The Irish Method Scam Review

The Irish Method Scam Review. You are reading our scam review of The Irish Method, a copy cat scam that is going viral. This scam is the latest in a long string of copy cat scams that all use the same website design, software systems, and promotional methods. In The Irish Method software review we are going to expose this trend and hopefully save a lot of new traders from falling for these repeat scams that are taking over the binary options industry!

Is The Irish Method a scam or does it actually work?

The Irish Method Scam

The Irish Method Scam

First and foremost, our review of The Irish Method fraud is going to go much deeper than just The Irish Method. We have seen a very twisted trail of scams that are are joined together under one person or people. About a year ago, the first in a long line of “method” scams were released. That scam was called The Aussie Method. The Aussie Method scam was so widely successful at stealing people’s money that it wasn’t long before the scammers decided to use the take the same website, make a couple of small changes, and reproduce it under a different name. And then the Oxford Method was revealed. We wrote about this HERE. If you aren’t familiar with the “method” scams, please refer to this article on our website. 

The Irish Method hoax is the newest English version of this scam. However, two other recent scams in German, were also released. These scams are identical! If you have been getting spam emails with any of these links, you are being targeted by this malicious “method” of scams!! Beware and don’t fall for it! The following is a list of “method” scams which should be avoided!
The Aussie Method
The Malay Method
The Brit Method
The Swiss Method
The Dutch Method
The Saffa Method
The Canuck Method
The Irish Method

We will most likely be adding to this list as the “method” scam list continues to grow. If you check out any of these links, you’ll see exactly what we saw! They are literally identical. The pictures and many of the actors are the same. The name of the “ceo” is the only thing that has been changed. These scammers must think new traders are really stupid and easy to fool. They are spreading out their dirt as far as they can, targeting as many different nationalities and languages as they can as well. We expect them to continue producing this garbage until they stop making money. That brings us to our next point. They are making a ton of money off of these “method” scams! We have been contacted by numerous traders who have tried one or more of the above systems and have lost all their money. Not one person has had a positive experience with any of these! They are absolute garbage. The purpose of this particular scam review is to expose The Irish Method hoax, so let’s take a closer look at it.

The Irish Method software has a CEO with the fake name of Jason Flanagan, which is stupidly the same picture being used by the Aussie Method. The only difference between the two pictures are the names. The Aussie Method calls him, Jake Pertu. So which is it? Is this guy named Jason Flanagan or Jake Pertu? If you answered none of the above, you are correct! This guy doesn’t even exist at all! He’s completely fake. His picture is a stock photo taken from the internet. The scammers behind The Irish Method scam simply changed the name depending on which pile of crap they are trying to sell you. This alone removes all credibility that these “method” scams want to claim to have. The Irish Method has a fake CEO, which falls right in line with their promotional video which uses about 3 different Fiverr actors to portray their disgusting software.

The Irish Method Scam

The Irish Method Scam

How does The Irish Method Software work?

The Irish Method software, is presented as a simple to use automated software, which places trades on your behalf. It would seem that all of the “method” hoaxes are using the exact same software, because they all have the same failure rate. The promise of thousands of dollars a month falls completely flat because from what we have heard from our traders, they deliver a 40% ITM rate, which results in a total loss of profits within only a few days! The Irish Method fraud also uses the same manipulative strategy where they tell you that the offer will expire if you don’t sign up right this minute. That’s highly unlikely considering how many duplicate scam offers they have. If one filled up, you could just move to the next one. However, they will never fill up. They are out to get as many traders as possible! Don’t fall for this!
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