Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam Review

Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam Review. We had some time recently to investigate an older scam that is somehow still causing devastation in the binary options market. Very rarely do we see such a terrible scam remain popular for very long, but this seems to be an exception to that rule. Ultra Binary Auto Trader is just over a year old yet just as dangerous today as it was when it was first released. Nobody has made any money with this scam, the owner is a fraud, and thousands of people have lost their money by placing their trust in the “secret trading formula” that Ultra Binary Auto Trader claims to have.

We took an in depth look into this shady scam and what you read below is the result of that investigation. Please do not invest with this auto trading robot. If you have any questions about any auto trading service, please send us a quick message and we will give you our thoughts on it. This industry is crammed full of scams so it is ever essential to do your homework before placing money with any service.

Official Website: http://ultrabinarytrader.com/

Ultra Binary Auto Trader






DESCRIPTION: We had some time recently to investigate an older scam that is somehow still causing devastation in the binary options market. Very rarely do we see such a terrible scam remain popular for very long…

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Jacob Adams is the CEO and creator of Ultra Binary Auto Trader.

Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam

Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam

Jacob Adams is not the CEO of anything, in fact he doesn’t even exist. The picture of Jacob Adams that flashes across the screen at the start of the promotional video is actually a shutterstock image of a model on a boat. It is certainly not a CEO of a binary options auto trading company. The voice on the video is simply a voice over actor that was hired to read a script. It’s all very simple yet the fact that the entire video and website makes it a strong point to lie redundantly about it is very upsetting. If they are lying about something as simple as their name and face, how can they be trusted to tell the truth about anything else.

Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam

Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam

The lie continues later on in the video when “Jacob Adams” the fake, goes on to say that himself and three of his friends started this auto trader from scratch. He doesn’t even bother sharing their names or faces with us because he can’t. They don’t exist. This business is not registered with any real organization. In reality the Ultra Binary Auto Trader doesn’t really exist. It’s not regulated, doesn’t work with regulated brokers, and if they pay their taxes, we’d be shocked. Nothing about “Jacob Adams” or his auto trader is real. It reminds us of a previous scam, READ HERE.

Free Trading with Ultra Binary Auto Trader Scam

The cheap voice over actor pretending to be “Jacob Adams” tells us that his system is “free trading” implying that the Ultra Binary Auto Trader scam is free. What exactly does this mean? Essentially the auto trading robot itself is free to download. This is true. However, in order to actually use the auto trader, you must deposit at least $250 into an unregulated broker that they will chose for you. This broker will then harass you incessantly to put more money into your account. This is not a fun chain of events. Trading is never free, ever. “Free trading” doesn’t exist unless it is demo account trading, which isn’t real trading. There is no demo account available with Ultra Binary Auto Trader. So while it sounds nice to say that it is free, it’s not simply not free. Most scam services claim to be free, like THIS ONE.

Working on the secret winning formula for years!

So what exactly is the secret winning formula? It’s not so secret after all. The voice actor tells us that himself and his friends spent several years creating a top secret formula that has and incredibly high win rate. This is an easy claim to make, especially when they purposefully choose not to offer even one shred of proof to back up their claim. All scam softwares say the same thing. They all have a secret strategy or a secret loophole that makes everyone win on the market. None of them attempt to prove it and none of them can because they don’t have it.

Binary Options trading doesn’t have any secret methods. A simple google search can clear that up. There are scores of popular trading methods and these auto trading softwares simply take one of them, call it secret, and then use it to place “secret” trades. Don’t be fooled with the shrouded secrecy. Just like the fake CEO, there is no secret here to uncover. The entire story is fake and your money will be traded away until your balance is zero, just like THIS SCAM!

This free offer won’t last long!

Manipulation tactic 101 is to convince the viewer (you) that if you don’t sign up immediately you might miss out on this free offer. We can safely say that this offer isn’t going anywhere fast. The website has been up for over a year now and hasn’t changed, which means this free offer is here to stay. Likewise, the Ultra Binary Auto Trader has had over a year to post some real results about their success, but they have chosen not to. Unlike legitimate trading services, like THIS ONE, there are no real results to be found here. Nothing screams “scam” louder than an empty rap sheet of success. The reason their auto trader is still free is because not only does it not work, but they can’t prove otherwise with any real trading data or proof.

Discovering a Legitimate Trading Service

On our quest to learn the market and make money trading online, we tried countless auto trading robots. In fact, we lost more money then we made those first years. However, we eventually discovered a few solid systems that we truly believe in. One of those is Social Trading with Tradeo, a regulated and transparent Forex trading platform. Please check out our review HERE. If you have any questions about Tradeo or any other service, please send us a message!

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