Unity Reserve Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

Welcome to our complete Unity Reserve Review! This brand new Bitcoin HYIP was just released two months ago and is quickly going viral. You probably found our article because you want to know if Unity-Reserve.com is paying or not? We have the information you are looking for!

If you are currently investing with Unity-Reserve HYIP, please contact us and let us know what your experience has been! We have already collected quite a bit of information about this site, but we are always looking for more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how you are doing!

For those of you have have been a victim of any investment scam, please contact us and let us know which site has failed to pay you. We can offer you advice on how to reclaim your money!

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Official Website: https://www.unity-reserve.com/

Unity Reserve Review

Unity Reserve Review

Unity Reserve scam was released two months ago. They are a very straight forward site that offers one investment play and one currency. UnityReserve scam only accepts Bitcoin and in exchange for your deposit, they claim they will give you a total of 160% ROI (return on investment). This amount is paid to you daily until you have reaches your maximum earning of 160%.

After your earnings have capped out, you would need to open a new investment in order to continue earning. They do not give a time frame that this earning will be fully completed.

The real question you should be asking is: how does Unity-Reserve.com operate and will they pay you?

Let’s examine the facts of this site and expose the reality.

The Facts

Before investing with any site, we have a checklist of information you should be looking for. Below is a small list that will get you started in the right direction.

1. Who owns and manages Unity-Reserve.com scam?

The website registration is anonymous and the site itself does not offer the name of the identity of the man who operates this site. This is a HUGE red flag. There is only one valid reason for concealing your identity on the internet. Only a scam artist would be afraid of anyone finding out who he is.

Do NOT trust any site that does not be upfront and transparent with you about their admin. It is very likely that the admin for this site is a full time scam artist that is operating multiple scam sites and taking profits from all of them.

2. How does Unity Reserve pay withdrawals?

Before we get into whether Unity-Reserve.com is paying or not, we must first discuss how they claim to be earning money. The website makes it clear that they have a very skilled team that invests in the very lucrative cryptocurrency trading market. In fact, they only accept Bitcoin as their main payment processor on the site.

There are several problems with this claim. Firstly, a real cryptocurrency site would be able to show you detailed reports of their earnings in the last months, gains and losses. Secondly, they are NOT regulated or verified by any group (more on this below).

Because there is NO proof that Unity Reserve invests in cryptocurrency trading, we believe that they are a Ponzi scheme. This means that they pay older members their earnings with the money they take from newer members. Ponzi schemes never last and they are not sustainable.

3. Is Unity Reserve regulated and honest?

This is the MOST important question you should be asking before you invest. If a website is NOT regulated, that means there is nobody watching the site to make sure they follow rules. We firmly believe you should NEVER trust any site that does not care to become regulated and/or insured.

It is clear that Unity-Reserve scam is NOT honest. They do not offer any proof that they are paying or trading cryptocurrency. They may have a nice site, but that doesn’t mean they are legit. Even scammers can create nice websites. If you take a look at our BitGarden Review you will see that this scam also features a nice website.

User Reviews: Is Unity Reserve paying?

After speaking to our readers, we have learned that Unity-Reserve.com is paying right now. However, not a single on of our readers has taken the full 160% yet. Please understand, if you are being paid by this website, you are most likely only receiving small portions of your own money back again, without making any profit yet.

Most scams pay small withdrawals to increase trust. Then when people trust them, they deposit much larger amounts and immediately lose that money. Many victims of HYIP scams find that they have their accounts shut down and their access restricted until they deposit more money. This is textbook scam technique.

Other victims are told that they need to redeposit a larger sum of money in order to keep their account active. If you are told this, DO NOT do it. You are being scammed.

Let’s Earn!

As we said above, the single most important part of any investment site is whether or not they are regulated. We are currently only working with ONE site that is paying. Not only is this site paying, but they are also regulated and transparent.

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If you come across any other website that is paying

Is Unity Reserve a Scam?

It didn’t take us very long to realize that Unity Reserve is a scam just like thousands of other HYIP sites before. They offer zero proof that they pay or trade cryptocurrency. They are NOT regulated and have restricted the identity of the admin.

Unity-Reserve.com scam has NO respect for you as an investor. They will fleece you for all you are worth and take whatever money they can get from you. Don’t be fooled by their early paying status, it will change. In a few months, they will be done. Don’t be one of their victims!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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