Vena System Review, An Actor Scam Exposed

You are reading our Vena System review which exposes and destroys the malignant and viral scam designed to steal your money. The clever scam artists behind this binary options auto trader have openly admitted in their disclaimer that everyone on their website is fake. Most people will not read this! Don’t be one of them!

Vena System Review

Below you find a complete investigation that will explain to you how Vena System operates and how they have targeted you as the next victim in their scam ring. They are directly linked to GTOptions (a scam broker). If you have already tested this offer out, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money.

Please tells us your experience so we can help others! Let’s get started! Please avoid the Lexington Code Scam which is being supported by all scam review blogs!

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Vena System Scam

Marc Vena: Online Mentor or Online Scammer?

The Vena System stands out from many other binary options scams we have exposed for one simple reason. Creator and CEO of this new binary options dream machine is a man named Marc Vena. We first see him walking up to us from a piazza in what appears to be Italy or Spain. He looks wealthy, successful, handsome, intelligent, and most of all… trustworthy.

Unlike most other online scam artists, Marc Vena doesn’t look like one. He seems like the guy you’d want to be friends with in real life. A real down to earth, naturally likable man, who just so happens to be insanely rich and talented.  But wait, that’s not all…

Marc Vena is not just all of the things above, he’s also a charitable and empathetic guy who wants to give back to the world by helping other people get rich. This is when he tells us that he lives his like by three simple rules.

1. Speak to everyone in your life with dignity.

2. Respect must be earned, not given.

3. Surround yourself with people you can trust.

It all sounds like something straight out of the “do unto others” rule book. What is not to like?

Vena System Review

On top of this, Marc Vena tells us the best part. He has helped last year’s beta testers make 1.8 million dollars EACH! Since the creation of Vena System, each new member has made a minimum of $500,000 a month.

So without further discussion, let’s take a look at the claims of Marc Vena and see how they hold up to reality.

Marc Vena Exposed

In this section, we will go through each of Marc Vena’s claims and show the truth.

Fact or False

1. Marc Vena is a successful online mentor that has been working to help people earn money online for several years.

FALSE: Marc Vena does not exist. For those of us that have been trading an earning online for years now, we can all attest to the fact that this man has never been heard of before. This is not due to his humility. This is because he literally does not exist. He has not youtube channel, he has never written a book, he does not have a blog, he does not even have a social media account.

As yourself a simple question… if Marc Vena has no online presence or history online, how can he be a successful online mentor?

Truth: The man you see in the video, standing in the “piazza” is actually an actor. He works for a private acting agency based in the UK and was hired by the creators of this scam. There is a transparent process that scam artists go through when building a binary options scam. They first write a script with a story and names. Then they give is a name and connect with scam brokers who will support them. After these steps are complete, they high a production company to film and produce their video.

The production company responsible for Vena System filming hired this man to impersonate and pretend to be a fictional character named Marc Vena. That is why nobody has ever heard of him. He is not real.

2. Beta testers have made a minimum of 500 thousand dollars a month since starting as shown in the video.

False: No record of the Vena System software generating profits has been recorded by any financial watchdog or trading authority. No profits have been proven or demonstrated. There is a trading account shown in the video, but it is directly linked to a shady and unregulated scam broker, GTOptions.

GTOptions has been linked to numerous financial and trading scams over the past year. Many of the top scams have linked their customer accounts with them in exchange for an affiliate commission payment, such as Sowelstace Financial.

Truth: GTOptions gave the Vena System direct access to an edited and doctored demo account so that they could use it in their video demonstration. Fake profits were added to this account in the scenes with the actors portraying real traders.

3. No actors are used in the Vena System video to lie and deceive.

False: All of the people shown in the video offer are all actors. Please see this statement in the disclaimer as proof.

“Actors have been used to present this opportunity…”

Vena System Scam Actors

Truth: Nobody has actually been shown to make any real money with this “opportunity”. All of the money is from demo accounts provided by the GTOptions scam broker working hand in hand with the actors in the video.

Real User Reviews

Shortly after the official release of this binary options auto trading software, we received several emails from our readers. Some people were saying that they had attempted to sign up but couldn’t because the software did not accept their country. Others were able to complete the registration and spent several hours watching their account go from $250 to $0. When they contacted the customer support they were informed that this was a risk of the software that was outlined in the user agreement they clicked “accept” to.

If this happened to you, please let us know. We do have a few options to attempt the scam broker to allow you to have your money back. However, as much as we want to help everyone, it depends on the broker and whether you accepted their risk disclaimer before clicking yes. Both the broker and the Vena System software have detailed warnings and even admit that the people in the video are actors and the story is fake. Most people never read this, but it is your responsibility has a trader to be aware.

Is Vena System a Scam?

It is clear from our investigation above that Vena System is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. If you want to work with a regulated and honest broker, we suggest you read our review of Social Trading with Tradeo. They are legitimate and honest and do not use fake videos and actors.

If trading carries too much risk for you, we recommend My Paying Ads, which is a rev share company that allows you to earn safely while simply surfing 10 ads each day. We have written a very clear explanation of how this works in the link above! Please message us if you have questions or need advice! In the meantime please follow our simple rules for protecting yourself online!

1. Never invest more than you can safely afford to lose! All earning programs have risks!

2. Do not share your financial information with a stranger online. If the site is not regulated and doesn’t have a transparent and real owner, do not use it!

3. Always use a bank account to fund that allows you to open a dispute if you are scammed!

4. Use a secure internet connection and do not click on links from unknown sources. Never install or download anything that you do not know the origin of. This is how spyware and viruses are installed that steal your financial information.

Happy earning and take care!

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  • Sharon Sanchez

    I have been newly scammed by vena system.It is so hurting i invested my hard earned money with them.Yes,it is true that Marc Vena seem to be a respected man yet otherwise is true to him.So,disgusting!How can i get my money back?Can you help me?Please help me.
    Thank you and Godbless!