TheAdsTEAM Review: Good Rev Share Opportunity or Malicious Scam?

Hi! Welcome to our inside look into the hottest new up and coming rev share!

TheAdsTEAM officially releases on October 14, 2016.

Make sure you read our thorough review before signing up!

We have some tips on how to make the most of this rev share, as well as an important warning!

Let’s take a closer look at the details of TheAdsTEAM, continue reading below!

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What is TheAdsTEAM?

TheAdsTEAM is a brand new rev share that will release on October 14, 2016.

For those of you that are not familiar with rev shares, you can read more about what they are in our article about the BEST rev share, My Paying Ads.

TheAdsTEAM has a very user-friendly website and large and ever-growing Facebook group.

This is something we look for when gauging the future success of a rev share.

It is clear that the team behind TheAdsTEAM is working very hard to make their site appear legitimate and fully functional.

How Can I Make Money with TheAdsTEAM?

There are 3 different ad pack plans that you can purchase. In the photo below you will see their ad plans.


The one thing that stands out to us is that they have very low percentages of earnings.

To a newbie, this might seem like a downside.

But in order to really get excited about this, you have to understand the nature of rev shares.

A successful rev share must include the following things!

1. A low percentage of earnings on ad packs.
2. A strong marketing strategy that can reach a large user base.
3. A trustworthy and capable admin team.

As you can see from their low percentage of earnings, TheAdsTEAM meets the first of our three requirements for a long lasting rev share.

When percentages are too high, the rev share will not be able to maintain their business, and this usually means the rev share will close its doors.

The best sign of a scam is one that offers something that is “too good to be true”

In order to make money with TheAdsTEAM, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Buy as many ad packs as you can safely afford.
2. Click your 10 ads a day to qualify for earnings.
3. Refer your friends and family to earn a modest commission on their purchases.

Is TheAdsTEAM an Investment Opportunity?

Absolutely not!

When you buy an ad pack, you are purchasing ad space on their website to advertise your online business.

If you do not have anything to advertise, you can still buy ad packs and earn money, this choice it up to you.

However, since you are buying a service (advertising space) you are not actually making an investment.

The earnings that come to you are a bonus as a way of earning something off the ad space you buy.

You will find that many people call rev shares a form of a Ponzi scheme.

TheAdsTEAM is able to pay you money based on the sale of ad packs that come after yours.

Should those ad sales dry up, you will not earn anything off your ad packs.

Remember: The primary service that TheAdsTEAM offers is the sale of advertising space. NO earnings are guaranteed.

Please do not join any rev share if you are not willing to risk your money. Never spend more than you can afford.

Is TheAdsTEAM a Scam?

It is far too soon to determine with certainty if TheAdsTEAM is a scam or not.

We can only examine the evidence and give our best conclusion.

Since they have not officially opened yet, we aren’t sure they will pay out earnings.

It is our impression, though, that this has all the makings of a strong and successful rev share!

The owner is fully transparent, and you can message him on FB by joining their FB group.

He is open to discussing the details and has not hidden his identity like some have chosen to do.

The Facebook group has several videos explaining how to get started.

At this time, we have no reason to believe this rev share is a scam.

Best Strategy for Earning Money with TheAdsTEAM

Once you sign up with TheAdsTEAM you need to follow our proven and tested strategy to grow your account as quickly as possible.

If you follow the steps below you have the greatest chance of earning!

This strategy works with any rev share.

1. Buy as many ad packs as you can afford.
2. Click your 10 ads daily.
3. Use 100% of your earnings to purchase new ad packs.
4. Continue with a 100% repurchase until you are making $100 a day in your earnings.
5. You can now safely withdraw $100 each week.

Our Rule for Withdrawals

We are often asked, “How much money can I withdraw without losing the growth of my account?”

If you take out too much money too quickly, your account won’t grow.

We recommend waiting until you are earning a minimum of $100 daily before taking a withdrawal.

Once you are consistently earning $100 a day, you can take one withdrawal a week of $100.

If you need to take a weekly withdrawal to supplement your income, please only take one withdrawal a week, for an amount that is less than or equal to the amount you earn in one 24 hour period.

If you follow these rules, you will grow your account while also pocketing money! It’s simple!

Our Favorite Rev Share Is?

We are joining up with TheAdsTEAM.

After the official launch, we will update this post with a full report of our earnings!

In the meantime, we strongly recommend you join My Paying Ads, which has a year-long history of paying withdrawals.

We have earned thousands of dollars with MPA!

Be sure to try out Tradeo as well!




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