The Millionaire In PJs Scam Review

The Millionaire In PJs Scam Review. If you have received an email or recommendation to try this binary options auto trader, please read this review first! The Millionaire In PJs is NOT a legitimate software. It will drain your brokerage account and leave you high and dry! If you are reading this after already losing your money, please contact us for safety tips on how to reclaim your lost money.

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DESCRIPTION: If you have received an email or recommendation to try this binary options auto trader, please read this review first! The Millionaire In PJs is NOT a legitimate software…

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The Millionaire in PJs Review

After digging through the various claims made on the website, we were able to determine with 100% accuracy that this auto trader is nothing but a deceptive and viral scam that had direct connections to a network of unregulated brokers.

They have one very simple goal in mind, to defraud you of your investment and steal as much money as possible before you catch on to their scheme and close your account.

It is extremely paramount that you do not invest any money with this fake business, as they are scam artists with lots of experience in deceiving their customers. The following facts are what our team discovered during our investigation. Be aware of this viral scam, Millionaire Reborn Viral Scam.

 Who is David Williams and can his identity be verified?

David Williams is the name and face that props up the Millionaire In PJs scam advert video. We attempted to verify his identity online by checking with our trading contacts but were unable to find any information about him.

His biography on the website does mention that most people will not know who he is. However, that was written a year ago, before his supposedly highly successful software was released to the public. However, even still nobody has heard of him.

There is nothing authentic about this man. Pictured on the site is a man claiming to be David Williams. The man pictured below is NOT David Williams. He is nothing but a male model whose photograph can be found on many websites, like in


Most scams use fake CEO’s just by using stock photos, stealing attractive profiles, or by actually hiring actors from Fiverr. In fact, this is such a common practice amongst online financial scams, that it should be the first thing you should focus when reviewing a money making software like the Millionaire In PJs scam. How to find them? If it is a scam, we have a review for it, here is another scam that has a fake CEO like David Williams.

While working in this industry we routinely uncover multiple scams that work by creating fake CEO’s and then using photos stolen off the internet in an attempt to garner some shred of credibility. These strategies always fail when being held up to closer examination.

Unfortunately, many new traders are tricked by this because they are unaware that it is so easy to weave together fabricated identities online. Once you grow educated you will become more conscious minded and better equipped to make sound investments. When in doubt about a financial offer, research is your best friend! In the meantime, stay clear of scams by reviewing our over 100+ reviews!

Did a CPA and/or a legal team truly verify the accounts of the beta testers?

The fake “David Williams” claims that a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) [1] and a legal team has verified the trading accounts of all the beta testers who are promoting The Millionaire In PJs.

They don’t offer any credible proof of this, which we assume is due to the fact that CPA’s and legal teams don’t verify trading account for binary options.

This claim falls flat on its face. There is literally NO CPA that is qualified to verify a trading account. This is nothing short of a manipulative lie meant to confuse and trick new day traders. The truth of the matter is that there is no independent or legal way of verifying trading accounts other than the brokers own methods of documentation proof.

Not only is this claim an outright impossibility and lie, each of the pictured beta testers was proven by our team to be fake. The photos and names used are not real people, they are simply photos stolen off the internet. You can view the full Millionaire In PJs review scam video below!

Is The Millionaire In PJs software really free?

No. As the video explains, “in order to make money you must spend money”. There is no charge for the actual software download itself but in order to activate the losing software you must deposit $250 into an unregulated and shady broker account that they will choose for you.

These unregulated brokers are notorious for working hand in hand with scams in order to drive up their profits. Even if by some miracle you were able to make a profit with the software, they will not let you withdraw your earnings.

However, the software will inevitably make you lose your entire investment which will leave you with nothing to withdraw from your broker except for your pride. A similar tactic was employed by the Opus Formula scam as well!

Does The Millionaire In PJs scam show evidence of live trades?

The same website that lied to you about their verified beta testers is again lying to you about their evidence of winning live trades. The entire “live trade” section is a fake. It’s simply is an automated website plug-in that repeats the same trades over and over again with fake results.

We checked this and found that they are not real. Don’t be fooled by this manipulation and lie! The Millionaire In PJs scam has shown repeatedly that they do not care about honesty or transparency. They lie and defraud their investors and take advantage of the trust of new day traders. This includes their falsification of live trades.

Each scam we’ve exposed in the last weeks has worked hand in hand with brokers to develop fake trading results via demo accounts provided by these shady brokers. We believe we are on the brink of exposing this deep and deceptive web of broker scams!

How can I invest with legitimate trading groups?

Despite the magnitude of the scam industry, many brokers are regulated and legitimate and offer good opportunities to trade. We have diligently researched each opportunity we support on our site. We take all comments and reviews seriously.

If you have a suggestion or a question about any trading or signal service, please send us an email. The best system we trade with is a regulated forex broker, Tradeo. They have a long history of professionalism and transparency. They are fully trusted and have been helping numerous people make a substantial income by trading online, copying professional traders[2].

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