money off of scams OR blacklisting them. We refuse to work with or make money off of any scam.

Please comment below if you have any questions or issues about the Virtnext software.

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  • Gerry Schmidt

    I think Mike F Kieth Louis and a few others on YouTube are all in on this scam i tried all those things they don’t work for me vertnext-dowjones-XTPApp-cashcamp all the same scam

    • Hello Gerry Schmidt we are sorry to hear that you have lost your money falling into these scams. We don’t like to attack “specific people/blogs” by their name, our job is to show the truth of the scams that are being launched in the market. We don’t care for who’s blogs or people are marketing it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We are working on a review for a legit service that we’ll be posting about soon! In the meantime, check out our revenue sharing program reviews. They are great ways to make some extra money.

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  • Daniel G.

    This scam was very easy to identify. Also like golddigger(the german notariat had a phone number in hungary!)
    Don’t trust all people which were promoting these both scams! They are all professional enough to identify this scams.
    If I can, they can 100%
    We should built here a great comunity and fight together against them with 100% transparency!
    I’m sure we will find together very good long term solutions to improve our income in an secure way.

  • , Shamy Dutt

    Of all brokers, Vertnext selects an unregulated scam broker with 100s of

    complaints against it for outright cheating and withholding funds. Please

    check Scam websites or google for more info on “GTOptions”

    My first five trades by vertnext were,2 wins and 3 losses.

    Until today – more than 2 months since I joined up with them, GTOptions

    (on the 26th, November,2015). have yet to verify my status to comply with the

    “Anti Money Laundering Act” . By allowing Vertnext to place bets using my unvarified

    funds, GTOptions has flouted key provisions of the AML Act.

    My lawyer has advised that I bring this to the attention of the FCA-UK for further action.

    GTOptions has also ignored all my emails asking for a refund of my deposit.

    • Hi Shamy – We’ve seen quite mixed reviews about GT online. We don’t affiliate them and have not officially reviewed them, so your experience is quite helpful to hear for our own future reference. They sound pretty shady! And VirtNext is also shady for taking trades on an unverified account! What a mess. Have you spoken to them on the phone as well? How much money did you lose and did you shut off the Virtnext trader or is it still trading on your account?