USI Tech Review – 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Scared Of USI Scam

Freeze whatever you are doing and read our investigative USI Tech Review before you lose any of your hard earned money! Our report will destroy everything you thought you knew about this HYIP (Ponzi scam)! You have probably heard a lot of good things about the USI Tech forex trading program, which means their marketing department is working overtime to spread their lies!

Jump into any social media website and you are bound to see people raving about what an amazing company USI Tech scam is. Most of these people are spreading their referral link around in the hopes of collecting as many new investors as possible to reap their commissions. USI Tech HYIP scam is currently offering the highest commissions of any HYIP we’ve seen, totaling 35%!

This will make most HYIP affiliates leap for joy, which is why you have seen such a dramatic increase in people spreading their link and talking about how awesome USI Tech scam is. Remember, these people are trying to make money by getting you to join! If they were making money through the program alone, they wouldn’t need your commissions!

If you are currently a member, please post your experience in the comments below so everyone who comes to this page can read for themselves. We do NOT allow you to post any referral links, so don’t bother using our site to fish for your own commissions. We want honest reviews only that are not based on what money you can earn by lying. So! If you are honest, feel free to post in order to spread the truth about USI Tech scam!

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Official Website:

Other alternative websites used by USI Tech Limited to attract naive investors

USI Tech Review

USI Tech Review

USI Tech is an HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI of about 1% daily for 140 days, equally a total ROI of about 140%. The company claims to be based in Dubai and specialize in trading on the cryptocurrency market with their automated trading bot that they invented.

Despite the fancy website and heavy-handed brand marketing schemes, USI Tech is a FAKE company with NO real legal business registration! The entire company and brand of USI Tech were invented out of thin air complete with stolen license numbers and a fake PO Box address! Let’s go step by step through this information to see how the creator of USI Tech scam created a fake company out of lies and attempted to make it look legal!

Below you will find the top three reasons why you should be SCARED to invest in USI Tech HYIP!

USI Tech Scam Using Fake Business Details!

USI Tech HYIP has multiple websites. We listed them above. The interesting fact we noticed is that they have two separate addresses listed on two different websites. Both of these addresses have issues with them, so let’s take a look!

USI Tech scam shows on their official website the following information:

Address: P.O. Box 122036, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Business Registration: ICC20160282

This information is NOT valid. When we researched this information we were able to link it directly to another Dubai business by the name of Rakicc, a Middle Eastern investment consulting group. The website link is:

The very fact that USI Tech has chosen to steal another companies address and business registration number is incredibly alarming! From the outset, it is clear that the creators of this scam are not interested in promoting a transparent company with legal roots. They have gone the route of scam artists by stealing and hiding their real information behind a legitimate business.

There is NO reason why USI Tech would lie about their personal information unless they have something to hide.

Furthermore, there is a customer support phone number to call in order to talk to a real person. We have been calling this phone number for several weeks now, all at different times of their open hours. We have never spoken to a real person. This phone number is a phishing number set up to collect your messages without actually replying to any of them. It’s quite an elaborate scam technique, which makes the USI Tech scam all the more dangerous.

Verdict: When you lose your money with this scam or experience any interruptions to your account, you won’t be able to talk to a real person in order to help you. If you want to contact them through their mailing address, your mail will be sent to Rakicc, which is not affiliated with USI Tech scam.

USI Tech HYIP also lists the following address on one of their other sites:

Alternative Address: P.O Box 65736
708, Fairmont Hotel Sheikh Zayed Rd.
Dubai UAE ( USITech Group)

We investigated this address and found that 708, Fairmont Hotel is the location of a virtual office provided by First Business Center. Anyone can purchase a virtual office service from First Business Center ( complete with a registration number, phone number, and office location. This office is virtual, which means that technically it has no physical location.

First Business Center offers a Dubai registration process, which is where USI Tech Group chose to locate themselves. It is important to note that none of the men associated with this scam live or work in Dubai.

We also attempted to search for the USI Tech scam registration license number in the following references:

Dubai Registrar of Companies (

Dubai Chamber (

UAE Index (

We couldn’t find anything about USI Tech at all! It’s as if they don’t exist!

Warning: USI Tech has stated in several locations that they have been operating for two years. This is false. Their website was registered online in July 2017, which is 6 months ago.

USI Tech Creator Known HYIP Scammer!

USI Tech Scam by Ralf Gold


There are several men who appear to have joined forces to promote the USI Tech scam. One of them goes by the name of Ralf Gold, which sounds pretty fake to us. This man has been associated with multiple other failed HYIP and Ponzi scams in the past but has somehow always managed to elude capture. We doubt he is in Dubai.

Another man, Mike Keifer, also appears in some of the promotional materials we were able to locate on Youtube. This man is unheard of and has no public history that we could find. There have been other men claiming to be co-founders as well, but we weren’t able to confirm any of these identities either.

Verdict: Trusting a known scam artist with your money in the hopes that this is the time he finally redeems himself is pretty foolish.

USI Tech Trading Robot and the Secret Algorithm

Let’s get straight to the next glaring red flag! The site claims that they are using a highly complex trading robot that has a secret algorithm. They want YOU to believe that this trading robot is the reason for their high returns on forex and cryptocurrency trading markets. Let’s examine the facts!

1. Where are the trading reports?

A legitimate trading group with as much success as USI Tech Group scam claims to have would be able to show you a detailed trading history and a summary of their quarterly gains and losses. Nobody can win all their trades, so we should see a transparent copy of their results.

We found a source online that claims USI Tech is prevented from sharing trading reports out due to a privacy issue. This is 100% bogus. Trading reports aren’t private!

2. Which regulated brokers work with USI Tech trading scam?

Zero! Let’s make this very clear. USI Tech is NOT working with any regulated trading brokers. We asked around with our favorite forex brokers and were quickly told that nobody in the cryptocurrency industry has ever heard of USI Tech or Ralf Gold. This is pretty damning evidence even if none of the above discrepancies existed.

There is NO evidence to suggest that USI Tech HYIP scam is trading at all. So where does their money come from?

USI Tech Ponzi Scam

As is to be expected from their owner’s, Ralf Gold’s, spicy financial past, USI Tech is a Ponzi scheme that uses the money from new investors to pay the withdrawal request from older members. This can only last as long as new investors keep putting new money in and Ralf Gold decides to stay honest.

At any moment the site will close and the owner will claim that their trading bot failed or that they were hacked. They will make up any stupid excuse to explain why your money is gone.

GONE is the key word here. When you deposit your Bitcoin into this site, you will never be able to reclaim it when USI Tech stops paying. The money will be gone forever. Don’t bother traveling to Dubai to attempt to get it back, as their addresses listed are not real.

USI Tech is Paying!

After reading through this review you will probably be surprised by this fact. It is true, USI Tech is currently paying. However, that could change at any moment in time. The risk is too high to join, and we don’t recommend investing with this unregulated lying website.

The internet is full of happy investors who want you to believe that USI Tech will change your life. Don’t count on it. This site will end up scamming thousands of investors and those people will have their lives changed in quite a negative way.

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Is USI Tech a Scam?

Our verdict is clear. USI Tech is a scam. They are paying for now in order to increase their popularity online and attract new investors. This will NOT last. You risk becoming one of the victims if you chose to invest, however, the choice remains yours. Let us know in the comments section!

If you need investment advice or help to investigate a website, please send us a message. That’s what we are here for!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Sami Dagher

    Thank you very much for this review. But I just knew that USI Tech office in London is well known and many ppl visiting it, so what do you this about that? Why hiding Dubai office while revealing other branches? And I knew that they work in mining as well… Can you please see this video and maybe you advise us here? Because it’s very confusing about USI Tech :

    Proof of USI Tech Mining

    Many thanks!


    • Hello Sami. Thank you for your comment. Well, I tried to find them on all other Ethereum explorer websites such as and, I could not find them at all. However, I would not be surprised if they don’t have an actual mining hardware though. They already took millions of dollars from investors from other scams and now they are investing it in Ethereum, that’s just my guess. As for the London branch, could you give me that address so I can check it out?