Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review

**** We are officially declaring Turbo Ad Cash as a SCAM! They have stopped paying their members. Do not join!****

Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review. In this review we dig into what ad revenue share programs are and whether Turbo Ad Cash is a scam or legit!

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DESCRIPTION: Turbo Ad Cash is brand new ad revenue sharing program. It is the latest in a recent trend of typical companies that seem to be launching right and left…

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Ad Revenue Sharing
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1 to 3
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10 – 20 ads


What is Ad Revenue Sharing?

Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review

Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review, Is Turbo Ad Cash Scam?

Turbo Ad Cash is brand new ad revenue sharing program. It is the latest in a recent trend of typical companies that seem to be launching right and left. We believe this company will be short lived as its business plan is not sustainable long term. In this review we’ll explain why, and also how you might be able to still join up and make a quick profit, if you don’t mind taking a risk! Let’s take a look at what Turbo Ad Cash is all about and examine the facts! This review will be a little lengthy and if learning about an ad revenue sharing program is too much of a hassle for you, we suggest you move on. This review is for our readers that love information and education.

Turbo Ad Cash is an ad revenue sharing advertising platform. You buy ad packs which build up to give you advertising space on the Turbo Ad Cash website. You then use this advertising space to advertise for your business. You might be thinking, “Okay, so what’s the big deal? Why all the attention?” Well, the attraction and recent popularity of these types of programs goes way beyond their advertising services. The real appeal in these programs is there “ad revenue sharing”. Each time you buy an ad pack, you start earning a percentage of that ad pack’s value back until you have maxed out. After your ad pack maxes it, it no longer earns, and you will need to repurchase it if you want to keep earning.

So where does the money come from, you ask? The money comes from the sales of the ad packs. Essentially this means that you are earning money when other members buy new ad packs. This is almost identical to a Pyramid Scheme, which is super shady and dangerous. So what separates ad share revenue programs from pyramid schemes? Not much. There is only one small difference. When you buy an ad pack you are purchasing a service. Whether you chose to use that service or not, is entirely up to you. However, if you fail to earn money from the ad revenue, you can’t turn around and blame the company because you purchased a service, and it was delivered to you. The ad revenue is a perky little bonus.

What are the risks with Ad Revenue Sharing?

It goes without saying that 99% of people that sign up for ad revenue share sites are doing so to earn money. They believe that the money they are “investing” will multiple and give them a passive income. The problem with this is two fold. First off, there is no investment. Take the word “investment” out of your vocabulary and throw it out the window. You are NOT investing. You are buying a service. Secondly, people believe their earnings are guaranteed. This is also a huge mistake. There is absolutely no guarantee of earning a single cent. So why are these companies so popular if there are actually no guarantees? To answer that question is pretty simply, because they work.

They work, that is to say, most of the time, and for a period of time. Let’s break that down! Ad share revenue sites do work, and they do deliver the profits to their members, until they stop working. Yes. Until they stop working. Rule number one to remember is that NO ad revenue sharing program will last forever. It’s impossible. The earnings only come to members when new members buy ad packs. When the company ceases to be popular, they will lose sales, and eventually have no money left to pay their customers. But remember, when this happens, you were never guaranteed this money anyways! Each ad pack you bought was a service you paid for. Period. So keep your complaints for the real scams, because these aren’t one of them.

How do you pick an ad revenue share program that has the best chance of lasting long term? You can never really know for sure. However, the best bet is to pick a company that has a sustainable business model and a good track record of paying out. That brings us to our examination of Turbo Ad Cash.

Is Turbo Ad Cash a Scam?

Turbo Ad Cash offers a very low cost ad pack of $2.50. After five days this ad pack will mature at 125% earning, which gives you back about $3.12. Just imagine compounding this by purchasing $500 worth of ad packs. You’d earn about $50 profit every 5 days. This is the appeal of these programs. A low cost start up with a high return. Just remember, these companies are not guaranteed and if you happen to join at the tale end of the life of the company, you’ll end up not making any profit at all. As long as you understand this risk, then you could start with a high balance and make a profit if you withdraw right away.

Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review

Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review, Is Turbo Ad Cash Scam?

However, companies like this depend on their customers continuously replacing their ad packs and withdrawing only portions of their profits. This allows the company to last longer. Many people join up with multiple ad revenue share companies and try to earn a quick buck and for many people this works out surprisingly well. We have tried it and still do, and have yet to lose any money. We’ve made several thousand dollars this way. Just keep in mind that when you sign up with a company like this, you assume the risk and count the costs. Never put money into a company that you can’t afford to lose!

Turbo Ad Cash places 100% of your earnings into one central balance, that you are free to withdraw at any time. There are no ads to click, so this program seems  a lot easier than other more popular companies. We here at, binaryscamwatchmonitor, feel that the best way to have a long lasting ad revenue share company is buy having a repurchase balance. This ensures that customers are forced to buy more ad packs, thus extending the life of the company.

Turbo Ad Cash is a great way to make a quick few bucks, but don’t start unless you understand the risks! They are a brand new company and have only been operating for 7 days, so we expect they have a while left to go. The company launched on Feb. 7, 2016. If you want to make money with Turbo Ad Cash, the earlier you join, the better! They have a very active FB group, which you can find by typing their name into the search bar on FB. The members seem happy and the company is paying out! Turbo Ad Cash accepts the following payment processors: Payeer, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and Bitcoin. Proceed with caution and share your stories here!

We also work with My Paying Ads! So be sure to check those out as well! Thank you for reading Turbo Ad Cash Scam Review. Please leave a comment or question!


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  • Marks Reed

    Hello Admin I signed up with FORT Ad Pays and Turbo Ad Cash, I honestly like Turbo Ad Cash better, It’s faster in earning. I earned $51.20 dollar in just 16 hours. But my $500 investment in Port Ad Pays didn’t earn me but $9 through the whole day?? I don’t get it can you help me??? !!

    • Hello Mark, Good point, We are working on a review that will defiantly answer all your questions.

      Stay tuned for Turbo Ad Cash Vs Fort Ad Pays Review.

  • Donna

    These companies can be good. They have a product advertising packs. That is their product. It is on the internet so there is no physical storage of products but there is a product–advertising so they are not scams. The problem with this field is that everyone is closed minded and thinks everything is a scam even when it is not. I am in both Fort Ad Pays and Turbo Ad Cash. There is a risk but there is a risk with everything in life. Where are you going to make $9 a day on $500. Different programs operate differently. Some are free to join, and you wont know which is the best until you take the plunge.