Turbine Xo Review – Andrew Fisher Scam Artist Exposed

Turbine Xo Scam Review

Hi! Welcome to our in-depth review of the newest binary options scam, Turbine Xo by Andrew Fisher. After reading this review you will have no doubt in your mind that this is a scam auto trader that doesn’t deserve a penny of your hard earned money. Before signing up with any binary options system, please read this review and send us questions so we can help direct you to the best trading system for your needs. Turbine Xo is a big scam just like the coinomia Scam and that’s why!

You might be reading this after already losing your money with this malicious scam. If so, please send us an email detailing your experience. We might be able to help you! If you have family or friends that are considering joining this scam, make sure to send them this review and warn them! They’ll thank you later.

Official Website: http://www.turbinexo.com/

Turbine Xo Review

What is Turbine Xo?

Turbine Xo is a binary options auto trader that promises, in fact guarantees, you to make a minimum of $5000 a day. It was released to the public just over two weeks ago and is claiming to have thousands of beta testers. The creator of this new auto trader is a man who claims to be Andrew Fisher. He tells us that Turbine Xo theory is based on “the original Wall Street trading algorithm”.

With a projected accuracy of 94%, this auto trader claims to “never lose a trade”. Is this really the case? Our team took a look into this lofty claim and found that it was completely falsified. Even the disclaimer on the actual website testifies to this!

Turbine Xo Review: Does Turbine Xo Work?

Firstly, we need to make something clear. There is no such thing as “the original Wall Street trading algorithm”. This is frankly a load of BS. Anyone who has studied Wall Street knows this. This charlatan actor knows it as well. He’s just counting on the fact that YOU don’t.

While it may sound fancy and legitimate, there is NO secret Wall Street trading algorithm. If there was, do you really think that Turbine Xo would be the only ones to have it? Of course not. They don’t even bother trying to account for how they got this technology. Apparently, “Andrew Fisher” and his two MacBooks are responsible for bringing this to us? We think not.

Andrew Fisher shows us his own trading accounts loaded up with money. He makes an audacious claim about how his proof has not been tampered with. However, we’d like to bring to your attention the official disclaimer of the Turbine Xo website. Below you will see the statement which contradicts what Fisher has just told us.


Turbine Xo is using a simulated demo account to show trading results. This is NOT REAL. A demo account can have altered and fake results, for the sole purpose of tricking new traders.

Our User Results

The initial testing and results are in. Nobody has been able to make the “guaranteed” 5k a day. Worse yet, nobody has actually made any money at all with Turbine Xo. Most users reported that they had lost their initial $250 within 3 days time. Others reported that while they made an initial profit on the first day, it was lost the following day in a string of losing trades.

Andrew Fisher brags about having great success with beta testers, but we discovered that all of these so-called traders are actors and stolen photos from the internet. None of them are real traders and none of them have profited. Remember, all results that were shown on the website were simulated (fake). There is absolutely NO real proof of winning signals or earnings.

Turbine Xo: Is Andrew Fisher a Scammer?


During the course of our investigation, we determined that Andrew Fisher is an alias for the actor in the video. He sits on his desk behind two MacBooks and attempts to convince us that he’s a millionaire due to his secret Wall Street trading strategy. In reality, he’s a fraud and a liar. He was hired by a shady broker to encourage people to sign up for a trading account. Scam Alert issued for Orion Code Scam!

If you choose to sign up with Turbine Xo you will be forwarded to an unregulated and untrustworthy broker who will promise to take care of your trading account. You’ll probably even be hounded for more money. Don’t fall for it! They are trained to say whatever it takes to convince you to put more and more money in. This money will be traded away and you’ll never see it again.

Turbine Xo Scam: Conclusion and Alternative

After examining all the facts, we can say with certainty that Turbine Xo is a SCAM.

1. No real proof of earnings or winning trades.

2. No Wall Street trading algorithm.

3. Andrew Fisher is a fraud.

4. Users lost all their money.

Avoid Turbine Xo scam at all costs! If you are looking for a genuine, regulated system to invest with, please see our review on Social Trading with Tradeo. For an alternative, also check out My Paying Ads!
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