Tesler App Review: Steven Abrahams Tesler Auto Trader Scam Exposed!

The following Tesler App Review proves and exposes that this trading software is a scam! Beware of investing with Tesler or any other auto trading software you have opened through a spam email. These “get rich quick” trading software NEVER work and are designed to take your money. Once they have you in their grasp, they will continue to attempt to exploit you over and over again!

If you are reading this after already losing your money with Tesler, please send us a message and share your experience. We will try to help you in any way we can! Currently, we have been working with several users to reclaim their money from the Lexington Code SCAM!!!

Official Website: http://www.tesler.co/ OR http://teslerapp.co/

Tesler App Review

Tesler App Review

Tesler is a binary options auto trading software that takes trades automatically for you with a small investment of $250. The creator is Steven Abrahams (FAKE) and introduces us to his own unique algorithm, “Lead Patterns”. He talks to us briefly about how his 100% winning software app was created with the lead patterns strategy, but he never actually explains. We contacted the Tesler App customer support and asked them about what “lead patterns” actually is, but they told us they were not free to discuss this with us.


The Tesler App is nothing but a binary options scam (as we will prove below) that will make you lose all your investment. You are probably reading this because you received an email claiming “Make 5K Daily With This Simple Trick!” or something that sounds very similar. Once you opened that email you clicked on the link and were taken to the Tesler App website. This is how the scam works. Your email address has somehow managed to fall into the hands of affiliate marketers who will never stop spamming you with their “Get Rich Quick” scams. We recommend closing your email and opening a new one. From now on, don’t give this email address to any online website unless you want to spend the rest of your life getting spam from dangerous scams!

Who is Steven Abrahams?

“Tesler Investments is an investment firm that is worth over 673 million dollars.” – This is the claim that “Steven Abrahams” makes during the promotional video. He also says that his nickname on Wall Street is “Mr Midas” because he loves money and loves giving money to others. This is all a load of bull hockey. According to the information provided on the website, Steven Abrahams has been featured in Forbes, Time Magazine, and CNN Business. We used this information as the basis for our investigation and determined that he is lying. There is not a single shred of information regarding a “Steven Abrahams” on any reputable financial magazine or website. In fact, we were able to check with a few acting agencies and found that this man is employed by a private acting agency and has a completely different name in real life.


Steven Abrahams tells us that he wanted to create a trading software that “never loses”. After discovering the “lead patterns” strategy he realized that this was possible. We explain how lead patterns work below! He also claims that he went from making a few hundred bucks a day to several thousand each day all because of this simple strategy. After a few months of testing, he claims that his software app is ready for the public and can guarantee no losses. As we explained above, a “no loss” trading software is NOT possible and every other instance of someone claiming to have a “no loss” software was proven to be a lie.

Tesler App User Results

One of the most bizarre things about the Tesler App scam is that they show a screen shot of “today’s date” as being December 20, 2016. They show this in order to prove that this software was just released today. False! This video has been online for 2 weeks now! They were simply waiting until the 20th of December to release it. But when the video was filmed it was several weeks ago, which PROVES that they have altered and photoshopped the information to make it appear to be a different date.

With this knowledge in mind, let’s take a look at their user results. The website features several users, like a woman named Katie, who show us massive profits. Are these real? The truth is that Katie, like Steven Abrahams, is nothing but an actor. She works for a private acting agency in Los Angeles, CA. We have seen this type of thing over and over again. The scam itself is written and directed by a small production agency, like any commercial or tv show.

The real proof here is in our own user results. Since the official launch a few days ago, several people emailed us to report strange activity. First off, they were linked to a shady broker CFD Stocks, which is unregulated and has been caught in scams before! When we heard this, we advised them to pull their money out immediately.

However, the broker did not permit them to take a withdrawal and started trading for them with the Tesler App! This is quite common with binary options unregulated brokers. Within 5 hours, the balance dropped from $250 to $76. At this point, we advised them on a few ways they can still save their account, but there isn’t much hope.

Tesler App user results overall are VERY bad. They claim to have a 100% win rate but our research has determined it is closer to a 54% win rate, which results in massive losses.

Tesler App Fake Users!

In addition to what we explained above, we found that all of the people featured in the website are actors who work at Fiverr.com. Take a look at this woman below who “made $1000 a day”. In reality, she is an actor. You can view her acting profile HERE.


Time after time we see scams hiring random people to lie for them. They do this to trick you into thinking it actually works. Don’t be fooled!

Earning Online Without Scam?

In today’s financial economy everyone is trying to make money online without being scammed. But research shows that you are more likely to fall into a scam then you are to succeed. This is why it is SO paramount that you chose your investments wisely. We have been helping people do this for a few years now! If you want to invest with a regulated and safe broker, please see our review on Social Trading with Tradeo. If trading is not for you, and you want something slower but safe, please read our review of My Paying Ads! Both of these systems will help you on your way to earning safely online!

Is Tesler App a Scam?

The following facts prove that the Tesler App is a SCAM!

1. Steven Abrahams is a FRAUD. He is not real and the man who appears to be him is nothing but an actor.

2. Lead Patterns algorithm is a lie and does not work.

3. User results are faked and actors portray real users. Users report to us a 100% loss of investment.

4. Tesler works with unregulated brokers that do not let you take withdrawals!

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message. We love hearing from you and enjoy talking with you! Thank you for reading our Tesler App Review