The Money Doubling App Scam review

This is The Money Doubling App Scam review their official website is:

The Account Doubling App is new auto trading software crafted around a ridiculous lie. The creator is a man who calls himself James Alexander. He tells us that he has found a loophole in the binary options market and upon this loophole has built his trading software. He then warns us that in a matter of time the brokers will discover this secret and shut him down.

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What is this loophole? The Account Doubling App is based on the premise that some brokers have a system that lags behind actual market data. Because of this lag, the software can access the real information and place trades that are actually two steps ahead of the brokers, thereby picking the winning trades. This is similar to having a “reliable fortune teller” reveal the winning lottery ticket numbers to you. It’s also similar to a cart full of manure, because that’s what it is, BS!

Some brokers do experience lags but only fractions of a second in length. There are no trades with short enough expiries to take advantage of that lag. The Account Doubling App is trying to scheme newbies. The only traders who would fall for this “lagging loophole” are the ones that have no understanding of the stock market. The creator of The Account Doubling App is a liar.

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The Account Doubling App website includes several lies. As you can see on their website, they claim that their software has been seen on news stations like NBC and CBC. The Account Doubling App has never been featured on any of these! None!

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If you scroll down on their website you will run into their fake Facebook and Twitter comments. These aren’t real and aren’t clickable at all. Perhaps my favorite lie on The Account Doubling App website is their claim to have been “notary verified”. As we’ve seen in The Gold Digger scam, this isn’t how notaries work. Coincidentally, we also noticed that The Account Doubling App is claiming to have been verified by the same German notary used by the scammers who created The GOLD Digger! How cozy. The GOLD Digger website has already removed the information linking them to this German notary and for good reason. The website is fake! Try it out if you don’t believe me.

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The entire set up here is based on an impossible “loophole” which doesn’t actually exist. The Money Doubling App is a huge scam! Please don’t get taken by it!