The Brit Method Scam System Review – Warning Alert!

Brit Method Scam Review 2016:

Once you set your mind to something and you never back-off irrespective of the troubles and consequences, it then becomes your passion. We are here once again to reveal another heinous and a malignant scam. The Brit Method scam is the name you might have heard in your social circles. If yes, then there is a good chance you are mourning over the investment you lost. And if not, you are lucky to have landed at the right place. The Brit Method’s owner claims that it is a top-notch binary options trader app which makes you rich overnight. Well now we are here to sabotage the baseless claims.


This time, the scam artist is a fake alias holder who claims to be Jason Taylor. While investigating the entire scam, we managed to gather much information to term it a heinous scam.  Prior to exposing this new scam of 2016, we would like to give you a sneak-peak about what this scam is all about.

How Does Brit Method Scam Works?

It is a binary options trading software. The steps of trading are as follows:

  • First of all you have to search for the product you want to trade on.
  • Select the stock/currency and then have to “call” the price or you have to “put” the price.
  • As expiration time draws near, either you win the trade or you lose it. The ideal case is there in raise and no drop in the investment and you end up right at the price you started.

Brit Method Scam: A Quick Sneak-Peak:

  • Not regulated by any credible binary options trading firm.
  • No any information on the impersonator, Jason Taylor.
  • Illicit Profit Claims.
  • Scam related to Malay Scam and Oxford Scam.
  • Promo video removed after violation of YouTube rules.
  • Fake reviews.
  • Fraudulent money making strategy.
  • Fabricated results on site.
  • Initial deposit is of $350.
  • Traders should sign up after recommending from a list of trusted brokers.
  • One cannot find any educational material on trading.

Brit Method Review: Scam Exposed:

Here in this section, we will provide ample material for our readers to read and then decide as whether it is legit or a scam.

  • Fake I.D Holder Exposed:

Jason Taylor is using the same tricks as any other scam artist follows. After exposing a multitude of scams, we have managed to ascertain a specific trick-set of malicious scammers. This trick-set includes: holding a fake identity, making alluring videos, adding the clips of divas with their flaunting assets, empathetic behavior, and above all, repeated announcements of the phrase “Limited Time Offer”. In addition, all of these tactics are always there to be found whenever you land on a scam page.

We checked a number of platforms but to our ill-luck couldn’t find anything on Jason Taylor. Furthermore, we also tried Google Images but to no solid proof of even a single image resembling to impersonator Jason Taylor.      

  • Owner is Himself Inexperienced:

In addition, the so-called owner, Jason Taylor claims that he is neither an engineer not a mathematician. Well then how did he manage to develop this software? From where did he get the idea? What was the real motivation behind the idea and what were his motives? The answers to all these question can’t be just “Somehow I developed a money-making software.” This is totally rubbish beyond anyone’s understanding.

In addition, there is a limit to all the lies and the limit is there to justify a “somewhat claim.” This guy happens to cross all the limits by showing the world his childish tactics and pleasant remarks. He is no more than a scammer who provides his services for as low as $5 from a freelancing firm.  

  • Video Removal Due to Violation:

Even more so, if you bother to check up the scam’s site, it is identical to a site made by any third class scam artist. In addition, despite facing many penalties due to several license violation issues, he doesn’t seem to back off. It’s quite hilarious as when you land on the landing page, you see a message stating that the video has been removed due to certain violations. Does a product which is legit face the same restrictions? Absolutely not!

Even more so, there is no any evidence of software to be legit. It’s just another product under the same malicious brand.


  • Fake Reviews:

Furthermore, Brit Method is like the same childish money making scams. Jason Taylor has posted some fake and forged reviews on the site as well. In order to grab the attention of inexperienced and novice traders, these scam artist do prepare well. If you hover to the reviews and cross-check the names against any social media account, you will come to know how easily these scams are manipulating the traders. Even more so, there is no identity of these reviewers.


  • Similarity to Other Scams:

The Brit Method Scam is quite similar to Singapore Method Scam and Oxford Method Scam. Both of these scams are identical to Brit Methods. Similar website structure, similar fake testimonials and fraudulent reviews, same fake method of earning and looks like these three scams are chips from the same block. It’s certain fake features are also similar to Irish Method Scam

Binary Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

Finally, our investigative analysis led us to a conclusion where we can say that Brit Method scam is a heinous scam. In addition, it’s a fraudulent way of tricking the traders. It is totally fake and full of lies. Even more so, it is no more than a scam and it will deliver nothing except resentments and discomfort if you invest in it. Furthermore, the fraudster Jason Taylor is a scam artist of malign nature and he can’t sell his tricks so far as we are around. Keep visiting our site and remain updated to every extent.

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