The Trader App Review – Fake,Malicious Scam by Brian Wren!

The Trader App Review 

Hi! Welcome to our comprehensive and in-depth analysis of The Trader App review. This scam review will reveal that The Trader App is a malicious and dangerous binary options trading scam that will steal every penny you invest.

We have been contacted by several readers that have lost their money with The Trader App. If you have also lost money, please contact us so we can help you get your money back. 

In the meantime, please send this review to any of your friends or family members that might be thinking of joining The Trader App. The website is designed to trick as many people as possible and we need to work together to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The Trader App scam is going viral! Below we will display all their lies and manipulations until the truth is plain to see.

If you are thinking of joining the Polygraph Millionaire, beware!

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The Trader App Scam Explained

The Trader App is an automated binary options software that places trades for you on your trading account.

They claim that their genius auto trader app will make you 8k a day! 

We think this is a bit outrageous. It is mathematically impossible to make 8k a day on a $250 deposit unless you were trading HUGE amounts and winning EACH trade. If you lost even one or two trades at such a high stakes, you would wouldn’t be able to recover.

Brian Wren is the fraudulent owner and creator The Trader App. He certainly sounds genuine as he tells us about how he failed time after time in binary options trading.

He seems even more truthful when he tells us that he can’t reveal the trading secret for his auto trading software.

However, not all is as it seems. If you look below the surface it will become glaringly aware that this entire video and software is a hoax.

Brian Wren is completely fictional. Nobody we know as ever heard of him. When we attempted to contact him, he didn’t answer us, even though he knew we were writing about his software.

The Trader App Confusing Strategy?

One thing that struck as completely bizarre and foreign is the trading strategy highlighted here.

It is obvious that the person who came up with this scam honestly has no idea how binary options works, or perhaps they are counting on the fact that YOU don’t know how it works.

As explained in the video, the software purportedly takes two trades at a time, one on currencies and one on commodities. This is part of their “winning strategy”.

The idea behind this is that you can spread at your risk if you take two trades in different assets. This is honestly a bunch of malarkey.

Placing trades in multiple assets doesn’t “spread out your risk”. It actually does the opposite! It increases your risk.

If you actually wanted to spread out your risk, you wouldn’t need to choose a currency and a commodity, you could just choose two different currencies or two different commodities. Instant Cash App exposed here!

Clearly, the person that invented this nonsense was just trying to sound genuine, but they completely failed. Real traders mock this strategy.

The Trader App Scam Blogger Review?

Half way through the promotional video, we are confronted with a professional trader and super famous binary options blogger named, George Larson.


George Larson (the guy with the glasses) claims that he was paid to review The Trader App, and that his review is completely unbiased. He then shows us himself using the software and winning trades.

Once again, we have to inform you that George Larson is a made up name and a fictional character. We have been blogging in this industry a long time and we’ve never heard of him.

Trust us, if there was a “super famous” blogger named George Larson, we’d have heard of him. You can check this yourself by googling his name and trying to locate his blog.

This is nothing but a complete lie.

The Trader App Works?

There is no verified proof that The Trader App works. There are a few fake testimonials, but nothing that has any credibility.

If you take a look at the picture below, you will see a man that they call “Logan Turner”.


This man is not a real trader and that is NOT is real name! You can see the same man pictured below and his REAL name.


Shame on The Trader App for using fake pictures to represent traders.

The truth of the matter is, The Trader App has no actual proof that their auto trader is working. They have nothing but fake names and fake results.

Is The Trader App a Scam?

After examining the information given to us by The Trader App, we have sufficiently determined beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is indeed A SCAM.

1. No proof of earnings. All the traders who are pictured on the website are fake, and their pictures are stolen from the web. They are not real traders.

2. The CEO and Creator of The Trader App is FAKE. Brian Wren is not a real person. He is an actor that was hired to portray The Trader App scam!

3. The binary options expert associated with The Trader App is also a fake. George Larson is not a real blogger and nobody in this industry has even ever heard of him. He is a fabrication!

The Trader App is a SCAM. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t invest with a real system. We invite you to check out the two trading systems that actually work.

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If you have been scammed by The Trader App, please contact us and we can help get your money back.

If you have any questions at all, please message us!
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