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Terran Capital Scam Review. In our last review we discussed how important it is to protect yourself against financial frauds and hoaxes that are going viral and targeting low income folks and those that have fallen for previous scams. Today a new financial scam landed in our email box and the email boxes of thousands of traders. Surely they will end up scooping up some of these vulnerable people. The goal of our website is to protect as many new traders as possible from falling into these traps, which seem very legitimate upon first impression.

Official Target Website: http://www.terrancapital.co/

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DESCRIPTION: Terran Capitals scam makes a great deal of very strong claims about itself during the 10 min video posted on their website. Therefore it was easy to go through each of these claims one by one and critique the credibility of each one…

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Is Terran Capitals a Scam?

Terran Capitals scam makes a great deal of very strong claims about itself during the 10 min video posted on their website. Therefore it was easy to go through each of these claims one by one and critique the credibility of each one. This is what we have done below. However, before getting to that point, we need to make it abundantly clear that the people behind Terran Capitals are adamantly trying to block all attempt at formal and transparent communication. We contacted them numerous times to start a conversation regarding our findings. They completely refused to reply to any of our messages.

This is not a good sign and an especially bad sign for how they will treat you if you choose to sign up with them. For a corporation that claims to be making millions of dollars a year, this is not good. Their lack of professionalism is pretty astounding. We can only draw one conclusion from all of this. They are liars and frauds and have nothing to gain by talking directly to you or to us.

Lying Through Their Teeth

1 – Susan Carter is the CEO of Terran Capital. Terran Capitals is an algo trading company that rakes in over a billion dollars a year. False. 

Terran Capital claims to “have all the eyes of Wall Street upon it”. Check out the video below at 1:30 to hear what they have to say about themselves for further verification of their lies.  Terran Capital does not exist and never has. The only website associated with Terran Capital is the one mentioned above, which is their introductory video. This is strange given that Susan Carter claims to have been operating this highly successful trading website for the past 11 years. Whois.net tells us that Terran Capital has only been in operation for a few weeks. Terran Capital does not have a valid business license. This is a strange fact considering they are a multi billion dollar business with “all of the eyes of Wall St. upon them”.

Hear Them Lie!

The only conclusion we can draw from this is the only one that makes sense, the video is full of outright lies.

Not only is Terran Capital a fake business, the CEO, Susan Carter is not a real person. She is not the CEO of anything. If she were, we’d find her listed somewhere online as being a highly successful female CEO of a multi billion dollar corp. She is nowhere to be found. Things like this don’t just slip under the rug. This is a deliberate scheme using fake names and fake corporation to try to gain legitimacy.
Terran Capitals Scam

2 – Multiple news websites have written glowing articles raving about the successes of Terran Capital. False!
Scrolling down the website you will see a section of screen shots all seeming to show CNN, Reuters, and CNBC and other such sites publishing glowing reviews of the successes of Terran Capital. What you won’t find is a single valid url link pointing to any of these articles because they don’t exist. We searched for anything related to Terran Capital on the above websites and came up empty. There is simply nothing there. CNN, Reuters, and CNBC have never written about Terran Capital. The website designers simply photoshopped these articles and slapped them up on the website. This was to trick new traders into believing they are a valid company with news recognition. Sadly, this is just a lie and a dangerous manipulation tactic. Studies have shown that people believe what they read in the news, even if it is a fake news.

 Pros or Cons?

The continuation of the Terran Capitals scam video is mostly fluff to fill out their 10 min video with information regarding the stock market. The actor goes into great details about the auto trading future of the market and technical lingo to make it seem like he is an expert in this area. This is nothing but mindless chatter. It does nothing to further his case that Terran Capitals is a successful business. He offers no proof of winning trades, no verifiable information regarding their business license. After 2 min. of listening to him drone on and on, it becomes crystal clear that he just likes to hear himself chatter. He is trying to fill up a video with information that has no connection to Terran Capital. This is an attempt to distract you from the lack of real information he is actually giving here.

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Protect Yourself!

Each time we write a review we receive emails from traders that found our review too late, and were unfortunately scammed. We want to hear from you about your trading experiences and please check with us before investing with any software! That’s what we are here for. We respond to all emails and questions.

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  • Edward

    Hello. I joined Terran Capital in June with $250 US. When tried to contact them was advised now called Option Stars. I do not know. Another is Imperial Options who I invested $500 US. They used trading robot and lost $450 in one day. As with them and Option Stars I requested refund of balance. Nothing has happened. Now same with CopyBuffett. Watched video by Jeremy Linn. Checked if scam. Ok so invested step 2 $300 and was told then I would receive email to download software. Nothing and broker UK Options has lost more than $150.Find it amazing these people are not charged by police with fraud.

    • Hello Edward, We are sorry to hear you have been scammed. Almost 99% of all the Auto Traders in the binary options are scams. Made by the brokers themselves. So please do NOT believe what you see online. Also please be advised that almost all the blogs you see recommending binary options auto traders on googles are all working together. They are a huge marketing group collaborating together and recommending scams. If you want something that really works, please check MyPayingAds or Social Trading Thank You.