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Triple Threat Scam Review. Hi and welcome to our comprehensive scam review of Triple Threat. In this review we explain exactly what Triple Threat is, how it operates, and what our personal opinion on it is. This review will cover the history behind Triple Threat as well as a detailed description about how to make the most of your Triple Threat experience. If you have any questions after reading this review, please send us a message and we will answer you. You can also add us on FB and we’ll discuss it with you there as well.

Triple Threat







DESCRIPTION: Triple Threat (sometimes spelled Triple Thr3at) is an ad revenue sharing company with a 3 tier system…

Legit or Scam
Active User Withdrawals
Earnings Type
Ad Revenue Sharing
Min Deposit
US Clients
1 to 3
Ad Pack Min Cost
Tier Earnings
Earnings Limits
Withdrawal Limits
Click Ads Requirement
10 – 20 ads

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**This post is longer than our regular posts. Please read it all and let it sink in. We want you to be informed and we won’t be helping you if we write a short, incomplete post just to hold your attention.***

What is Triple Thr3at? 

Triple Threat (sometimes spelled Triple Thr3at) is an ad revenue sharing company. Some of you are very familiar with ad revenue sharing and have read our previous reviews about it. Some of you are even working with other ad revenue sharing companies. However, we know that some of you reading this are completely unfamiliar with ad revenue sharing. For a detailed explanation of it, please see a new post we recently wrote titled, “What is ad revenue sharing?” by clicking HERE. We recommend that you read this review first, so that you can understand what revenue sharing is all about. Then return to this review.

What makes Triple Threat different from other ad revenue sharing companies?

Triple Threat is one of the more complicated ad revenue sharing companies we’ve worked with. We don’t say this to scare you away, but rather to prepare you to invest a little bit of your own time and brain power with us. We will walk you through everything and answer all your questions. As we said above, if you don’t understand something, please reach out to us and we will help you! Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand it at first, because from our own experience, it needs to really sink in before it makes sense. When we first started investigating it, it seemed rather over whelming, compared to a few other companies we work with. However, after understanding it, we now consider this to be one of our top ad revenue sharing companies.

So buckle down and don’t be afraid of investing some of your brain power into the Triple Threat system. You’ll be glad you did! The owners of Triple Threat have put an enormous amount of work and behind the scenes strategy into designing an ad revenue sharing business that will last a very long time!

The owners are two men, named Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott. They are real and have verifiable identities. They don’t hide behind fake names and fake photos. You can find both of them on Facebook and see their TT3 (Triple Threat) Facebook group. They are incredibly transparent and go the extra mile for their members. You can check them both out on FB and join the group as well for more information and to connect with other members.

How many phases does Triple Threat have?

Triple Threat has 3 phases. Each phase has a different goal and a different pay out. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, members are asked to join the Triple Threat family by paying a $10 subscription fee. This includes you into the program. The $10 fee also includes a Facebook auto poster, digital products and access to purchase advertising services and receive commissions. This fee is a monthly fee and you’ll need to pay it every month in order to stay active. Some people get confused as to why TT3 asks for a $10 subscription fee. The reasoning is that this fee is added into the funds that are being split up among the members. This fee just goes right back to all of us in our earnings.

The great thing about the subscription fee is that every time you refer a new member, half of their subscription fee goes directly to you. If you refer 2 members, your subscription fee has just paid for itself! Members must join Phase 1 and pay their membership fee before moving on to Phase 2 or 3.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is where most of the action takes place. In Phase 2, you begin by purchasing ad packs. These ad packs grant you advertising space, so that you can advertise your online business. The cheapest ad pack starts at $3, so technically you can start Phase 2 with aTire s little as $3. The real reason people purchase ad packs is so that they can start earning. Included in our detailed post about ad revenue sharing, we explained how this works. Read that post here!

Phase 2 has 5 tiers of earning. Below is a screen shEarot of the tiers and how much each ad pack costs. Take note that each tier has a different percentage of earnings. For instance, tier 1 ad packs earn 120% while tier 5 ad packs earn 150%.

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You are permitted to purchase 50 ad packs (daily) in each tier before maxing out. Once you have reached the max of 50 ad packs per tier you can’t purchase anything else in Phase 2. This rule is in place to protect the life of the program and ensure that people are making modest incomes that are sustainable by the system. We really like this.

The maximum amount of money you can make in Phase 2 is $500 a week. You can take one cash out a day, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. The maximum amount you are allowed to cash out per 5 days a week, is $100 a day. This means that the maximum amount of money you can earn in Phase 2 is $500 a week and $2000 for an average month. All of these guidelines are in place to protect the longevity of the program! Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott know exactly how to manage a business, and they have created one of the best business models for an ad revenue sharing company we’ve ever seen.

In Phase 2 your earnings are split between two balances, a cash balance and a repurchase balance. You can use your cash balance to withdraw from OR buy new ad packs. With your repurchase balance you can only  purchase new ad packs. A repurchase balance is necessary for a long term success because it ensures that money will be added back into the system to pay other members.

Below is a screen shot showing what percentage of your earnings are placed in your repurchase balance depending upon which tier you are in. If you have purchased ad packs in multiple tiers, your earnings are split up accordingly.

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Phase 3 
In Phase 3 you can purchase a single ad pack that will send an email to all of the TT3 members. This email is designed by you and specifically markets your online business. Each ad pack in Phase 3 is priced right at $50. You are only permitted to purchase 3 a day. These ad packs also earn a revenue sharing. For each 3 ad packs purchased, this money will be spread out amongst members that are already working in Phase 3. These earnings have no set time and rely totally upon other members buying Phase 3 ad packs.

Most TT3 members choose to stick with Phase 2 only, but if you have a business that needs an email blast, definitely take part in Phase 3!

How much is the minimum to start Triple Threat with?

The minimum purchase is the $10 monthly subscription fee + the cost of at least one ad pack in Phase 2. Of course, you are free to only join Phase 1 and simply refer other members in order to make money. Unless you count on having hundreds of subscribing referrals, you should definitely join Phase 2 as well, because that is where the real money lies.

What is the minimum withdrawal from Triple Threat?

The minimum you can withdraw a day is $10 and the maximum is $100 daily. Triple Threat accepts the following payment processors: Payza, Bitcoin, and STP. We personally use Payza.

What is the best strategy to earn $2000 monthly with Triple Threat?

We recommend starting your account with a minimum of $100-$500. This will give you a good healthy start. You can start with as little as $3 (+ your $10 subscription fee) but it will take you a very long time to work your way up to $2000 a month. Your best bet is to start with as much money as you can comfortably afford. Try to refer a few people, even having a couple of referrals can help your account grow much faster.

Use a 100% repurchase strategy until you have maxed out all 5 levels and have a total of $2,500 active shares. When you reach this level you can safely begin withdrawing $100 daily, which equals out to $2000 a month. How long this will take you, depends on how much money you start with, how many referrals you have (you don’t need any of if you don’t want to), and if you employ the 100% repurchase strategy or not.

Am I required to click ads in order to earn?

Yes, you must click between 10-20 ads a day in order to earn. If you fail to click ads, you’ll notice that you have not earned any money for that day. Simply resume clicking your ads the following day, and your earnings will start back up again. You don’t lose money by not clicking ads, but your earnings will come in slower.

When you log into your account you will simply click on the Surf Ads section, and this will direct you to the ads you must click. Each ad lasts about 10 seconds and you can move on to the next one. This is very simple and takes about 4-5 minutes a day. Not bad for a $2000 monthly paycheck!

Final Thoughts

We love Triple Threat. We support a total of 4 ad revenue sharing programs and TT3 is tied as our first choice along with My Paying Ads. My Paying Ads is due to start back up again in a few weeks, and we are excited about working with both of these great companies at the same time!

Triple Threat is not a scam! Please message us with any questions you might have. We had to ask a lot of questions before we started so please understand that there is no shame in asking! Don’t be afraid of the complexity, it’s worth it!

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