TradesCafe Review: Fake HYIP SCAM Exposed

Before you invest with this HYIP scam, please read our complete TradesCafe review. We have investigated this fraudulent company in order to protect you from losing your money! They have already made off with thousands of dollars! Don’t allow yourself to be their next victim.

This is our official warning for all investors. is a scam website that has grossly misrepresented their business as well as lied and used manipulative tactics to steal your money.

If you are reading this after already losing your money, you aren’t alone. We have been contacted by several of our subscribers that are currently waiting for withdrawals from this site. After examining all the evidence we have advised them to open disputes with this company in order to reclaim their money. Please contact us if you have also been scammed so we can help you!

Let’s get started!

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TradesCafe Review

TradesCafe Review is fake investment site. For a small deposit, they promise that they will pay you an ROI (return on investment) between 117%-150% in a short maturation period. Sites like this are plentiful on the internet with the vast majority of them being nothing but malicious scams designed to steal your money.

You might have noticed that we call TradesCafe a fake investment site. Why is that?

The short answer is easy. They DON’T pay withdrawals! The only people that have been paid from this company are affiliates who convince other people to sign up. pays affiliate commissions because they need to increase their customer base and those affiliates are working for them.

In fact, if we chose to lie to you, and claim that this website does pay, we to could make commission sales from them. But we have chosen not to do that.

However, real investors, people that deposit money, are NOT being paid. Perhaps you have heard from a friend of a friend or some guy on a blog somewhere that they DO pay. Let’s be honest… is a high yield investment program that collects money in order to make themselves rich. They are guilty of falsely misrepresenting their company. Let’s examine the evidence to see why we have come to this conclusion.

Exposing the Lies

The biggest lie told by this site is the nature of their business. When we first opened our investigation we were shocked that this fraudulent HYIP gives two different explanations for how they are earning money.

1. They claim to be a team of professional forex traders.

2. They claim to have multiple bitcoin mining facilities.

The above two statements are how TradesCafe Limited define their business. So if these are both true statements, let’s take a look and see if they can back up these claims with verifiable evidence.

Firstly, every single legitimate investment business must provide several things to you, the investor, before they can gain your trust. Another scam we busted recently also failed this test, United Trading Network. Those things are as follows:

1. Proof of their quarterly gains and losses.

2. Proof of the nature of their investments (ie: how do they invest your money?)

If they don’t or can’t show proof for these two items, they are not to be trusted. Period. does not show proof of any forex trading or bitcoin mining. It’s as if they expect you to invest without even confirming where your money will go. Please don’t fall for this. They aren’t a real forex or bitcoin mining company.

They are simply collecting deposits and paying the commission sales in order to increase their sales. They don’t invest your money anywhere. They keep ALL of it. What you see on the site is all fake information designed to lure you in.

Who is the Owner?

Another big red flag here is that the owner of Limited has not revealed his name. He is purposefully concealing his identity so that when people get scammed, they won’t come after him.

Once again, if an investment firm is legitimate and regulated, they will gladly give you the name of the CEO and founder. The fact that this particular “forex/bitcoin miner” is hiding the name of their CEO is a very troubling sign.

Ask yourself this question… would you give your money to a stranger on the street without proof that he can actually invest it for you?

Of course not!

Would you give your money to a stranger on the internet if he had a nice website and claimed to be an investor?

Hopefully not!

Don’t be conned into trusting strangers with your money. They don’t even have the kindness and honesty to introduce you to their CEO. Why would you trust them with your money?

User Reviews

Trades Cafe Scam

After we scoured the internet and social media for user reviews, we came away with several facts. The ONLY people claiming this site pays are people that want you to use their affiliate link to sign up. This is super shady.

Every single person that messaged our site with a review, told us that is NOT paying them. One person, in particular, deposited $2000 into this site and will never see that money again. These people are stealing your money and getting away with it!

Sadly, there is only one good way to shut this site down. They will continue lying and accepting payments until they stop getting customers. Please share this review on your social media and with your friends and family who might fall victim to this. They are particularly targeting people that live in Nigeria and other African countries.

So you want to earn safely?

You want to earn online, right? There are a few key points you must follow when investing or earning online.

– If any offer sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

– Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

– Never deposit into a site that conceals the identity of their owner.

– Make sure the site has an active facebook group first. This is the sign of a thriving site.

If you want us to check out a website for you, please don’t hesitate to send it our way! We’ll give you our honest opinion. In the meantime, if you want to earn safely, we invite you to join us with the two best companies online! We take daily withdrawals from both of these sites and so can you!

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Is TradesCafe a Scam?

After listening to user reviews, speaking to our readers, and investigating this site, we firmly believe that is a scam.

Investing with this fake site will only leave you broke and angry. Over the course of the past six months we have run head first into about 50 HYIP scams. Heed our warnings and be safe online! Don’t share your financial information with anyone or any site that is not safe! Email us for safe advice.

Take care and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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