The Money Glitch Scam Review

The Money Glitch Scam Review. Our team at Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just concluded a scrutiny of the newly released and already viral, The Money Glitch auto trader. We unearthed several highly disturbing facts that clearly show this system to be a devious scam. We are therefore warning all of our subscribers and readers to avoid The Money Glitch scam. It is a clear fact that you will most likely be targeted by this company, if you haven’t been already. We have received several messages from people inquiring as to the validity of this scam. Be alert and stay aware because your email box will mostly likely be hijacked next! In this review we will make transparent for you all of the lies and manipulations utilized in this scam.

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DESCRIPTION: The Money Glitch is a new binary options auto trader developed by a man named David Matthews and promoted by a user, Selena Fairbrother. The advertising video paints us a picture of an “easy to use system” that makes enormous profits all on auto pilot by exploiting a “glitch in the money market”…

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What is The Money Glitch by Selena Fairbrother and David Matthews?

Before we uncover all the lies of The Money Glitch, let’s briefly recap what they claim it to be. The Money Glitch is a new binary options auto trader developed by a man named David Matthews and promoted by a user, Selena Fairbrother. The advertising video paints us a picture of an “easy to use system” that makes enormous profits all on auto pilot by exploiting a “glitch in the money market”. The exact ITM % (or win rate) is not revealed by the idea is that a person can make thousands of dollars or euros a day without lifting a finger. The most extravagant claim of this system is that it is only available in “the country you live in”. The actress, Selena Fairbrother declares that the money glitch itself only works in whatever are you happen to be living in.

Count the Lies with The Money Glitch!

1. This system makes astronomical profits by “exploiting a legal glitch in the money market”. False! There is no “glitch” in the money market. None whatsoever. This is the first lie and only one of many.

2. David Matthews is the creator of The Money Glitch. False! David Matthews is the fake name of a stock photo “elderly businessman” picture that was scalped off the internet. David Matthews does not exist and never has (in the field of binary options). Furthermore, the woman calling herself Selena Fairbrother is nothing but an actress that hires herself out for rent in the UK. She repeatedly lies on camera over and over again. Don’t be tricked by her sweet smile, she is nothing but a liar.

The Money Glitch Scam Review

The Money Glitch Scam Review

3. This software is only available in “your country”. False! The first video we watched claimed that since we lived in the USA, we were the only country where the “money glitch” was working. When we changed our VPN to the UK, we were presented with the same video but this time we were told that the “money glitch” was only available in the UK. So which is it? This is a clear lie. This video is being marketed to the entire world while employing a deceptive manipulation technique that makes people feel that there country has been singled out and is special.

The Money Glitch Scam Review

4. Testimonials and real account results from real people. False. The American version of this scam features a very well known Fiverr actor who has appeared in 9 previous binary options scams that we’ve reviewed. He sure does get around and nobody seems to tire of hiring him to lie for them.

The Money Glitch Scam Review

5. The Money Glitch software has been gleaning huge success rates for the past 78 weeks. False. Another lie from the actress Selena Fairbrother. A quick check on shows us that this website was created a little under one month ago, and has not been used anywhere previous, much less for 78 weeks. This entire promotional video is full of smoke and mirror lies, that while seemingly innocent, are actually trapping hundreds of new traders. Don’t be one of them!

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How to avoid scams in binary options!

If you spend any amount of time on the internet researching binary options and forex, you’ll soon come to realize that these industries are fraught with deception and pot holes. In order to actually succeed in these industries you need to look for a few common denominators that tie all scams together. We have a short list of warning signs, red flags if you will, that you should learn to recognize and then avoid!

1. Fiverr actors! Most scams employ actors to lie for their products because they don’t want to use their real face for fear of being caught. Check out NEO2 for a legitimate binary options auto trader that does NOT use actors, but rather all credible and validated people.

2. Outrageous claims of high earnings! Anything over $300-$500 a week is too good to be true. There are a very few exceptions to this rule, but most systems just can’t maintain this earning potential consistently. Look for trading programs that are honest about what they can achieve and don’t rely on fake photoshopped account statements to prove their system works.

3. Fake photos of CEO’s. Most scams will use fake pictures of users and even their CEO in hopes to hide their true identity. You can easily capture a screen shot of the picture you are looking at and do an image search on Google, which will help you determine if it is a real picture of a stock photo.

These are just a small sampling of things you should look out for. For additional information, please feel free to contact us anytime! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel  to avoid missing out. Thank you!

Conclusion: The Money Glitch is a SCAM!!

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