Two Percent Daily Club Review – Is Scam HYIP?

Hi! Welcome to our review of Two Percent Daily Club.

Included in this review is an explanation of precisely how operates as well as the result of our thorough investigation.

You will absolutely want to read this BEFORE investing a single cent with this dubious company.

We have been exposing similar scams ALL week and this HYIP is the next one on our hit list.

Rest assured, we don’t hold back when going after HYIP’s such as these. They are dangerous and viral and must be stopped.

Think twice before believing everything you see on  their fancy website, they are hiding the truth and not all is as it seems.

Official Website:

Type of Scam: Investment HYIP Scam

Verdict: FAIL


What is

You might have found an email from the Two Percent Daily Club in your inbox and gotten your hopes up!

From the look of their website, they are a legitimate investment opportunity that promises to give you a 2% earning each trading day! claims to take your money and invest it in forex and binary options, in order to churn out a minimum of 2% daily, which you can withdraw or reinvest.

Although they don’t use the phrase, HYIP, that is exactly what they are.

Is Two Percent Daily a HYIP?

Absolutely yes!

A High Yield Investment Program or HYIP is a notorious scam and illegal in most financial settings.

When you invest your money with this scam, they will take it and supposedly use it to trade in forex and binary options.

The profit they make is then returned to you at a minimum of 2% a day.

This is all a fabrication.

1. They will most likely never even invest your money at all.

2. The money they might pay is not coming from trading, but rather from the investments of those that sign up after you.

Proof that is Paying?



There is no proof given on the website or otherwise that shows this HYIP is actually paying withdrawals.

In fact, the truth is quite the opposite.

We have received 7 emails from our readers that signed up and have not gotten anything back yet.

They are typically told from the Two Percent Daily Club that there is a delay in withdrawals and that they should reinvest their earnings to grow their account more.

This is a sure sign that they are scamming!

Every HYIP we have ever reviewed will encourage its members to reinvest their earnings without taking a withdrawal.

They claim this will speed up the growth of their account.

In reality, the earnings do not exist, and the owner is simply pocketing all the money into his own pocket and waiting for the perfect time to close down the company.

If you notice on the website, it clearly states that “your earnings are GUARANTEED daily for each trading day for the life of the program”.

Firstly, there are NEVER any guarantees in investment programs.

Anyone who claims you are guaranteed a payment is already lying to you.

Secondly, he has given himself an excuse not to pay you by saying “for the life of the program”.

When he has collected enough money to pad his own pocket, he will simply close the program down and his website will go offline.

Is Two Percent Daily a Scam?

After digging through their website we have discovered the following red flags.

1. NO proof of withdrawals. There is a list of “recent payouts” but no way to verify it. This is easily fake.

2. False promise of a “guaranteed earning”. Only a scam artist will guarantee you an earning in investment programs.

3. Fake Facebook icon. Included on the website is a clickable Facebook icon that supposedly takes you to their facebook page for proof. This is not a working button. It simply redirects you to the website itself.

4. Customer complaints of holding their money and no withdrawals. We have received daily complaints about this company and they keep coming.

If you value your money, you will stay far away from this scam.

Can I Invest Safely Online Through Trading?

There are few ways to trade safely online.

It is of utmost importance that you chose a regulated broker to trade with.

Our recommendation for online trading is Tradeo. Check it out!

Please message us with any questions and experiences.

If you have lost your money due to a scam, please message us for tips on how to reclaim your money.