The Millionaires Maker Review

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The Millionaires Maker just came out a few days ago. It’s a new trading software that promises to make you a millionaire in only a few months. It’s literally identical to every other scam we’ve reviewed. These scams must be working because the same groups continue inventing new trading software every day!

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Martin is the name of the man who produced this trading software. Of course he never gives us his last name or shows us his face, so we’re pretty sure “Martin” is just a name he pulled out of hat. When you take a step back and look objectively at these ridiculous videos, it doesn’t take a genius to realize they are all smoke and mirrors. The Millionaires Maker is just another boring scam in the long list.

Much of the promotional video is spent telling us how millionaires are made, how they think, how they act, and how the jump on stupid binary options scams! Okay, they didn’t mention the last one, because it doesn’t exist. Millionaires don’t fall for this bullshit. Millionaires are the people who make up these scams and then convince thousands of gullible people to sign up with them.

In order to start the trading software, The Millionaires Maker requires you to sign up with their broker so that they can get their commission sale. This is how they make their money. For every $250 you put into your account they get a payment from the broker into their account. This is how they will attempt to make their million. The Millionaires Maker is certainly interested in make a million dollars, just not for you.

ALL of their video testimonials were actors we found on Fiverr. Here is one of them. If The Millionaires Maker were as successful as the actors claim, why are they all working on Fiverr for $5 a gig?

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And here is another actress we’ve seen previously working with two other scams! Jessica Mueller is an actress from Fiverr who has worked for The Aussie Method and Verified Profits. She seems to be a favorite among the binary software scams!

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The Millionaires Maker tells us that they only need 50 more beta testers before they will start charging money for this software. We know by now that all of these scams say the same thing. This is just a manipulation tactic they use to convince you to act as quickly as possible without thinking. They also claim to have been seen on CNN and other news outlets. This is all a lie, they’ve never been featured on a single news outlet.
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Conclusion: The Millionaires Maker IS a scam and will lose your money.

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