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DESCRIPTION: Trafficmsoon is a share revenue site, members purchase ad packs which enable them to advertise for their business as well as share in the earnings generated through the purchase of those ads…

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Trafficmsoon Scam Review
Trafficmsoon Scam Review 

Notice: This is a review for not Traffic Monsoon. The names are very similar but they are two different share revenue companies. We find it problematic that Trafficmsoon has seemingly attempted to copy the name of the more famous Traffic Monsoon. This seems to us that they are trying to trick people into signing up with them after they have read positive Traffic Monsoon reviews, however we will keep an open mind.

What is Trafficmsoon?

Trafficmsoon is a share revenue site very similar to My Paying Ads, which we reviewed here and Traffic Monsoon, which we reviewed here. Members purchase ad packs which enable them to advertise for their business as well as share in the earnings generated through the purchase of those ads.

How does Trafficmsoon work?

There are four ad pack plans to choose from. Members can decide which plan to start with and buy accordingly. Check out the picture below for a description of each plan and what their percentage of earnings are.

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Is Trafficmsoon an investment and are the earnings guaranteed?

No. This is not an investment program. When you buy ad packs you are buying and advertising service. The earnings you get from these ad packs are completely dependent upon the sales of future ad packs and they are not guaranteed. 

Is a Scam, HYIP, or a Ponzi?

Trafficmsoon is not a Ponzi Scheme or a HYIP as it is not an investment program. Profits are not guaranteed and depend entirely on the sales of ad packs. We can’t say with confidence if Trafficmsoon is a scam or not, because they haven’t been in business long enough to form a conclusion.

They have been in business for a little over a month now. Up until the posting of this review they are paying their members. However, if this changes we will update this post. As we mentioned at the start of our review, we find it strange that they would purposefully copy the name of a very successful share revenue site. It seems fishy.

Do I need to view ads to earn?

No. While it is highly recommended that you do click ads, it is not required to earn.

What Payment Processor accept? accepts Paypal, Payza, and PerfectMoney.

How long do it take for Adpack to Mature/Earn at 180%?

The front page of the website claims that you will receive your earnings every hour, but the fine print tells us that earnings are not guaranteed and the speed at which you earn depends on sales.

Does Trafficmsoon have a repurchase rule?

Yes. 35% of revenue earned from ad packs will go into repurchase balance and can only be used to purchase more ad packs.

Conclusion: Trafficmsoon is currently paying its members and has been in business for a little over a month. Join at your own risk.

We believe that My Paying Ads and Traffic Monsoon are better choices, however if you still want to join Trafficmsoon do so at your own risk and post your experience below. 

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  • Vic N Pete Tanuvasa

    Hi I joined Trafficmsoon and paid $150.00 for 60 ad packs and two days after i realize i had no active ad packs showing plus the earnings had not changed at all so i sent a support message to there site and never got a reply as to what happened to my ad packs so i got paypal to withdrawal my money back which i am happy to say they did so i am disappointed in this site bcos it had a great ad pack plan ..

    • Hi

      Thank you for your feedback. Everyone must know that trafficmsoon is different than trafficmonsoon!