The Profit Hack Scam Review

The Profit Hack Scam Review. A viral hack of a binary options scam just landed on our laptop screen a few days ago. We took a few days and investigated it and during those two days, we received several emails from people that had just lost their investment within 4 hours of downloading this trashy worthless software. What’s worse is that this software is also leaving dangerous malware on the computers of the victim traders who trust it. Even after they take your money, they will attempt to take your private information as well. If you have been a victim of this scam, we recommend immediately getting your laptop checked for malware before you fall into an even worse problem. This is not a legitimate business and is incredibly dangerous. Please read this review before signing up and as always send us your personal stories!

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DESCRIPTION: A voice actor claiming to be Jake Sanders introduces and explains the origins behind The Profit Hack. However, it isn’t very long before his story starts to fall apart…

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The Profit Hack Scam

The Profit Hack Scam

Jake Sanders the CEO and creator of The Profit Hack is Legit?

A voice actor claiming to be Jake Sanders introduces and explains the origins behind The Profit Hack. However, it isn’t very long before his story starts to fall apart. He shows us several stock photos of fancy homes and cars, telling us that these are not his homes and cars after making millions with his software. All of these pictures were taken from various places on the internet and are clearly NOT his property. Jake Sanders himself is not a real person and his name is not linked to any auto trading service, much less The Profit Hack. Furthermore, The Profit Hack itself is not a legitimate corporation and has no business licence. It’s simply a cheaply thrown together website meant to scam people into downloading a malware loaded software system. We have already received several emails from people who have had their computers infected with a dangerous malware after downloading this software. Beware!

Never lost a trade with The Profit Hack Scam! 

“Jake” then goes on to show us in his fake demo account that he has never lost a trade. This is completely impossible and just further proves our point that nothing about this video is real. It’s a fake webinar, with fake screenshots, and fake demo accounts being used to show improbable winnings. Jake is literally claiming a 100% ITM. It is rare that even a scam will make such a ridiculous claim as everyone on the planet knows it’s impossible to have a 100% win rate in binary options. A scam we reviewed just a few days ago made a very similar claim, SEE HERE.

$1000 guaranteed in 4 minutes!

Jake Sanders likes to talk about how is algorithm will make you $1000 in the first 4 minutes, guaranteed. Firstly, there is no such thing as a binary options guarantee. We make it a point to always say this. There are absolutely NO guarantees in online trading, ever. There never will be. It’s impossible. The nature of the market is one of chance, which makes it incredibly stupid to even think a win is a guaranteed outcome. The people behind The Profit Hack understand this, as does anyone involved in the binary options industry, which makes their lie incredibly upsetting. They are purposefully lying to you in order to get you to sign up. Another viral scam that is relying on lies and manipulations can be READ HERE.

Live Webinar or Pre-recorded Scam?

One of the most outrageous parts of The Profit Hack is that the video pretends to be LIVE webinar that you and I just happen to click on at the right time. A flashing light at the top of the video claims that it is LIVE. This is all fake. No matter which time you click on the website, it will always show up as a live webinar. This video is prerecorded and was never live. All the comments on the side are also fake, which practically proves instantly that this entire presentation is a scam. For some reason, the scammers behind The Profit Hack decided that if they made their offer appear to be live, it would generate more sales. This is probably true and we feel truly sorry for all the new traders that fell for this trick. Another scam you should avoid at all costs can be READ HERE.

To view the “LIVE webinar” below without the comments, thus proving it to be a prerecorded piece of propaganda.

Any evidence of this 100% ITM or beta testers?

Given all the glaring evidence above that The Profit Hack is a HUGE HACK, it should come as no surprise that the creators of this fake system don’t even bother offering any evidence of beta testers or winning trades. They briefly show the demo account of the fake “Jake Sanders” but in doing so they expose even more of their fraud by showing a 100% win rate, which we’ve already explained is about as likely as life on the sun. The Profit Hack offers none of the following:
-No Proof of 100% win rate
-No Beta Tester testimonials
-No evidence of legitimate brokers
-No Live Trading

Are there any trustworthy trading systems?

Fortunately for those of you that have found this review, there are several ways to make money trading online. As depressing as it is to read all our scam reviews, don’t give up just yet! We encourage you to check out our review on Social Trading with Tradeo, that continues to be incredibly successful after an entire year! We have nothing but good things to say about this regulated and legitimate broker.

In the meantime, please message us with any questions or concerns. If you find a trading robot and you are interested in trying it out, send us a message and we’ll take a look at it for you!

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