Traffic Hurricane Scam Review – Should You Trust It ?

Traffic Hurricane Review

Hi! Welcome to the BEST Traffic Hurricane review.

WE have gone to great lengths to provide you with the most detailed explanation of what Traffic Hurricane is and how whether or not it is trusted.

Let’s start by clearing up the big elephant in the room: Traffic Monsoon. 

Traffic Hurricane is a carbon copy duplicate of another previously successful rev share that went bottoms up, named Traffic Monsoon.

**Traffic Monsoon is under investigation after the owner withdrew 21 million dollars from the business into his personal account.**

Traffic Monsoon was previously an incredibly successful rev share that made a lot of people very rich.

Unfortunately, Traffic Monsoon has had their funds frozen, which has led to thousands of unhappy customers.

A few months ago, one of those unhappy customers decided to start his own rev share with the exact same business model as Traffic Monsoon used.

He named his new rev share Traffic Hurricane (Monsoon… Hurricane… get it?)

As you will see below, the business model is exactly that of Traffic Monsoon.

That all being said, we believe it’s possible to make some money with Traffic Hurricane, even if it doesn’t last very long.

Let’s take a closer look at Traffic Hurricane!

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Traffic Hurricane Review: The Details

Traffic Hurricane is a rev share that specializes in selling advertising packs that allow you funnel traffic to your website, as well as earn you some extra cash!

Rev shares make money by collecting the revenue from the sale of ad packs and then redistributing that money back to everyone who has active ad packs.

All you have to do in order to earn is to click 10 ads a day. These clickable ads are the ads that your fellow earning members are posting with their ad pack credits!

How much money you earn depends on how many active ad packs you have, as well as how many referrals you have.

If you have the proper strategy, it is very feasible to withdraw $500 weekly!

Many of you reading this have already joined other rev shares in the past. It’s imperative for us to give a warning!

Rev shares do NOT last forever. They all have an expiration date of when they will either run out of money or get shut down.

You may be wondering, why would a rev share get shut down?

1. Rev shares eventually run out of money when the sales of their ad packs slow down so much that they don’t have enough revenue to share any longer.

2. Some rev shares have been guilty of splitting and running with the owner cleaning out all the profit for himself.

Earning with Traffic Hurricane?

Traffic Hurricane has made things super simple by only offering ONE ad pack level.

Each ad pack is priced at $50 and expires at $55.

This means that you will earn $5 on each ad pack you buy. When you begin to compound these ad packs, you can see that it is possible to make a nice stash!

The downside to this program is that they don’t have any cheap ad packs like other rev shares do. Many people can’t afford to start with $50 but with Traffic Hurricane you have no other choice.

If you are serious about earning $500 weekly, you would either need to start with a large sum of money OR build up a large referral base and earn 10% on each ad pack purchase they make.

We have a basic strategy for earning with Traffic Hurricane. This same strategy can be used for all other rev shares as well.

Traffic Hurricane Earning Strategy?

Follow the below steps for making the most of your rev share earnings!

1. Buy as many ad packs as you can safely afford. Do not spend your grocery or rent money on ad packs!

2. Click your 10 ads a day in order to earn. Don’t forget to click your ads or you will not earn!

3. Use 100% of your earnings to purchase new ad packs. This will help you grow your account.

4. Wait until you are earning at least $100 daily before taking a weekly withdrawal. 

**Rule of thumb for withdrawals. Take one withdrawal a week less than or equal to your sum total of earnings in one whole day.

This means that if you are making $100 a day, you can take out $100 a week. If you take more than this amount, your account will not grow and you will start to lose your earning position.

Don’t be too hasty in your withdrawals! Patience is the key with any rev share. If you are not patient, don’t bother joining, because you will end up not making any money.

Is Traffic Hurricane a Ponzi Scheme?

Technically no, but in reality yes.

That answer may seem confusing but bear with me as I explain.

Traffic Hurricane pays you money from the sales of ad packs that are made after you.

This means that your earnings depend on the future sale of new ad packs down the line. If these sales dry up, you will stop earning.

**NO earnings are guaranteed.** Please keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to earn anything at all.

Furthermore, Traffic Hurricane is NOT an investment opportunity. When you buy an ad pack, you are purchasing a service that you may use or not.

Earning money from your purchase is a side benefit and not guaranteed.

Is Traffic Hurricane Paying?

Yes! The good news is that currently Traffic Hurricane is paying out and seems to be running smoothly.

However!! We are not working with them. 

After spending a great deal of time researching various rev shares we have learned never to join any rev share that is less that 6 months old.

Most rev shares won’t even make it to the 6-month mark. That’s why it’s so important to wait and see if it will succeed before joining.

Is it Safe to Join? Traffic Hurricane Review

Thousands of people already have joined and this rev share just might become one of the most popular yet!

We don’t like to be too much of a downer but we do feel a little uneasy about joining up just yet. We will continue to monitor them before joining.

Is Traffic Hurricane Free to Join?

Yes. There is no cost to join. You may pass out your referral link for free and earn 10% on every purchase your referrals make.

However, if you want to earn more money, you would need to actually buy the ad packs and click your ads to earn.

The key to being successful with Traffic Hurricane is to build up a strong referral base so that you are earning commissions on top of your ad pack earnings!

Is My Money Safe with Traffic Hurricane?

There are no refunds given in Traffic Hurricane.

Therefore, once you purchase an ad pack, that money is gone. You now own advertising credits which you can save up to actually use to advertise for your website.

If this service does not apply to you, please know that you will still not receive a refund.

Don’t buy ad packs unless you understand you will not get that money back!

If Traffic Hurricane continues to earn money, you will receive $5 extra on each ad pack plus the original cost of the ad pack.

There is always a possibility that Traffic Hurricane will stop making sales, and then you will stop earning as well.

Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam?

No. There is no evidence to suggest it is a scam.

As we said above, though, we will wait and see their long term success before joining.

As a consumer online, you will be targeted by every financial scam out there!

It’s very important that you research each new opportunity before putting your money into it.

Most things you will experience will turn out to be money pits (aka scams).

We strongly recommend you join My Paying Ads, as a truly wonderful and legitimate alternative to Traffic Hurricane.

If you would like to speak to us directly about your online investments, please email us and we’ll be glad to talk to you and advise you!

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