Review – thetrafficincome Scam or Legit?

Welcome to our official review! This new rev share was launched in September of 2016 and since that time we have watched it grow and make withdrawals. We are excited to finally get a chance to review it for our blog! You may be wondering if thetrafficincome is worth your time and money, and if so, you’ve come to the right place.

In our review below, you will find a detailed explanation of what this rev share is as well as whether we believe it’s worth joining. When we review online earning opportunities we are very selective in which ones we support. In short, we will NOT be joining, but not for the reasons you might think!

Keep reading to find out why!

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Many of you reading this might not sure what a rev share is. For those of you that already understand, feel free to skip this part. Rev shares are new online earning programs that popped up online a few years ago. For those of you that are educated in your online scams, they sound a lot like Ponzi schemes (pyramid schemes). Each member buys “ad packs” which give him advertising space on the website where he can place a banner ad to advertise his own online business. If he doesn’t have an online business, he can use someone else’s or skip this step.

After he has purchased as many ad packs as he can afford, he simply clicks (surfs) 10 ads each day and then as a result earns a small percentage of money on each ad pack he bought. He continues earning money on each ad pack until the full value has been reached and they expire. During this time he can withdraw his profits or purchase new ad packs with his earnings.

The money that you earn with a rev share comes directly from new members who purchase ad packs. If everyone stopped buying ad packs, there would be no more money to pay earnings and nobody would make any money. It works as a team effort. This can be very off-putting to some people. Most rev shares do not last very long before their members stop buying and earnings dry up. We have been very very blessed to work with one of the best rev shares on the market, you can read more about what that is below! is a rev share that follows the above business model. Each rev share has slightly different details, so we will be outlining the unique features of this rev share below!

Who Owns Thetrafficincome?

One thing we always look for when investigating a rev share is ownership. Never trust an online earning program that does not have a transparent and real owner! is owned by Sundaram Kumar. He is an affiliate marketer who also runs the active Facebook group connected to this rev share. This is his first official launch of a rev share so we don’t have any past history to compare it to. We have no negative or positive information about him but we always give people the benefit of the doubt in business, especially when they are honest enough to use their real name and real Facebook profile! So this is a good sign.

What Ad Pack Plans Do They Offer?

Below you will see a photo showing their ad pack plans. Six different plans are offered, with options ranging from $1-$40 ad pack costs. The percentage earned on each ad pack differs depending on which ad pack plan you purchase from. The interest rates are very low and steady which is something we really like. This is a good sign! When rev shares offer earning rates that are too high and inflated they usually do not last very long. One successful tip to a long lasting rev share is to have realistic earnings such as 120%.


Each ad pack plan listed has a maximum level you can purchase before you would need to move to the next plan. Plan 6 is unlimited and you can purchase as many as you want in this plan.

Is Paying Withdrawals? Is Surfing Ads Required?

They are currently paying and everything is flowing smoothly. As with any rev share this is subject to change. Before you join any rev share it is best to check up to date information to see if they are still paying and still operating. The best way to do this is by monitoring the Facebook page or by sending us a message.

They accept the following payment processors:


In order to earn daily earnings, you are required to surf 10 ads each day. If you are unable or forget to surf the 10 ads, your earnings will pause for those days and resume when you start surfing daily again.

Each ad pack plan has a different “repurchase rule”. In the first two plans you receive 100% of the earnings directly into your earnings account. In the remaining ad pack plans a certain percentage of your earnings are reserved in your “repurchase balance”. These earnings can only be used to buy new ad packs with. This is very important to keep in mind when deciding whether to open an account or not.

Having a repurchase rule is actually a great thing! It will force members to use some of their earnings to buy new ad packs, which helps ensure that sales will remain steady.

What is the BEST Rev Share?

The best rev share is My Paying Ads. We have been using our account with My Paying Ads for almost TWO years now! They have never missed a single withdrawal and our account has been earning and growing for the past year and a half. We strongly and highly recommend them as the best rev share around. If you are looking to join one rev share and just stick with it, you can’t go wrong with My Paying Ads!

Is TheTrafficIncome a Scam?

No! It is not a scam. However, we do advise you be very cautious when joining a new rev share. Some of them will seem to be great in the beginning and quickly fall. In fact, ALL rev shares have actually fallen accept for My Paying Ads! So please be very careful before joining this particular one.

A few things we really like about are:

1. Low earning ad pack plans with various repurchase plans. This ensures the longevity of the program and will help it to last longer than other rev shares.

2. A transparent owner and an active Facebook group. This is a great sign because it means you can see the accountability for yourself and talk to other members through social media.

3. They are currently paying withdrawals but before joining PLEASE check with up to date information because this can change very quickly.

4. The best rev share is My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads!

Our Professional Tips!

Before joining any online financial program please check with us to make sure it’s not a scam. Don’t invest with any program that sounds too good to be true. The market is flooded with malicious scams. You can see this for yourself by checking our massive scam list!

Never invest money you can’t afford to lose. There are NO guarantees and very few online regulations that prevent scams! Be careful!

Thank you for reading our Review and Happy Earning.

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