United Trading Network Review, Unitedtrading.cc Scam Busted!


If you are searching for a legitimate United Trading Network Review, look no further! For those of you that don’t want to read this entire United Trading Network scam review, the short and concise answer is clear.

UnitedTrading.cc is a scam trading software that will drain your account in less than a week.

Below we will expose how this auto trader was made and the scam connection they share between another massive binary options scam.

We are officially issuing a WARNING! Most binary options review blogs are giving United Trading a positive review and claiming it works. Why?

They are working directly with them in a debasing attempt to scam YOU. We will expose how this works below.

If you are reading this after already losing your money (as many have), please send us an email for advice on how you can reclaim your losses! If you lost your money with Nuvo Finance, feel free to email us as well for help!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: http://unitedtrading.cc/lp.php

United Trading Network Review

United Trading Network Review

Before we start, we need to make an announcement.

If you are trying to access this software from individual countries, the link will redirect you to another malicious scam (Agora Financial). We will be releasing our full review on that later this week. These scams are directly connected and produced by the same people. Do NOT trust either of them!

What is United Trading Network?

In a nutshell, United Trading Network scam claims that Professor Anthony Grecko along with a team of students (led by Adam Fletcher) designed a three-pronged trading software that works to eliminate bad trades and only places successful trades.

Many review sites are claiming that this is the most revolutionary piece of trading software to be released due to the “social networking” side of it. They will tell you that United Trading Network is a social trading app that is “like the Facebook of binary options.”

But is this true? Let’s take a closer look

First of all, it is FALSE to compare this trading software with a social network trading site. There is absolutely nothing “social” about this app! Don’t be fooled.

Social trading apps are available from multiple binary options and forex brokers, but NONE of them are connected with this piece of fake garbage app. If you were hoping for a real social trading app, which allows you to speak to other traders and make friends, you came to the wrong place.

Let us repeat that. 

There is NOTHING social about United Trading. They do NOT connect you with other members or let you chat or share trading advice. This is all false advertising.

So what are the facts?

Below we will expose the truth behind all of the lies. Overall we counted close to 6 HUGE fraudulent statements on the website. However, if you thought you could sue them for being purposefully malignant, we have bad news for you.

The most important piece of the United Trading System scam lays in their disclaimer statement. Most of you have probably never bothered to read the fine print of binary options offers. That’s a huge mistake.

Take a look at what we found when we read their statement!

The Disclaimer Lie

What do we learn from this statement? Here are the key points.

United Trading Network Scam Actor

1. All of the people featured in the video are ACTORS. None of them are real.

2. Everything portrayed in the video is fake. The story is NOT real. 

3. The story of the Professor and his team of students is pretend. It is nothing but a story made up to show you how trading software “can” work.

If you scroll through other parts of their disclaimer, they openly admit that you will most likely lose your trading balance.

There is nothing more to say about this, except for three simple words…

Fake Fake Fake!

So what’s the deal? How is this legal? 

The creator of United Trading System created a fake story and hired actors to portray it. ALL of the other review blogs who claim this is legitimate are lying to you. They know it’s a fraud. They are participating in the scam by taking money from the brokers.

These devious liars are refusing to point you to the disclaimer because they want your money. The truth of this scam is right in front of your eyes! Please don’t be fooled!

Scam Connection

We are now going to expose a direct link between this scam and another viral scam from last year. Some of you might remember Millionaires Blueprint features “Mr. Green”. If you click on the link above, you can plainly see that these two binary options scams are using the SAME actor to portray different fake people. 

What does this mean exactly?

This is important because it means that whoever made millions of dollars off of Millionaires Blueprint scam is once again trying to scam with United Trading scam. It can’t be more obvious. They are created, owned, and operated by the same people.

In our past reviews, we have discussed the direct link between many unregulated brokers and scam auto traders. Unregulated brokers provide demo accounts to the scam artists to show fake trading results. This scam is especially effective because it shows “proof that United Trader System works”. In reality, it’s nothing but a doctored video from the broker.

The brokers make millions of dollars off of new day traders. Not only do they steal their initial $250 deposit, but they then let lose their skeevy account managers onto the traders as well. These account managers will call you and email you until you give them more of your money (which they will lose as well).

The only safe way to protect yourself from this nasty people is by ignoring them. Don’t click on their emails, don’t answer their calls, and don’t fall for their lies.

User Reviews

This software has only been available to the public for a little under a week and already people have lost their money. But the real truth of the matter is that nobody has actually made a single cent. Some have been lucky enough to close the trading down before their entire account was gone, but most were not so lucky.

Remember. Do not trust the reviews on the website. The disclaimer admits that these people are all actors paid to lie.

Let’s go over the facts.

1. All review blogs that support this garbage with their fake doctored demo account videos are lying to you for affiliation sales.

2. The disclaimer on the site admits that Professor Anthony Grecko is an actor and a fake persona.

3. Our blog has exposed the direct connection between the actor from Millionaires Blueprint and UTL – they are the same person.

4. NO credible proof has been given that this software works. 

We have no proof that this fake software will make you any money. All we are left with is the word of liars and fraudsters.

Making Legitimate Trading Work?

It’s no joke. Trading online is NOT easy. It’s never going to be as simple as letting a robot win trades for you. If you want easy money, you need to realize that you will probably get scammed. Scam artists look for people like you to make their own easy money from. 

If they can convince you to deposit your money into their fake trading system, they get rich and you get poor. That’s how it works. Someone will lose in this “get rich quick scheme”. Don’t let it be YOU!

We have compiled a very short list of programs we support. We only support them for a few reasons. They are all legitimate. They all pay withdrawals, and they will NOT scam you. Is there still a risk? Yes! There is always a risk with any money making program. 

Please never invest more than you can afford to safely lose.

1. Tradeo Review – A regulated forex broker that offers automatic trading (hands-free). Minimum deposit is $250. Don’t mess around! Make sure you get the best settings and best traders to copy by emailing us after signing up!

2. My Paying Ads – We have a BIG crush on this amazing program. It has been running for two years now, and we have made quite a bit of money with it. They have a Facebook group with eighty-three thousand members and have never failed to pay us!

3. My Paying Crypto Ads – Want to use bitcoin to earn? This is the program you need to join! It has all the same benefits as My Paying Ads but only deals in BTC!

Is United Trading Network a Scam?

Without a doubt and without hesitation we can affirm that United Trading Network is a scam. Save your money for something that works and don’t get discouraged. 

Never give your financial information to websites that lie to you. They will not care when you lose and they won’t be around to answer your emails.

If you need help with anything related to earning online, please send us a message to our email [email protected]! Stay safe out there and as always.

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