The Trading Compass SCAM Review

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The Trading Compass is one of the nicest sites we’ve seen so far! They don’t even look like a scam. Their site is packed full of instructions, explanations, and tips. They promise amazing profits, easy to use software, and they are providing this software for free. I encourage anyone that is reading this to find me one binary auto trading software system that is not free. I’d love to see it.

Auto trading software systems are all free! Why? Because they don’t work and if they were to charge money for them, no one would sign up. The creators of these systems make their money on commissions by getting you to sign up with their affiliated broker. Once you sign up with a broker and deposit money, they get a paycheck and you will make bogus trades until you lose your balance. They don’t care, because they have already made their money whether you win or lose.
Scam1: The Trading Compass scam makes the claim that, “The Trading Compass is free for you because the brokers are the ones financing the costs. It is to them that the software is sold.” False! This is a baseless claim. There is no evidence that any of these brokers are using the Trading Compass Software.

Scam2: “The software developers have made sure to distribute their invention only to regulated binary options brokers, so as to make sure your money is safe at all times.” I can tell you from experience, sadly, that your money is never safe in binary options. It doesn’t matter how regulated your broker is. If you lose you lose. Simple!

You definitely need to chose a regulated broker, because this means that if you do make any money, they will allow you to withdraw it. However, if you lose money naturally by making losing trades, you will never see it again.

An interesting note here is that the spokesperson for Trading Compass is the same actor that is used by another scam we’ve reviewed, called Insiders Information! You can check out that review here.

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Trading Compass is another Binary Options software that is nothing more than a scam, like all those before it. You will hear this from us time and time again! Software auto traders DO NOT work. Trading requires a real person that can save a trade by either selling it or fencing it. Software systems can’t do this.

There is no software system used by any broker that accurately predicts the direction of a trade. This is a lie. Signal providers that work are human beings that study the market and use indicators to locate and predict the direction of the trade.

If you don’t believe us you can take your chances and join the long list of angry customers who have already thrown their $250 down the drain.

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