The Cash loophole Scam Unmasked – Review


The Cash Loophole is the latest automated trading software to hit the wires in binary options. The industry has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 2008, and the next logical step in this technological era is obviously automated trading. But it seems thieving brokers and completely unethical affiliate marketers have got ahead of themselves and are now flooding the market with fake, bogus and scam software that are purely designed to scam binary options traders out of their hard earned. The Cash Loophole is the new scam in the block, and we reveal in this review how they are just like the rest, and should be avoided by all traders and investors who value their money.


Why The Cash Loophole Is A Scam?

Developed by Richard Sellars, in partnership with Kevin Wright, the Cash Loophole is software that exploits a ‘glitch’ in the global financial markets to ensure that you, the trader, get your small ‘share’ of the more than $3.1 trillion market. If this did not raise your eyebrows, let’s continue. The software is offered free of charge and trades the market with an accuracy of at least 92.1%. Richard is offering this software to 50 lucky beta testers, and if you are one of the lucky few, you will be receiving a free $1000 which you can use to start trading with. The software is based online, so no need to download, and after setting it up in under 1 minute, you will be making real profits within 5 minutes. To whet your appetite, Richard promises that you will be able to fire your employer within 2 weeks, pay off your mortgage within a month and lead the life of your dreams thereafter. Just for good measure, neither Richard, nor the two strangers that he awards his program and they start making instant profits, shows their faces in the introductory video. No doubt they are hiding because they will soon be up with another scam, and they do not want to risk exposure. We do not need to go any further, because the Cash Loophole has followed the easiest, straightforward and most inane template for scammers in binary options- claim to have found a secret or glitch in Wall Street, promise quick riches, and urge traders to join up with one your ‘reputable’ brokers. If you fall victim to them, the end result is always the same- you lose your money!

Website Impressions

First impressions matter and binary options scammers are well aware of this. The Cash Loophole site can simply be described as ‘a-call-to-action website.’ Everything has been laid out to induce a sense of urgency. There is a claim that the website is only available in 9 countries, with Richard emphasizing in the sales video that the reason for this is to limit international exposure ahead of the software launch in January for an introductory price of $1000. We could not expect less from seasoned scammers! There is also a section that streams live profits and losses made by users of the software. We were able to scrutinize the results and found that the figures are just recurring, another proof that this is just a pure scam.

As expected, when you visit the site, you are informed that you are ‘lucky’ to be able to land there. And to make you believe their lies, more than half the landing page is dedicated to testimonials of people whose lives changed for the better after they signed up with the Cash Loophole. Too much of pitching for a software that is offered for ‘free’ and promises to offer you ‘the quickest way to make your first million online’, we guess.


At the start of the introducing video, Richard promises to give out the software to 2 complete strangers and prove live and in real time the magic the Cash Loophole software is capable of. But all we get is a Skype voice over, and later statements of how the software has performed. We do not even need to explain this; because that is something even kids with introductory computer knowledge could easily develop and act it out. Aside from that, there are testimonials posted on their site by people from various parts of the world. It did not even take us long to unearth that they have used stock photos of random people from the internet and just placed some nice words with quotation marks besides them. Yes, this is how low these scammers go to try and fraud you!

How the Software Works

In our numerous researches, we have always found scammers who attempt to explain how their ‘great’ software uses some form of algorithm or whatever fantasy story they imagine, to beat the markets and make you money. But the Cash Loophole developers do not go through that trouble, or they simply do not have the time. They only tell you that the software exploits a ‘loophole’ they discovered in the global financial markets and advise you to take your chance without further delay. Maybe they have run out of ideas, but probably these scammers just want your money without a fuss.


The Cash Loophole is just another scam in binary options, and our research was able to prove that it is a replica of previous fraud software that has ripped traders and investors in the industry. This suggests that it has been executed by seasoned scammers who will only separate you from your money, and in no way make you rich.

If what we are telling you now about the Cash Loophole sounds familiar, then you are very keen. Because this is just a new name for old scam software that we have reviewed before- The Zen Trader and Profits Eternity. You can notice similar story lines, similar claims of discovering and exploiting a legal loophole in the system, identical proof of testimonials and even identical, outrageous lies that they will make you a millionaire overnight.We advise our readers to keep away entirely from this scam that is the Cash Loophole.
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