Traders Revenge Scam Review

Traders Revenge Scam Review. The binary options scam express has just pumped out another ridiculous scam, that has all the makings of one of the cheesiest scams we’ve seen in awhile. The entire premise of the Traders Revenge is that this is the system to redeem the industry from all the scams. The presenter tells us about how many times he’s been scammed, which inspired him to create a scam-proof software (Traders Revenge). As we conducted our investigation, we were immediately presented with glaring red flags that screamed “SCAM”. It’s auto traders like this, which makes our job so important. This is also why you as the trader, need to take a strong role in choosing your financial investments wisely. There is absolutely nothing legitimate about Traders Revenge. It’s full of lies from the start to the finish.

If you have been taken victim by the Traders Revenge scam, please email us for advice on how to get your money back! We have a few helpful tips that can help get you on the right path. Additionally, if you have been scammed by any binary options auto trader, broker, or forex system, please send us a message. We need your feedback! Be sure to stay away from the top viral scam, Brexit Money Machines!

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DESCRIPTION: A fake auto trader created by a Ryan Jackson, a non-existent character…

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Who is Ryan Jackson and is he just another scam actor?

Traders Revenge Scam

Traders Revenge Scam

Ryan Jackson introduces us to Traders Revenge auto trading software and claims that this is his creation. He goes on to say that Traders Revenge is his way of getting revenge on all the other binary options scams that took advantage of him over the years. We are sympathetic to his story because we have also been scammed and taken in by binary options and forex scams. However, we aren’t sure we believe Ryan Jackson’s story. His face is incredibly familiar to us, in fact, we soon realized that he is exactly what he claims not to be. Ryan Jackson is an actor. He has been featured in several binary options scams that we debunked over the years. You can verify this yourself by checking out his acting profile HERE. 

The most important thing to keep in mind about Traders Revenge scam, is that the owner and creator is himself a scammer and every word out of his mouth is a lie. He hasn’t actually created anything, he was simply hired by the real crooks behind the Traders Revenge hoax, and propped up as the face behind it. This was done in order to conceal the true identity of the real owners of Traders Revenge. Because Traders Revenge is not a real registered business, it is impossible to discover the real names behind it. The only thing we can say for sure is that “Ryan Jackson” the scam actor, is NOT the CEO. Almost every scam we’ve reviewed recently has also used a fake actor in place of the CEO, like this one you can READ HERE.

Did Ryan Jackson really “crack and hack” the binary options code?

We’ve already established the fact that Ryan Jackson is a fraud and doesn’t exist. However, let’s take a look at his back story and claims. He tells us that he hired a computer hacker to build the Traders Revenge software in exchange for 50% of the profits. This “hacker” named Vladimir (another fake person with a fake photo) was somehow able to create an infallible auto trader with absolutely NO binary options training or knowledge. Is this making any sense yet? Most binary options scams have a lot of missing links and plot holes, like the Mobile Binary Code.

Essentially his claim that he “cracked and hacked” the binary options code amounts to a big fat zero. He hired a “hacker” who created a perfect auto trader that has the “secrets” of the industry. This is nothing but an empty story ladled up to you with a side helping of loss and misery. At the end of the day, anyone who invests money in the Traders Revenge software will come up empty. We assure you that there is no “crack or hack” here, which reminds us of this recent scam we wrote about, READ HERE.

Is it feasible that Ryan Jackson helped 127 people make over 100k each?

The Traders Revenge software has only been up and running for a little over 3 days. So no, it is not possible that the fake “Ryan Jackson” helped anyone make any money at all, much less 100K. The first part of the promotional video features three or four beta testers who claim to have made lot’s of money with Traders Revenge. When we checked into them, we found that each of them works for the same acting website as Ryan Jackson does. They are all actors. To view their acting scam, please start at the beginning of the video below. You can find all of their acting profiles HERE. To view another scam that uses actors, please READ HERE.

How is Traders Revenge Scam tricking people?

Traders Revenge appeals to those of us that have been scammed in the past. We are all their victims as they play upon our emotions and make us feel sympathy for the main character in the charade. We feel for him, because he, like us, was formerly scammed. This is a downright dirty trick and deserves to be fully exposed. Don’t be fooled by his honest face or sob story. Traders Revenge is nothing but a worthless scam that wants to take advantage of the most vulnerable. Another recent scam took this same approach. Please read our review on the Cash Formula to see for yourself.

Is there any hope for new traders?

Despite our ever-growing list of scams we have blacklisted, it is possible to find a few systems that actually work. Before investing with any service, we strongly implore you to read our Traders Tips, to learn how to best protect yourself from being scammed. After doing so, we recommend you check out our best service, Tradeo, which is making consistent profits on a daily basis. When you sign up with us, we send you the best traders and best settings and we are always available for tips and advice! You can also visit our Recommended Signals page as well. Don’t forget to send us your success stories! We love to read about how you are making money with Tradeo!! Happy Trading!

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    Thank You Bassam for your help. I was about to deposit into this scam. Is Tradeo still working?